Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 1 (RagLak and RagSan)

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I gave an intro already but there were few errors in it. Let me clear it first.

Rao family all the introduction I gave are correct and Tejaswi will be the leads of the role.

Maheshweri Family.

Durga Prasad is a lawyer and works as judge now and his wife is Annapoorna. They have three children Sanskaar, Laksh and Meera who are 26, 25 and 22 respectively. And all the other intros about them are exact.

Note 1* Ram Prasad and Sujatha will not be in my fanfiction
Note 2* I will soon introduce someone against Meera (Helly Shah) in coming episode.

Here is the link for the introduction, please don’t be confused. If you are still confused let me Know.

Ragini Aur Raghvi (RagLak and RagSan) Episode 1

The city of Kolkata is shown a girl is seated on a small stage wearing an baby pink anarkali dress in a school and singing a song with her melodious voice along with a Sitar. Twenty to Thirty students are seated and listening to her. They are lost in her voice. (While the girl’s song is playing in background) The entrance of an old building is shown. It has written “Kolkata Supreme Court” and a girls voice is heard. Inside the court a woman is standing with a pallu on her head in the dock. The girls back is shown she has worn a black trouser and a white kurti. She has worn a lawyer’s cloak. The opposite lawyer is a man who is in his mid 30s is standing looking at the girl who is speaking while the judge who is in his mid 50s is interestingly nodding at her points looking from above his specks.

A huge mansion is shown and it’s written ‘Maheshwari Mansion’. A woman is moving breakfast from kitchen to the dining table.
Dp : Laksh…Laksh…Meera…Meera… These two will never learn to wake on time.
Ap : Laksh has already awaken ji, he went to college as it his exams next week.
Dp : At least let him pass this time. Three times he failed

A voice : Dad what is he suppose to do? I don’t think that it is his fault.
Dp : Come beta come, you also started to support that useless.
Ap : You don’t call him like that, I’m sure he will pass this time for sure. Sanskaar you come to eat.
Sanskaar : Haan mom Laksh will surely pass this time. He failed not because he is a fool but because he is not interested.
Dp : Interest? Are you telling me to give him a guitar and ask him to play? My grandfather was a lawyer; my dad was a lawyer and now me. Next generation is yours and one of you has to become a lawyer but unfortunately you were not interested and started business and I’m happy that you succeeded.

Sanskaar : Dad because I had the will and blessings.
Dp : Haan, Laksh has blessings ask him to get the will.
Sanskaar : Dad…
Dp : Meera is also growing up like her brother only.
Ap : Will you stop taunting, early morning this is your regular work. Even Sanskaar was irresponsible before and now he is ok and I’m sure both of my children will be like him
Dp and Sanskaar sits to eat. Ap serves them. A room which is painted in pink and all the things are scattered all over the room. There were papers, pencils, colour pencil are all over the room.

A girl is seen sleeping on the bed her phone alarm rings. She in sleep searches her phone all over the bed and found it. She checks the phone and jerks and gets up looking at the time.
Monologue : Meera you are dead today, dad will be with full rage. If lucky bhai is not there he will put all his anger on me.
She gets up and yawns. She has worn light blue pajamas and her hair is in a mess. With the half eye opened she goes to the washroom.

Scene shifts to the court
The girl : …So lord I strongly say that the child named Priyanka Gopinath must stay under her mother’s custody. Thank you.
(With her ending of talk the song also finishes)

Saying this she sits and her face is not shown.
The judge : Do you have to tell anything Mr. Rathore (Opposite Lawyer)
Mr. Rathore nods his head in no.
The judge : After considering all the proofs and statements, the supreme court of Kolkata has decided the child’s custody will be given to Damini Shivaraj the mother of the child and if the father of the child disturbs or tortures them sever actions would be taken.

The woman : Thanks a lot beta, you didn’t even ask a single penny from me but you have done a great help keep this (She removes her gold chain and gives it to the girl)
The girl : Arey aunty it is my duty to stand with the righteous and this chain will wanted by your daughter keep it for her. Take care of yourself and your daughter.

A few lawyers who were standing there.
Lawyer 1 : She is Shekhar Rao’s daughter right?
Lawyer 2 : Haan haan, Ragini Rao. She is just like her father.
Lawyer 3 : It’s been a year and she has done four cases and won all four of them.
Lawyer 1 : In such a young age, she is very talented.
Lawyer 3 : You all saw right how she won today’s case.
Ragini hears it and fell proud of her father and herself, she smiles hearing them talk.

A college building is shown. A guy comes and gets down from his car. He goes toward the lecture room
A boy : Hey Lucky senior.
Laksh : Don’t test my patience Aarav
Aarav : Cheer up bhaiyaa, I was kidding.
Laksh : I bet you, this is year I’m sure of passing the exam
Aarav smiles : All the best.
Laksh smirks : Thank you

The scene shifts to the school in the music room.
Girl 1: Ms. Raghvi Rao’s voice so sweet.
Girl 2 : Haan, not only her voice even she is sweet.
Girl 3 : I love Raghvi Madam a lot.
Girl 1 & 2 : Me too
Raghvi’s face is revealed, she smiles looking at the girls who were speaking.

The screen freezes on the smiling faces of Ragini and Raghvi.

Precap : Raghvi comes running from downstairs…Laksh is smiling looking at a paper…Raghvi and Sanskaar bumps in to each other and Ragini comes to Maheshwari Mansion.

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Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 1 (RagLak and RagSan)


Ragini aur Raghvi Sisters Forever – Episode 1 (RagLak and RagSan)


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