A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 42

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 42

Heyyyy guys I’m extremely sry for such a late update… actually migraine has caught hold of me again and idk wen its planning to leave me…I’m a lil better now so I’m writing the next Epi…Sorry once again….Keep commenting and plzz suggest a mix name for cherry and manasvi through ur comments.
So here is the episode 42

Scene 1(Anita’s room)
Anita, cherry and manasvi are laughing thinking about the kalash incident
Anita: Wooowww manny (manasvi’s pet name)…I’m impressed… ur entry was such that they will never forget.
Cherry laughs and gives manny a side hug.
Manny pushes him awaya.

Manny: Ohhh hello…dont forget its a contract marriage for 6 months….I’m here only to help ull in troubling this family and anita aunty is paying me for it…so u better be in ur limits.
Cherry: Han han I know its a contract married but infront on the family members humey ye sab to kerna hi padega.
Manny: I know that…but here its only 3 of us…so u better stay away.
Anita: Ohk now ull stop fighting… if any1 hears all this then all our plan will get flop.
Cherry and manasvi nod in yes and go to their room.

Scene 2(twinjs room)
Kunj is applying ointment on twinkle’s wound… she winces in pain…and kunj blows air on her wound in order to reduce the burning sensation.
Twinkle eyes him lovingly.
Kunj looks at her and signs “what ??”
Twinkle nods and signs “nothing”
Kunj keeps the ointment back in the first-aid box and goes to wash his hands.
He comes back and finds twinkle lost in some thoughts.
Twinkle murmurs in a very low tone.
Twinkle: Did she kick the kalash purposely… why did she smirk ??
Kunj goes close to her to listen to what she is saying…. but he doesn’t uunderstand anything.

Kunj is very close to her ears.
Kunj: Oyeee Siyappa Queen !!!
Twinkle gets shocked and screams out of fear.
Twinkle: Aaaaaaaaa !!!!
Kunj gets surprised listening her shout and gets up.
Kunj: Ooooo Siyappa Queen…why are u screaming ???
Twinkle gets up and starts hitting him.
Kunj: Areyy….Areyyy what did I do ???
Twinkle: Aisey koi achanak se aaker kaan mai chillata hai kya ??
She continues hitting him.
Kunj: Aaa…aauchhh !!!…I was just trying to listen to what u were saying…
Twinkle hits him with both the hands on his chest.
He holds her hands and stops her.
They look into each others eyes and share an eye lock…sajnave plays.
Kunj holds her waist with 1 hand and pulls her closer…she smiles… her hands are still on his chest…

Kunj: Tu na gussey mai badi hot lagti hai…Mrs twinkle kunj sarna.
He moves hand on her cheeks and she feels his touch and blushes.
Kunj slowly moves her hair to one side and she colses her eyes and enjoys the touch of his fingers.
Kunj then bends and plants a romantic kiss on her bare neck…twinkle gets shy and hugs him tight…he hugs her back…sajnave plays.
Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face.
Kunj: Twinkle….I cant wait anymore…dating ke chakkar main bohot waiting ker liya….ab bas…tummm aurrr mainnn….husband and wife….its time to take our relation ahead.
Twinkle blushes and nods in yes.
Kunj: But its ur turn first.
Twinkle: Kunjjjj….mai !!!
Kunj: Yess… u luv me too right ??
Twinkle: Ofcourse I do !!
She moves colse to him and plants a kiss on his cheeks….he smiles and then moves forward for the kiss he was eagerly waiting for…twinkle closes her eyes and waits for their lips to meet.
They had almost kissed wen kunj’s phone rings.
They both move back and kunj gets annoyed….he checks the phone and its Leela’s call.

Kunj: Twinkle maa ka phone hai.
Twinkle: Kunj put it on speaker …i hope everything is fine.
Kunj: Hello maa
Leela: Kunj puttar…puttar twinkle ke papa !!!
Twinj are shocked.
Twinkle: Maa…maa kya huwa papa ko ??
Leela: Twinkle…vo tere papa ki tabiyat achanak bigad gayi hai….raman aur pinni bhi ghar per nahi hai.. tum dono jaldi aa jao…plzzzzzzzz
Leela cries…twinj are shocked.
Kunj: Maa…maa plzzzz don’t take tension we are coming..
He cuts the call.
Twinkle breaks down and cries bitterly.
Twinkle: Papaaa !!!! kunj papa humey chod ke nahi jaa sakte…babaji plzzzz papa ki raksha kerna.
Kunj: Twinkle sambhal apne aap ko…if u become week like this…then who will look after maa…and twinkle we hav to hide this truth from mahi bhabhi as it can affect her and the babies health.

Twinkle nods in yes and cries.
Twinkle: Dekha kunj…jab maine subha bura sapna dekha…tabhi muje yakeen ho gaya tha ki kuch bura honey wala hai.
Kunj: don’t worry twinkle mai papa ko kuch nahi honey doong.
Twinj hurriedly leave for taneja house.
They reach there and go inside.
They see something and get shocked.
The screen freezes on their shocked faces.
No PRECAP guys

….keep thinking what must hav happened and why were twinj shocked.

Hope ull liked the episode…. plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments…. luv u all stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 42


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 42

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