Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||INTRO – 2||

Los Angles –
In a giant mansion (guarded by a tight security commanders) a lady is seen doing her morning prayers. After her prayers she was spreading the holy smoke all around the house and when she turns, she saw a tall, handsome, macho man standing in front of her waiting for her to give the aarti. She forwarded the thaal and he took aarti from it and wished her good morning by giving her a kiss on her forhead. The man is Prithvi Singh Rathore one of the richest Indian hotelier based in LA and the lady is his lovely wife Sanyukta Prithvi Singh Rathore. They both r childhood sweethearts from Hrishikesh, the whole city knew that one day or the other they both will end up getting married and they were right. They both r married for 5.5 yrs now but still they have something lacking. They still didn’t have a child b’coz of some health problems of Sanyu but they don’t regret it as they have 3 big children to take care of (actually excluding one of them as he is sensible as compared to the other 2) though they r big by their age but by their heart they r still small kids. He has many hotels all over the world and mostly in India.
Prithvi is the eldest among the 4. The second brother is Prem Singh Rathore. He is one of the biggest businessman of the world in the construction field. He is also as handsome, macho, gud looking as his BIG B. Apart from these qualities he is sweet, sensitive, shy (not like a girl), sensible, emotional kind of person. His marriage is fixed to his father’s childhood friend’s daughter Preeti Singhania, they both though love each other but never express to each other. Whenever they both r in front of each there is just silence b/w the 2 but they can feel each other’s emotions in that silence too. Preeti is just like Prem – sweet, sensitive, shy, sensible. Preeti is a doctor by profession and lives in Mumbai, India with her father Mr. Pritam Singhania who runs a big chain of restaurants and a cousin sister Sharon Singhania. Sharon is Pritam’s younger brother’s daughter (who died in a car accident along with his wife, so he brought her up as his own daughter) and is in college as a arts student and a total opposite of her elder sister but she is also very much sensible when it comes to handle a situation. She loves to dance and is a great dancer. Dance is in Sharon’s blood, whenever she hears music her legs automatically starts to dance

Swayam Singh Rathore is Prithvi’s youngest brother. He is fun-loving, carefree, full of life, adventurous guy who loves his family very much and is equally loved and pampered by all. Though he is fun-loving, carefree guy but when time comes for him to be responsible he makes sure that he lives up to the given responsibility. He is also crazy about dance just like Sharon. They both have known each other since they were born, they also shared a crib together. When they both dance together a different atmosphere is created in the air with their chemistry. They both say that they r each other’s best friends but as evident to all they are not only best friends but r more than that which they have yet to realise.

Their parents r Ramkishan Singh Rathore and Mamta Ramkishan Singh Rathore. The 3 brothers may have different characteristics but the bond the trio shares is just commendable. Though they r really different from each other but they have immense love for each other (just the 3 brothers in Hum Saath Saath Hai movie). They also have a sister though they r not related by blood to her but she is more than just a real sister to them. She is none other than RADHIKA MISHRA. Dilip (radhika’s father), Prithvi’s father, Sanyu’s father and Pritam were childhood friends from Hrishikesh and their friendship was continued by their children. Prithvi, Sanyu and Ankush were eldest of them all, Prem and Riddhima r of equal age (having a slight difference), next was Radhika & Preeti (Preeti was just 4 months younger to her) and SwaRon were the youngest. Riddhima and Radhika always considered the Rathore brothers as their real brothers, they both even tied Rakhis to them. Even Sanyu also considered Ankush, Prem and Swayam as her own brothers. Preeti too considers Prithvi, Ankush and Swayam as her own brother and Sharon too (accept Swayam). Except Dilip, the other 3 left the city to do big in life with their families and all the children r separated but that does not their end their friendship. They all meet up in summer and winter breaks and sometimes in holi-diwali breaks.

Radhika was the apple of everyone’s eye whether they r elder or younger. Each and everyone can do anything to make her smile especially the Rathore brothers. They still fights on ‘which brother love her the most?’ and every time Radhika has to be the peacemaker. After Radhika left Arjun, she went to Prithvi & Sanyu who were in India at that time and told them everything. Prithvi at first wanted her to go back to Arjun as he knows that she is in love with Arjun but she was reluctant so he took her with them to LA and told everyone about what happened with her which made Prem and Swayam a bit angry but Radhika calmed them down. There he helped her set up her own advertising company PEARLS but as Radhika being herself returned Prithvi his money which he invested in her business with interest and Prithvi had to accept it with no option left as he can’t say no to Radhika neither does Prem nor Swayam. PEARLS is now one of the world’s biggest advertising industry, every ad agency wants to work with it but it is very difficult to please Radhika. Prithvi made sure that no one knows Radhika owns PEARLS and where she is, that is the reason no one knew who owns PEARLS and everyone wants to know about it. Wherever she goes Prithvi made sure of her security so that no media cameras can capture her. He even lied to Ankush that Radhika is not with them, he only told him that he and Sanyu met her before she left but she never told where she was going. In the summer and winter breaks they all go for a family holiday joined by Teji, Preeti and Sharon. Radhika has changed a lot, whenever she is in office she is just a perfect professional and when she is at home she is just a little kid behind whom everyone runs to get a hold of her and make her eat, rest, talk and play.

But now the Rathores r returning to Mumbai along with Radhika. Though Radhika pretends to be normal with the thought of returning but her brothers know that its going to be a tough time for her but they r always with her and will support her in every decision as they believe in her.

Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||INTRO – 2||


Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||INTRO – 2||


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