New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 3)

New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 3)

thanks for whom commented.I think you guys are not liking my ff.if so I will surely stop updating….and it’s a thing to show kkb how much time they should take to close once chapter..I mean tanu…here in 2-3 episodes she will be mocked off. .don’t worry ..and ranveer and ishani are childhood friends

the episode starts with ranveer thinks tanu as pragya and captures a photo.tanu and ishani leaves.
rangers comes to home and looks for abhi..but he is not he enters to yash room…where yash and aarti was about to kiss….ranveer says oh…I am sorry….I came at wrong Time.yash moved away from aarti.yash says you have came na..then what? what’s the matter.purab too comes there.ranveer says I got a special suprise for you all.aarti asked what…suprise.ranveer takes his phone and shows tanu’s photo saying pragya bhabhi.all looked and arti says she looks good.purab says she looks modern.yash says if he likes them it’s ok for us.
just then abhi comes.abhi asked what you people are doing here.ranveer says woh..bhai…nothing.just chating. abhi says oh..I came to ask yash bhai something..but I forgot..ok bye and leaves ….ranveer says my God we escaped.

pragya was thinking about abhi.bulbul and ishani comes there and sits near her.bulbul asked di. ..are you thinking about abhi..pragya in her thoughts nods yes.ishani asked do you love him.pragya nods yes and bulbul and ishani laughs.pragya comes to her senses and asked why you both are laughing. bulbul says so my di loves abhi.pragya says nothing like that.I just I was in some thoughts.ishani says don’t lie di …pragya blushes…ishani says see bulbul someone is blushing.pragya says you both don’t know how much he cares for everyone.though ha he is a big star but behaves like a normal person.both says ha…..haha….
abhi thinks how to meet pragya again.he messaged her.

while pragya’s phone vibrates…
bulbul takes it and reads the message.she shouts its from abhi .pragya says bulbul give it to me.ishani asked eagerness…bulbul read hi pragya …are you free tomorrow ..let’s meet tomorrow. bulbul types ofcourse why not .pragya asked her to give the phone.
abhi sees the message and gets happy.he thinks to tease pragya and calls her from unknown number
the phone rings…pragya picked it
abhi : hello madam ji..Namaste. .
pragya: who is this…I thinks it’s wrong number.
abhi:arey madam ji you are pragya na.
pragya: ha…ya it’s me…what you want now.
abhi: arey madam ji…I know abhi called you today….to meet him tomorrow..
pragya was silent.she thinks how he came to know.
abhi laughs silently. .
he says madam ji don’t meet him tomorrow.he may hug you…kiss you..or can do anything be careful. .it’s just for ur kindness.
pragya: how can he do this…he is a big rockstar.
abhi: that’s the matter ..he is a big rockstar..anyways I was about to tell you ..tats it and cuts the call.

Abhi thinks if she really has faith on me and comes….and I will make sure ,she loves me…

pragya got panicked ne tells to ishani and bulbul
bulbul: no di. don’t go.if something happens to you
ISHANI : no bulbul..di you go May be you can find out na..if he is wrinh or right….pragya says ishani is right …

ishani calls ranveer
ranveer : arey buddhu why you called me in this midnight.if someone sees they will say I am talking to my girlfriends
ishani: oh hello stop it ..I want to ask you something .if your bhai loves anyone.
ranveer: was about to say yes but stops.first tell pragya di loves anyone
ishani : answer to me first
ranveer: ya he loves your sister…but didn’t proposed
ishani: super pragya di also loves abhi ….
both says yes ….

pragya calls to the unknown number.abhi phone rings.pragya looks on…..

New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 3)


New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 3)

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