Swasan: Fix You (Episode 32)

~~You are the ‘ONE’ ❤❤ ~~

Sanskar’s pov ~~

I hated myself for being such an idiot. I knew it very well, that I should have kept my mouth shut. But I couldn’t, as it was my anger who was talking.

I didn’t mean any of the crap I had said. But unfortunately, Swara did. She believed it and she hated me for that.

The reason behind such behaviour, was ofcourse, Kavita. She was really getting into my mind. I was frustrated, as I had a clear vision of what all things she was capable of to take Swara away from me.

As Swara stormed out, I couldn’t help but go out after her. I had to apologise.

I went after her. She walked as fast as her feet took her. She was running away from me.

“Swara! Swara, stop…please.” I shouted attempting to stop her. Bit she didn’t. Instead, she yelled back at me.

“Just go away, Sanskar! What do you want now?” She cried.

“I…I want to apologise! Listen, please stop. I’m tired. . .” I said. I couldn’t afford running after her anymore. I was breathing like I was running a freaking marathon.

She stopped. I bent down, resting my hands on my knees, catching a breath. She stood just a few feet away. I quickly straightened myself and ran towards her.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that what I said back there. . .” I said. She looked at me with a hurt expression. Her eyes were continuously spilling out tears.

“But you meant all that. What’s the point in saying a sorry if you actually think like that.” She said.

“What? No! I don’t… I don’t mean any of that! Believe me, Swara, I was really disturbed with something and I just took it all out on you. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that…” I said.

“But you did! I asked you so many times and you shouted at me instead! You know how scared I get when someone does that. Specially you. You did it, even when you knew, how my dad shouted at me before I left. How could you, Sanskar?” She cried.

Her fists made contact with my chest. She pushed me, hit me but it didn’t hurt even a bit. She wasn’t that strong. But seeing me standing like a dummy, made her even more angry. She kept on hitting me till she got tired.

I let her do so, since she had all the right to take out her anger on me. After all, I had done the same thing.

Once she was tired, I took her hands in mine. She looked down and kept crying, probably remembering what had happened back in the room.

“I’m sorry, Swara. I promise, I would never shout at you again. I’m sorry to scare you. I love you so much. . .” I said, pulling her in my arms.

She struggled hard to get free first, but I held her tightly against me. I rubbed her back, and soon, she seemed to calm down. Her loud cries were now little sobs.

Just as I was about to take her back, I felt something wet touch my cheek. It was a little droplet of water. It rolled down my face, as I faced another one drop. Soon I realized, it was raining…

I released Swara, as we looked up to see a completely dark sky. It was raining pretty heavily. Within moments, we were soaked in the chilled water.

My gaze shifted to look at Swara. She stood there with her arms folded across her chest. She shivered with cold.

Immediately, I took off my hoodie and put it over her shoulders. It wasn’t going to keep her warm, as it itself was soaked completely in chilled water.

We stood still, with my arms wrapped around her. Her face was inches away from mine. The little droplets of water kept rolling down her face. Some of them, were her tears which were being washed away with the rain.

I gently pulled her close and planted my lips on hers. I stared into those beautiful eyes of hers, until she closed them and kissed me back. I held her gently to keep her warm. Her ice cold hands rested on my chest. My breathing hitched due to her touch. It was too hard for me to pull back and grasp for air. But eventually, she did.

She pulled back. Both of us were in the same condition. We could hear our hearts racing by 1000 times faster. She was doing something to me, I had never experienced.

No words were needed to understand each other. I picked her up in my arms. Her hands locked around my neck, as she rested her head on my shoulder. I carried her back to hotel.

We didn’t even realize that we had left the door open while leaving. I waked in, as I could see a vision of what was going to happen next.

I gently laid Swara on bed. Sitting beside her, I debated whether to make this move or not. I wanted to do it so bad, but I wasn’t sure if she was ready for it.

She looked into my eyes, not breaking the contact even for a second. She opened her arms, inviting me in. I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. She ws ready but now I was afraid of hurting her again. But eventually, I gave in. . .

Her eyes reflected so much love and affection.

“I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” I replied.

That night was undoubtedly the best night of my existence.

~She was the only one. She was my life. She was the reason for my happiness and my pain. She was my love . . . ❤ ~~

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Swasan: Fix You (Episode 32)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 32)


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