Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 7)

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Episode 6

Sanskaar and Meghana went to a mall after Swara left the place and shopped a lot.. Sanky went to bring icecream.. Meanwhile Meghana receives call from Ragini

Meghana: Hey Ragu.. Hii.. How are you?? It’s been a long time huh??

Ragini: Hii Meghu.. Yeah.. I’m fine.. What about you??

Meghana: I’m good!! Hey you know what?? Today we met Swara!!

Ragini: Oh that’s so nice.. But WE mean you and Sanky?? Wow.. Shona met Sanky!! But she didn’t inform me about this?? Is she fine??

Meghana: She was fine when we met.. I don’t know about her now!!

Ragini: I understood what happened!! She might have behaved crazily!! And Meghu don’t feel bad for actions!!

Meghana: Hey Raghu.. It’s alright.. I can understand her pain!! And you know na.. I tried many times to convince Sanky about her.. But he’s not ready to accept her..

Ragini: Hmm.. Yeah.. Anyway we will deal about this later!! I actually need a help from you!!

Meghana: Yeah sure baby!! Anything for my Ragu.. 

Ragini: Thank you baby.. It’s just that me and Lucky are going to MM for dinner tonight!! Can please make sure Sanky will be present over there during dinner!! I mean.. He shouldn’t know that we both are coming!!

Meghana: Okay.. Your work is done.. Don’t worry about it.. I will do something so that Sanky will @MM for dinner tonight!!

Ragini: Thank you so much!! Love you baby..

Meghana: love you too baby.. Hey Sanky is coming.. Catch you later.. Byee

Ragini: Okay!! Byee..

Sanky comes there with two butterscotch ice creams!!

Sanky: Here is your favorite ice cream..

Meghana: Thank you Sanky.. By the way just now Abhijeet called me!! I need to go to my in laws place..

Sanky: But why so suddenly?? Is everything okay??

Meghana: Yep Everything is fine.. Its just that few relatives turned up suddenly and they want to meet to meet me..

Sanky: But Ammu.. We planned for dinner today @your favorite restaurant..

Meghana: I know Sanky.. But I’ve to leave now.. I can’t go there like this.. In western attire!!I need to wear something traditional.. And you should promise me that you will go home straightly after dropping me.. Have dinner with your family.. It’s been a long time..

Sanky: Hmm (with sad face) Okay!! Let’s go.. I will drop you..


Hearing the word ABHIJEET my blood started to flow with extreme speed!! My heart beat rose rapidly!!Now she will get ready for that monkey’s family!! Well, Ammu will kill me if she hears my thoughts about him.. She loves him.. My Ammu loves some stupid.. I don’t care whoever it is!! How good he might be.. I hate him to the core… I wanted to be with her all the time.. I wish she never gets married to that idiot!! I wish she breaks her marriage.. But NO.. I don’t want her to go through any trauma now.. She had enough pain in her life!! I don’t know how she managed to smile all the time even after getting hurt from her own parents.. Just because she is a girl!! Well, they are not too conservative people.. They were so close to her.. But things changed later.. She never shares her pain with me.. She always wanted me to be happy!!
I heard her shouting at me with angry look on her face.. Her cheeks turned red with anger!! Oh god.. How cute she is.. I shifted my gaze little upwards on her eyes!! Well, I understood there is something really serious.. she half opened eyes trying to give sharp looks!! She is looking damn funny with that expression.. I was trying my best control myself from not teasing her!!

Meghana: Sanky.. I hate you!! From such a long time I’m calling you and you’re lost in your thoughts.. Now, Stop laughing like a monkey!!
C’mon Ammu.. I didn’t hear you!! And I’m not monkey like your so called fiancé!!

Meghana: I will kill you Sanky.. Abhijeet is such a good hearted person and you always make fun of him.. You should be thankful to him.. Who would let his would be wife to be with
the guy who loves her!!

Oh Please.. Koi yehsaan nay kara une mujpe.. Shadi se pehle thoda aaram se saans lena chahta tha!! Shadi ke badh toh tum unke jaan khalete na!! Isiliye..

Meghana: Sanky.. Wait I will kill you now.. Oh no.. I don’t have time to kill you.. I have to leave now.. Drop me at home.. I will kill you tomorrow!!

Ok fine… Any way you can do nothing Ammu.. I teased her and drove to her place.. All the way we continued our nok-jhok!!

Time runs fast when she with me.. I waited in the car until she reached her room safely.. She waved me from her bedroom window.. I waved back to her and left to my place.. Dad would be shocked to see me @home this time!! I spend most of my time either with Ammu or alone!! I don’t want my parents to know about the pain I’m going through!! Specially Dad!! He always treats me like a friend.. He want to give me all those happiness which he missed being a son!!

DP: AP.. Come fast.. Look who’s here!!

AP: DP ji.. What happened?? Why are you shouting?? I need to prepare dinner for guests!!

DP: AP.. Prepare all Paneer dishes for dinner today!! Coz my son is at home today.. And prepare his favorite dessert too..

AP: Haan DP ji.. I will prepare everything according to his likes okay!! Sanskaar beta.. Go and fresh up… There is a surprise for you!!

I thought of denying for dinner today.. After seeing their happiness… I changed my mind and went upstairs with a fake smile on my face… I took a very long shower to run down my tears along with it!! It will be awkward if anyone watches me crying!! Only, girls are lucky to cry at any situation!! After long shower I took my laptop to check Facebook updates!! No new friend requests except the one which is from a long time!! SWARA BOSE… Well, She sent me requests through her other fake accounts.. But I stopped responding to all the friend requests!! She too stopped creating fake accounts!! !! I hate her… May be I don’t her.. I but don’t like her even!! Her presence irritates me a lot!! She was one of the reasons for my breakup with Kavitha!! Of course I’m so happy for that.. But, I don’t like whole idea of her loving me!!I wish things are not so complicated between us!! Anyway.. I have to buy her a new guitar.. I started searching online for guitars.. I finally selected one and ordered it!! I will give this to Rags.. I don’t want meet her for this reason!! It’s better for both of us to stay away from each other!! My thoughts are interrupted by someone closing my eyes from back!! Surprise she shouted!!


Ragini: Surprise..(Closing his eyes)

Sanky: Hey Rags!! How are you!! How come you are at my place this time??

Ragini: All questions at once!!

Laksh: Hey Sanky!! Before Rags starts her answers.. I want to say you HII.. After that I may not get a chance to speak!!

Ragini: Lucky.. I will deal with you later.. I need to share many things with Sanky!!

Sanky: So.. This is the surprise my mom was talking about!!

Laksh: Yep…DP uncle invited us for dinner!! Actually Singhania and Maheshwari companies tied up!! So it’s a small celebration!!

Sanky: That’s so great lucky!! Congrats bhai ( He said while hugging Laksh)

Precap: RagLakSan funny moments and past revelation!!

Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 7)


Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 7)


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