Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 50

Swaragini –(love-ishq-kadhal)Episode 50

Recap:swalak marriage fixed.ragya marriage also fixed leaving sanskar shocked.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u very much for ur support. I know all u were angry about me for again separating ragsan but this is the story I am sry for that.i think this episode would clear all ur confusions and ragsan marriage.enjoy the episode now.one more thing hurray I am in 50th episode oh my god it is unbelievable.all credit goes to my regular commentors and silent readers.

Episode starts..

Scene:at gm
Shekar:I am very happy today my revenge will be fulfilled today those maheshwari s killed my daughter and now they will see the betrayal of love how it tastes . they made us far from our daughter and then killed her. I won’t leave then so easily they will now feel how it will be when ur loved ones will die to see their love.
Swara:yes papa I will not leave them laksh maheshwari wait it just a matter of few days then u will see how betrayal will be no life for him . he will be behind me he will search for me every where. By seeing his stage his parents Mr . durga prassad maheshwari will die seeing his son s stage. Then they get to know the pain of my father who lost her daughter 7yrs ago.
Shekar:I know swara u don’t love laksh but in these five yrs I know how u have been tortured being with ur sisters killer.
Swara:Haa papa but for excepting his love he took 5 yrs and by the help of ragini he at least confessed now . u know what papa I felt like suffocating by staying near him but to make him believe that I love him I am forced to be with him . I hate the feeling also being with him looser
Then they hear the knock of the door.
Swara and shekar are tensed . Swara opens the door
Swara: oho laado it’s u I thought maa or dadi came . come inside fast.
Ragini:so papa beti are doing preparations for maheshwari s destructions
Swara:u know na it’s our 5yr plan and now it’s getting fulfilled
Ragini:congratulations I think ur gorilla is waiting for u
Swara:laado he is really a gorilla don’t take his name . I will be free after 4days . so maheshwari s ur countdown starts
Shekar:ragini beta u took my elder daughters place and supported me. Thank u beta.
Ragini:don’t say like that papa I am in daughter na and even pari di is also like my di. In our childhood I Shona pari di would enjoyed a lot but now she is not with us.
All get teary eyed
Shekar:we should be now strong and we should be prepared for what we will say to sumi and maa
Swara:it’s already planned papa it will be a surprise for u. It’s the great laado s plan
Shekar: oh is that so tq u beta for helping us and making us successful in our mission
Ragini:it’s OK papa u called me ur daughter and saying that I am helping no papa it’s my responsibility
Swara:Shona but I didn’t get why u want to take revenge on sanskar also I think he is very nice he looked after my di s son after her death
Ragini:but what he did till now with me . he tortured me very much
Swara:but what about ur both marriage.
Ragini:I think he is one step ahead of me bcoz I think he still doesn’t love me. But It is better only anyways I am fed of acting to love him . Always u would have saved me otherwise he Is yuckk
Swara smiles . shekar also smiles
Ragini:but poor shaurya he is behind me he is another pagal but nice and handsome police officer
Swara:Haa laado he will help us if our plan got backfire then what say
Ragini:even he doesn’t marry also it won’t effect our plan . let’s see what will happen
Shekar:I only taught good to my daughters but they made me like this they made us think like a criminal in which I involved u both innocent sry
Swara: papa don’t be senti if u would left also I would not have left them easily . don’t be sry papa
Ragini:ha papa don’t be sry.
Come let’s sleep fast tomorrow we should go for our engagement ceremony . I didn’t thought it would be this much funny.
Swara:Haa me too let’s see tomorrow the zoo Park and my poor gorilla and his family.
Shekar:Haa I should see ur mom she is super excited but she don’t know that this marriage will happen
OK then mission maheshwari s over.
Swara ragini:yes boss
They smile
Sumi:I didn’t expected this from u
Shekar:what… What…
. Mission. Swaragini are tensed.
Swara:maa first listen to us
Sumi:u shut up swara u now only want to become maheshwari and shekar u also want to send ur daughter fastly ragini u also
Swaragini and shekar felt relief
Shekar: oh no that way darling actually we planned a surprise for maheshwari s that s all we are discussing
Sumi: oh OK then now if ur discussion is completed go sleep
Swaragini: we are coming maa
Sumi left
Swara: oh thank God she didn’t listened otherwise she would have created a scene
Ragini:come now let’s go otherwise some one will come.
They disperse.tq

Scene:at mm morning
Sanskar is very depressed.
All the mansion is decorated . it’s engagement.
Swara comes wearing a blue Ghagra and ragini is wearing a pink colour legendary with their hair open and with light makeup and accessories.laksh also wears blue Sherwani and shaurya wears orange Sherwani but by coincidence sanskar wears pink Sherwani.
All says that if swalak and ragsan are couples
Ragini:no its shaurya there he is he is my would be. Sanskar feels like his world is destroyed . he is thinking of the promises she made to change him and all.
Ragini is enjoying Bcoz she wants to see him like that only but she thinks he is only acting bcoz he want to take her property.
Wwhile all are busy in talking sanskar drags ragini aside.
Sanskar:ragini why are u doing this to me say me if I did something wrong plz ragini don’t do this
Ragini:sir plz leave me of anyone sees us what will they think
Sanskar:ragini don’t test my patience from yesterday I was trying to ur phone but ur not lifting now u should say what is this sudden engagement
Ragini:sir what are u trying to show me is not really have some other motive na. I know that . so don’t try to act
Sanskar:what are u talking about ragini I didn’t get u
Ragini:Haa of course ur truth has been revealed na so u will not know anything
Sanskar:ragini I think it’s just a misunderstanding
Ragini:sir plz leave me I already accepted this relation from heart and shaurya is a person who will understand me and more than that he will not take any type of revenge from me.
Sumi:ragini beta come fast muhurat has been arrived.
Ragini goes from there.
First swalak exchanged their rings now it’s ragya turn.
Ragini first made him wear ring . sanskar has tears in his eyes . he is feeling like to kill him
Shaurya when was about to wear ring to ragini. He already sees a ring on her ring finger . all looks on shocked . sanskar has smile in his face as he achieved something . ragini sees this and feels disgusted.
Ragini:shaurya wait I will take it . it s my big mistake . The ring which he made to wear in Kolkata. ragsan eyelock.
Ragini is trying to take the ring out but can’t take it
Shaurya :it’s OK ragini don’t take tension
Dadi:no beta it’s a tradition that ring should be wear only on the ring finger of left hand.
Shaurya:dadi actually I don’t believe in all this he makes her wear it on her right hand . all claps for both the couples.

Scene: next day at mm
It’s mehendi.
Swara has laksh s mehendi . ragini has written s on her hand.
Sanskar:u are mine only ragini by hook or crook
Sanskar:see u also have my engagement ring and my names mehendi . I am very happy next haldi be ready for it . love u ragini
Ragini:just get lost from here

Scene:next day
It’s haldi all decided to do in gm for both families.
Swalak completed the ritual.
Swara while going to her room . some one pulls her and holds her from waist . she was about to shout but he places his hand on her mouth.
Laksh:swara it’s me ur husband
Swara:thinks duffer kaika u don’t know that our marriage cannot take place and he saying himself husband gorillas he smiles
Laksh:oh u are blushing
Swara:thinks it’s not blushing it’s my happiness of getting nearer to my revenge.
Laksh :rubs his cheeks with her.
Swara acts like blushing and runs from there.
Ragini after completing ritual going to freshen up . she goes into her bathroom and is shocked to see sanskar already there.
Ragini:what are u doing here
Sanskar goes close to her and bolts the door.
Ragini:hey what are u doing I will shout all will come and beat u
Sanskar:no darling it’s my right ur to be husband
Ragini:what in ur dreams
Sanskar:yes ur marriage with shaurya is in dreams
Ragini :thinks yes u are right I won’t even marry him either . first u will get out of here or not
Sanskar:Haay meri junglee ur looking so cute like an angel in this yellow colour dress.
Ragini:see this is my last warning I will call every body
Sanskar:ok ur wish then I will say u only called me here.i know na I am the great business man and girls are behind me and not me behind any girl
Ragini:shh…OK tell me what u want
Sanskar:came to point actually I don’t want anything I came here to give u something
Ragini:wh….. Before she completes he applies haldi on her nose which is only left without haldi.
Sanskar:Haa ha see How cute u are looking . ur cuteness increased.
Ragini:uu how dare u
Sanskar:heyy see ur maa came
Ragini turns and he kisses her cheeks :be ready to become Mrs. Sanskar maheshwari and goes.
Ragini smiles :no ragini what are u blushing really stop it its very irritating.
Ragini after getting freshened up goes to swara s room and sees her crying seeing her engagement ring . Ragini smiles seeing this and goes from there.

Scene :after 2days it’s marriage day
Swara is feeling very depressed.
Shekar:Swara are u ready
Swara :weeps her tears and says yes papa ready today is the day we are waiting for 5 yrs.
Shekar:but where is ragini . U know na we can’t start our plan without ragini after all she has helped us a lot . if our revenge is completing that is bcoz of her.
Swara:Haa papa but where is she she should come before wedding starts otherwise our plan Will flop.
Shekar:no no it should not after waiting till now we can’t take back step.
Swara:it will not happen papa today we will be successful at any cost
Ragini:yes papa
Shekar:ragini beta u came . thank god
Ragini:without me u will complete ur mission haa
Swara :no no we are waiting for u only
Ap:if ur daughter and father meeting completed come fast in 30min muhurat starts cone fast
Swaragini:coming maa
Ragini :Shona if I will be not there u plz carry on in ur mission. Don’t wait for me
Swara :but laado
Ragini : promise me shona
Swara : promise laado

After 10min.
Swara sits on Mandap.tgey call ragini but she doesn’t comes.tgey all go and check her room but she is not there inside.

After 30min all are crying in mm . gm are also there.
Then comes ragsan with garlands . ragini with sindhoor and mangalsutra.

Episode ends…

What happened???

Thank uuuuuu


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 50


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 50


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