Swadarsh…a lethal love story..!! (Intro)

Gyzz. I m Avantika here..I m a silent reader …I made an ff of Twinj aka,twinkle and Kunj of tei so I thought to write on swadarsh also.. the cvs are really testing our patience…am giving u the intro do tell in comments if I should continue it or not ..

Characters will be -:

Adarsh-: main lead
Swadheenta,-: main lead
Asad -: bro of swadheenta
Radhika-:’asad’s classmate
Ananya-: adarsh’ sister
Meena_ma-: swadheenta mother
Suhasini-: adarsh’mother

New entries will be told later in epis ..my concept n story line will be different from actual epi..if there is any corrections in intro do inform me in comments..I will definitely change it….

Here is the promo-::

A girl is,shown managing her lipsticks..she is ananya..

Ananya- bhaii…happyrakshabandhan

Adarsh-: same to u ..god blesd uu

A brosis bond is the treasure of life..

Scene 2

Swadheenta ..,asad I will kill u..get out

Asad…u are saying like I will leave uj
I wished we were alonec childs

Swadarsh…a lethal love story..!! (Intro)


Swadarsh…a lethal love story..!! (Intro)


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