Rajarishi janak

Hi guys I am not a scholar just today episode inspired me to write this
Rajarishi janak was chosen to be Lakshmi(Sitas father) this itself makes him a pure soul
But the way he lived is an inspiration for all
The first and foremost virtue is humility. He is a King but he is so humble for he has wisdom
He Is great father for he didn’t care if it was a son or daughter even in those days. He didn’t differiantiate between his biological and adopted daughter.
He gave knowledge to his daughters and values that they should not search for happiness instead bring happiness wherever they go
He was a loving father and respected his daughters opinion appreciated them and never ever wanted to force his opinion on them
And Sita is rightly known as janakanin Janki
He had all material pleasures but he was a rajarishi and fulfilled his duties well
He was leader who lead by example and his praja were content and
He is an epitome of detachment for he did his daughters bidaai
He was pure at heart and lead a systematic life
He chose eka patni viratham and was satisfied with his life
He was a devotee of shiva and was ever grateful to God in his prayers. Gratitude is a virtue
He was a good father in law for he respected ram decision of vanvas eventhough he questioned him
He accepted Rams decision to banish Sita and never once questioned him
He was a student till the end of his life
All his 4 daughters became victim of palace politics but he didn’t blame anybody for he surrender to God and accepted fate
Instead he taught his daughters to keep their virtues even in the toughest of situations
When ravan insulted Sita in swayamwar he stood strong without bowing his head
He gave respect and never expected anything from life
He loved all his daughters equally
And he gave his daughter to a sasural and believes they are parents for his daughter and this shows how much he respects relations
He was the virtuous among the virtuous men
He may have not sacrificed anything except giving his daughters in marriage
But I bow my head to rajarishi janak who is loved by one and all
He chose to move on in life and lived a life of a sage, share his knowledge and respect ram and Sita whatever the situation
For he never once thought of bringing Sita from the forest when she was pregnant for he had did his kanyadaan and respected ram
Hats off
He was polite even to malyavaan
He is compassionate and was a ruler but never once fought in a war
He raises his voice when situation arises just like Sita
He spread love wherever he went and this won him Rams respect
He never knew anger for he had made full use of his leaning
He had conquered anger which even sage valmiki took time to
He showed the world that u don’t have to renounce a kingdom to become a sage
Jai rajarishi janak
Jai janak nandhini Sita

Rajarishi janak


Rajarishi janak


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