SWASAN – Acceptance (11)

SWASAN – Acceptance (11)

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Sanskar streched his body and grinned widely thinking about swara. He unlocked his mobile to check the time but a message popped up from laksh’s number. He realised that laksh and ragini didn’t turn up last night. Without wasting any minute, he opened the message.
It read ‘ bhai, stuck in rain. Car troubled us. Need help’. He checked the time and it came around eleven o clock at which he and swara were deeply involved in conversation. he hesitatingly called laksh.
” oh you remember us?” Laksh sarcastically asked sanskar as he is really irritated.
” I am sorry lucky. My mobile is in silent” he tried to cool him but the reason he stated is also not false.
” we are on the way now. Will meet you shortly” laksh immediately disconnected the call by which sanskar understood that he really had a lot of work that day to deal with.
Sanskar reached swara’s room around 8:00am to call her to accompany him to office as it is already late. He knocked the door and opened it when he got permission. He saw swara standing infront of the mirror with a worried expression on her face.
” swara” he called her and giggled seeing her wearing two types of ear rings to each ear.
” help me. I am unable to select” swara requested Him still checking herself in mirror. Sanskar walked to her and moved the strands of hair to which swara stilled. He removed both the ear rings and wrapped his arms around her waist.
” be clear about your decision swara. Don’t let anyone choose for you” he said locking their eyes in mirror.
She placed her hands on his ” I love it when you choose for me” she smiled but soon tears came to her eyes. Sanskar turned her towards him and cupped her face. He then wiped the tear with his right thumb that threatened to fall down.
” no..no more tears swara” he whispered.
She nodded her head and placed her hand on his.
” you have a brother to fight, a sister to share, a father to guide, mother to pamper, a child to take care of and a husband to..to love you” tears fell down her eyes but he wiped them.
” you have a complete family swara. Never cry, please ” he said to her and she immediately hugged him. They parted when they someone sounds downstaris and sanskar sighed.

” so bad my dear brother” laksh shouted at sanskar
” actually we didn’t had network and laksh had messaged you when we the network was avaible for a few seconds. We expected you to help us but..” Ragini raised her hands in disgust.
” I said him already that my mobile was in silent and I was busy” he murmured the last part. Swara giggled and it is noticed by laksh. It didn’t took time for him to understand.
” it’s okay we lodged in a hotel nearby which is totally uncomfortable and the credit goes to you” laksh said quietly.
Sanskar hugged him and laksh reciprocated. The two ladies smiled at brothers.
Sanskar asked laksh to take rest and swara joined him to office.
” no appointments” sanskar ordered swara sitting in his chair.
” okay sir ” swara salutated him and both of them laughed.
Swara left the room and sanskar engaged in reading business files and studying the statistics of the company. Almost at evening, he streched his arms to relax and saw swara speaking with someone. He intetcomed her.
” actually Mr. Das needs your signatures on these papers” swara said showing him some papers.
” oh!” He sighed ” did you read them?” He questioned her and she nodded in yes.
” give me pen” he ordered and signed the papers. Swara opened her mouth.
” won’t you read them?” She asked with an unbelievable expression. He lifted his head and smiled.
” I trust you swara” swara’s eyes welled up and she turned not letting him to see her but as sanskar mentioned, he can sense emotions of his loved ones. He towered her.” What happened? ” her tears are paining him.
” it’s just ..I loved the way you trusted me. I am happy that I got someone who loves me like..” She explained wiping her tears
” shh” he placed fingers on her lips.
” no more words” he handed her the papers and resumed to his work.

” what happened?” Laksh asked excited when he entered swara’s room. All of them had dinner few minutes ago and laksh kept asking her the reason for being looking different. She tried to avoid him but he irritated her and so she asked him to meet her after dinner.
” nothing” swara fumbled.
” someone is blushing” he teased her “don’t lie to me girl. I understood everything but want to listen it from you”
She took a deep breath ” okay, your brother proposed me” she tried hard not to blush but her cheeks turned pink
” what! Congo girl oops bhabhi” she playfully hit him.
That night, she explained what happened before night and laksh teased her all the time.

“Ready?” Swara asked sanskar who approached the car where she is standing.
” oh yeah…hey I forgot my watch. One minute ” sanskar ran into the Manison. Swara rolled her eyes. She really didn’t understood why is he so fond of watches.
” which way?” Sanskar asked swara tapping his fingers on steering
Swara dailed someone’s number. Her childhood friend came to Kolkata after many years and asked her to meet informing that he will give directions to her. He invited her to a party and so sanskar is with her to drop.
” right” swara said after disconnecting the call.
He turned the wheels to right piercing the darkness of night. KOLKATA is really a pleasure to be seen with all lights on in the city
” left, then turn to first right.” He followed her “now, turn to left and take a left turn after three blocks ”
Sanskar stopped the car at a desserted area. Leaving swara alone there feared him
” where? I will come with you” he suggested to swara who stepped out of the car
She pointed to a small house nearby and assured him that she will go alone.
” do you know how does he look? I mean it has been years. Right?” He again asked her.
” I don’t know but don’t worry we will be on call and he will pick me.” She smiled and walked to the house.
Sanskar kept staring her until she disappeared in the house. He sighed heavily and turned to open his car when his mobile beeped. He opened the message that came from a private number. It read ‘ you must have not left her alone’
sanskar’s breathing raced. Sweat formed on his forehead. He immediately ran towards the house and didn’t find any party mood there. He opened the door and it is a old one and had only one room.
” swara” he screamed out of fear. He let many things go in his life but not her. He just cannot loose her and is ready to sacrifice himself for her. He is about to turn back when suddenly someone hit his head from back. He fell on the ground. Gradually his eyes shut. The attacks are very common for any top business men and he knew how many are loathing and competing him. He is ready to die because money doesn’t matter but relations do. It’s the reason he wanted swara to be alive.

When he opened his eyes, he felt terrific pain inside his forehead. Blood oozed out from the wound on his forehead. He tried to wipe it but realised that his hands are tied back as his legs and is on knees.He looked around but didn’t find any way to escape or to cut his ropes. Suddenly, he heard some foot steps behind him. They grew more louder as the person approached. The foot steps stopped just back of him and he felt tge person’s index finger slid from one end of his shoulder to other. Strangely, it felt very familiar to him.
The person came infront of him and clutched his hair which made him look upwards. The earth underneath him shaked. His body went numb and eyes flew open.
” swara” he murmured.
Swara smriked evily and stepped back. She dragged a stool from behind and sat infront of sanskar with her legs apart. She leaned to him resting her elbows on thighs.
” what Is this?” He asked still not believing the truth.
” I pity you sanskar ” she gave him a smile for his innocence “game of revenge and you are trapped ” she casually stated playing with gun in her hands.
Not again! He thought. He is once again betrayed by the dearest one. He smiled for his state.
” don’t smile” swara shouted before punching him hard on his cheek. The end of his lower lip bruised which resulted in bleeding.” It irritates me” she added.
” why?” His voice choked.
” I already said you that it is revenge”
” so, you never felt anything for me. Not even once” he asked still having a stupid hope that she would change. Her eyes softened for a minute and sanskar shot his next question.
” am i not anything to you?” He asked staring into her eyes
” who are you?” Swara replied angrily and continued “sanskar freaking maheswari ” he gasped.
” that’s all you are to me. I hate you” her voice is replete with anger and hatred.
Sanskar gulped “say the same looking into my eyes” he requested her in a faint and low voice which is hardly audiable.
Swara locked her eyes with him. His eyes are red with pain and her’s with anger.
” I hate you Mr. Maheswari!” She screamed out of her voice and his heart broke into million pieces.


SWASAN – Acceptance (11)


SWASAN – Acceptance (11)

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