Begusarai 4th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Adarsh asks Samar where is the money? Shakti says its in bus, he asks Bindya what to do with them? Bindya says you all decide, robber Munna says dont touch my dolly(robber bride), she is my girlfriend, Shakti slaps him and says when maa thakurian is speaking then dont interrupt, Munna says i can give my life but dont touch Dolly, bindya says it seems like you love her alot, its good to find someone loving in begusarai, she says i decided to kill you both but for love of this man, i give life to Dolly, you can live but for that you have to pay, she gives gun to Dolly and asks her to shoot her boyfriend Munna, Munna says you are playing wrong game, she can die for me but cant kill me, Bindya says then i will have to put you in grave alive, you both will die, Dolly points gun at her boyfriend Munna and says i dont wanna die, i wanna live, i am sorry, she shoots him but there is no bullet in gun, Bindya laughs and says its quoted that women’s nature is not even known by God, she failed when i gave her one chance, now i am giving you(Munna) one chance, Garv gives gun to Munna, Munna points at Dolly and shoots her, she dies, Bindya says people lie that women makes house, women can only destroy house, i knew a women who changed a happy house into to desert, she recalls how Komal killed Lakhan, Poonam, Mitlaish and her whole family, she says thats why i have influence on my sons otherwise dont know which girl can posses them and they all fight among themselves for one girl, women is that kind of human who can cook food with her fire but can burn whole house down with her fire too, she thinks that i wont allow any women and her fire to come near my kids, she burns down bus and leaves from there with her 5sons.

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Begusarai 4th April 2016 –


Begusarai 4th April 2016 –


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