swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -9

SANSKAR- no i won’t give burden to laksh showing this swarar’s photo to him. sanky left to his room.varun is already slept he covered varun with blanket.sanskar dreaming about swara
@laksh room
ashwin and laksh sleeping but laksh was unable to sleep thinking about ragini so he went to balcony he sat on chair
laksh- is she mad i said it’s dagerous place but she did’t listen to me. but why i am thinking about her who is she to me he slept there only
@gadodia mansion
ragini stood infront of mirror and says
ragini-what that stupid said i think about him no i will never think about him.she took her laptop star doing her work but she thinking about laksh how he come close to her on interview day she bliushes no ragini stop thinking about him focous on ur work she see time oh no its 12:30 i have to wake up early tommorw she went to sleep she wakes up at 2:30 and says see ragini say to that stupid monkey and she slept again

@sanskar’s room
sanskar today i will propose her.he took swara to deserted place
swara- sanskar what’s this where r u taking to me
sanskar- just wait.he closes her eyes
swara- sankar
sanky- ushhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
after some time sanskar asked her to open her eyes she was suprised seeing decorations and she staring at sanskar lovingly.sanskar sit on his knees by holding rose in his hand
sankar- i love u swara.before seeing ur i fallen love with u not with u for ur character for ur behaviour that makes me crazy really swara i love u
swara eyes were filled with water and saya i love u to
sanskar hugs her tightly she also hugged him.sanskar breaked his hug and shouts i love u then someone came to near sanskar’s ear and says bhai i know ur in love pls don’t shout.then suddenly sanskar opened his eyes and rubbed his yes and look around he see laksh sat behind him
lucky- bhai r u ok
sanky- u shut up u distrubed by dream stupid
lucky-(teasing)-what r u romancing wpth bhabi
saky- shut up
luucky-ok ok..listen u go to police station with ashwin becoz i want to take rest today
sanky- ok then

sumi- ragini y ur eyes are so red
ragini- ha maa this is becoz of that lak………. she stops for a second and says maa leave it i have to go
sumi- but it’s so early

ragini- ha i know maa but i have to go bye
@sultan sreet
one girl wears a cotton saree
muslim guy- hey who r u
GIRL- hamara nam ragini
MG-then what r u doing here
ragini- i have some work.mg stepping farword ragini stepping back thenone guy pants ragini shoulder she turns to him
ragini- tum yaha
MG- who r u
guy- i am her husbdnd jiju what ru doing is the way to behave with ur sister
ragini- drags him to corner and says laksh what r u doing here
laksh- i said know don’t come her
ragini- it’s nne of ur bussiness.someone shouts police aya
ragini- see u again collapsed my work
laksh- i came here to save u but u scolding me come first we have to run come run laksh holds ragini hand and start running they ran so far but suddenly ragini stops runningand sys are u police or theif why r u running go fight with them

laksh- i wll fight when i am single but now i can’t becoz i am not single girl with me it’s to dagerous i can’t risk one girl life
ragini- immpresive laksh
laksh- if u queations r completed then we can move frm here
ragini – sure.they both start walking they walked for hours.there was an empty roads
laksh- hmmm
ragini- i am hungry
laksh- then why r u wasting ur time come eat me. he bends his head
ragini- for sure but today is monday i won’t eat nv
laksh- what.ragini burst of laugh seeing his exprssins.laksh admiring her smil
ragini- y r u seeing like that i knoe u also feeling hungry pls don’t eat me
laksh- what again she star laughing then laksh says just leave it ragini y ur eyes are so red.she stops laughing
laksh- wt whole night u thing about me na he asked teasingly

ragini-no not like that
laksh- lier then y ur eyes are so red
ragini- no see my eyes are white see she comes close.they can here their heart beats clearly they had a cute eye lock ragini breaks eye lock and says come fast we have to go home both again start walking
ragini- laksh it’s 9’o clock our phones also dead see how bad my fate is no vehicle is passing in road
laksh- ragini see there is one pan shop .they both ran to that pan shop one old man sat inside listening radio
laksh- kakka is any bus stop near
kakka- no u have to walk 25 km
ragini- opend her mouth and says 25km no i can’t.kakka is ant thing is there to eat.he gives bun to them
raglak- thank u.they sat on bench.they liseting songs in radio.
ragini- see laksh that kakka is slept it just like in this whole world only we both r there here
laksh- hmm-suddenly rain started heavily.ragini run to middle of the road and start playing like a child laksh admiring her beauty

ragini-laksh come na she drags him (kabhi jo badal plays in radio) laksh holds her hand and draged so her back touches to his front ragini closes her eyes
laksh- u looking very beauty full in saree.ragini blushes laksh kisses on her neck he hugged her tightly ragini pulled him back but laksh holds her hand crossed his one hand with her hand and and another hand on her waist they start dance laksh kisses on her fore head then her eyes and he kisses on her he moves close to her there was an inch of gap but they seperated listenini a vehicle horron
laksh- sorry ragini
ragini- laksh go ask him for lift she downs her head laksh wnt to ask life they both sit car they dropped near bus stop they thanked him they waited for sometime after some time bus came they both reached their reaprctive home
sumi- y u late what u in saree see how dreched fully ragini did’t respond to her and went to her room
sumi- what happen to her see now swara is also not at home she wen to mumbai
@rags room
ragini thing about laksh.same way laksh also thinking about ragini
laksh- hello ragini

ragini- laksh i want to meet u
laksh- is every thing ok
ragini- come fast she tells addresshe reached there after some time he searching for ragini finally he found her he walks to her
laksh- ragini is every thing ok.she nods in yes
laksh- ragini i am sry about that night i don’t know how i did pls forgive me ragini not respond to his words
laksh- r u listening to me again she nods in yes way
laksh – i want to say some thing she looks at him he continues ragini i…… i…i…i love u after that night i am not able to sleep peacefully
ragini- i am not getting also she come close to him inch of gp between them ragini rises her legs and closes her eyes laksh was shocking to her behaviour
ragini-laksh pls kiss me once
laksh – what r u mad
ragini stepped back and says u want rain to kiss me
laksh give a little smile and says i love u ragini and huggd her she to hugs back again rain started

laksh- see rain started can i kiss u
ragini- no
laksh – u asked know.she turned about to go. laksh holds her hand and draged her towards her and turned her to him he holds her waist tightly and he placed his lips on her softly he tightned his grip she holsd his collar tightly they both continued for a long time laksh breaks
laksh – u know it’s my first kiss
rags- mee to
laksh- once again please
ragini blushes and says chiii
laksh- chii what u did in sec back. ragini again blushes.
laksh- u did gave answer
raga- for what
laksh – i love u
ragini- i gave na he drages him close and kisses on his lips and says like this
laksh- so i will also follow ur style he again kisses her lips its a long passinative kiss



swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -9


swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -9


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