Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3) Part 2

Hearing that they all blushed in that time the 4 in chorus u r right choti,hearing them the 4asked them its not time to talk abt rig&wrng as its already late,S:late whats the time,R:arey baba its 7.30am,the 4 in chorus:wht 7.30am saying this they all rushed to their respective rooms then all the 4 laughed at the childisg behavior of their hus,in abhi’s home he just finished his breakfast&leaves to his col in car,in pragyas home she was ready to school&she came she gets blessings frm all the elders in that time all the4 with their wives came down,RV:hey choti come here&fall in all our legs as we to r ur elders na,

P:i think that someone wants to get their legs broked by me,R:I did’nt ask anything choti,P:I know bhai u won’t even thnk like that,RV:hey choti i was just joking yaar,saying this he murmered to his bhais in a soft voice,RV:bhai this choti na,she is a very dangerous girl she will definitely brake my legs if i didn’t quit&ask sry,hearing this they all laughed as pragya was standing just behind him

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3) Part 2


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3) Part 2


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