Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3)

Thnks a lot 4 ur precious com guys the epi starts with abhi finishing his coffee&going to his room 2 get ready for col in pragyas home all her bhabi was searching their husbands,I:where did this idiot gone in this mor?rv…Shouting his name she walked then she found all the trio kalpi,simar,roli searching their hus then she went near them,I:di where these 4have gone in this mor,R:4 now ranveer is also missing?!,S:wait now all the 4 r missing,K:ur guess is correct simar they will be there,I:

Haan di u r right saying this they all went to pragyas room there they found their husbands sleeping,K:arey choti what r they doing here,P:they r sleeping bhabi,I:hey dear stop joking&ans,then she narrated the whole incidents then they replied her u r the most luckiest per in this world choti dear,P:haan bhabi i am the most luckiest per to have such lovable bhai&bhabi saying this she hugged them&while sharing a group hug pragya said to her bhabis,P:but bhabi i am not lucky like u guys as u have my swt&lov bhais as ur hus na

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3)


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 3)


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