The heart needs what it needs episode 1

The heart needs what it needs episode 1

A boy is running around the house and a girl is running after him with a glass of milk shouting his name ISHAAN
ishaan hides behind the sofa and finally the girl finds him the girl is none other than ragini
Ishaan: mama u found me
Ragini: ishaan u hav gone really naughty nw
Ishaan is ragini’s four yr old son and she is living in Mumbai away from everyone and ishaan is her only reason to live
Ishaan: like papa was he naughty aswell plz mama tell me
Ragini gets emotional listening to ishaan and says
Ragini: yes even ur papa was naughty aswell
Ishaan: were is papa u never tell me about him mama
Ragini: I will beta at the right time but for nw u need to drink this milk and I need to drop u to shanaya aunties house

Ishaan: ok mama and he inncocently drinks the milk
Kolkata mm
Sanskaar is in his room he takes out a photo from the Cuboard it’s ragini’s pic
Sanksaar: I hate u ragini u spoilt my life and gave me pain why ragini first u loved me unconditionally and then left me and didn’t even trust me u always use to say to me that trust is the key in relationships but in our relationship were did trust go
Ishaan:mom ask shanaya aunty to take me to the park u knw that I go to the park everyday
Ragini: ok my baby
Mumbai office
Ragini knocks on her bosses door
Ragini:May I come in sir
Boss: yes well miss ragini I hav a small job for u
Ragini: yes sir
Boss: my new buisness partner wants me to present our new designs and since I can’t go I want u to go
Ragini: sir where do I hav to go

Boss: Kolkata
Ragini gets shocked and leaves from there
Ragini goes back to the flat she was living in
Ragini in her head: plz god keep my past away from my present and especially from ishaan I want no one
from my past to effect my ishaan I dnt wanna lose him if he finds out the truth about his dad then I will lose him forever
Ishaan comes back home
Ishaan: mom I hav come back
Ragini wipes her tears and informs ishaan about them going to Kolkata
Ragini: let’s go ishaan and pack our bags we hav to stay in Kolkata for 2 Weaks
Ishaan: really mom
Ragini nods her head and ishaan starts jumping in excitement
Ragini In her head: I hope my baby’s happiness doesn’t get jinxed

Precap ragini and ishaan enter Kolkata
Ishaan – shivansh kotia naksh from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

The heart needs what it needs episode 1


The heart needs what it needs episode 1


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