Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2014 Written Update

In bedroom, Ishita is sitting with sad face. Raman tells her to rest. She asks him to turn off the lights. He says he will be back and leaves after turning off the lights. Ishita recalls her humiliation in bachelors party and cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and turns on the lights. Ishita tells her to turn off the lights as well. Mrs. Bhall does so and then goes to her. She asks what happened to her? whether Shagun said anything? Ishita continues crying. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to stop crying.
Romi tells Vandita he’s fine and they should leave, but Vandita asks him to shut and they wait for Romi’s report. Doctor informs them everything looks okay and tells them to let him know if Romi feels anything wrong. They leave. Sarika was standing outside. She says in her mind that she is in charge there and she sent incomplete reports inside. Romi is not completely fine, and he will find out the truth when it’s right time.
Raman accuses Shagun for Ishita’s humiliation. She asks him why he’s shouting at her. She just invited her to the party. Raman continues shouting and blaming her that Ishita got message from her phone. Other hand, Mrs. Bhalla also accuses Shagun. Ishita says Shagun didn’t do anything, but Mrs. Bhalla is not convinced and says she said Ishita so many times not to trust Shagun. She keeps playing her dirty games to insult Ishita. She tells Ishita that she must fight and this time even Raman won’t spare her.
Shagun tells Raman that she didn’t send any message. She just told Mihika to invite Ishita. Shagun further says his wife needs attention. Raman gets angry. Shagun calms down and says she didn’t send any message, no one has her password either. Raman asks who else can send message then. Shagun gets quiet and says why does it matter. Nothing happened to Ishita. Raman tells her it doesn’t matter to her to live between such cheap guys, but it matters to Ishita. Raman understands from Shagun’s silence that Adi has password. He asks her to call Adi right now. Adi hears it and runs away.
Param wonders what if Adi tells the truth. Suraj says who would trust him. Ashok says it was fun today, a perfect wedding gift. Adi comes there to talk to Param. Param goes on side. Adi tells him about Raman coming here in anger. Param tells him to calm down. Adi says him he never said things would get this bad. Param says, you said you want revenge from Ishita and now you’re scaring? He scares Adi more that even if he tells the truth to Raman, Raman will get mad at him for wanting to take revenge from Ishita. Ashok and Suraj silently laugh. Adi gets scared and says what did he do. He runs away. Ashok praises Param.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2014 Written Update
Shagun tells Mihika that she didn’t do anything. Mihika says she trusts her but someone has done this and that too purposely. Mihir says he also had to leave the party. Raman is getting furious. Mihir tells him if Shagun did this, then he won’t spare her, but if Adi has done this then they have to be sensitive. Raman asks Shagun about Adi. Shagun says driver has gone to pick him up. He’s a kid. Raman says, he’s not a kid, he’s not my kid, by staying with you, he has lost his innocence. He leaves in anger. Mihir asks Shagun if she’s happy. Is this what she wanted from her son? Shagun swears of Adi. Mihir now shouts at her. Mihika calms him down and sends Shagun inside. Mihir feels guilty for leaving the party and realises how Suraj sent him away. He understands it was their plan. He wants to tell Raman, but Mihika says not now. Mihika thinks how she should stop Ashok and shagun’s marriage.
Simmi doubts Param for planning this. She calls him and asks how Ishita reached to his party. He asks her why she’s asking him, what did he do. Simmi says, you only said you won’t be ashamed of taking revenge from Ishita. He says, so you think I did all this? He says what to hide from you and accepts he did this. Simmi cries and asks why. He says, maybe you forgot, but I didn’t forget what I had to go through because of her. Did you forget our lives are ruined because of Ishita? I didn’t forget anything. I wanted to show her flavor of insult. She asks him to stop it. She says, I thought you can’t insult any woman. How can you do this? Didn’t you think about this house’s respect even once? They took care of me when you were in Dubai.. didn’t asks me a single question. Param says they have made you against me now. It’s ok, you also think am a bad person. He hangs. Simmi cries and says how she will face Raman and Ishita.
Raman is outside Ashok’s house. He says he knows Adi is hiding, but he won’t leave until he talks to him. Adi comes. Raman stops him and says, I gave you so many chances to change, but you failed your dad. That judge was right, you don’t deserve to stay outside. Kids don’t do what all you do, so you deserve adult’s punishment as well. Adi says, you can send me wherever you want. But I didn’t do anything. Raman says don’t lie. Didn’t you message Ishita? Adi says, I didn’t know. My mum cried because of Ishita, she slapped me, and you also shout. Raman says because you deserve it. Your mum is crying because she has done such stuff. Ishita didn’t do anything. You’re a kid.. does that mean you will do anything? It’s two different things.. to be upset with someone and to make someone face humiliation. Do you know what Ishita is going through because of you? What’s wrong with you? Adi shouts, you only worry about Ishita, you only take her side. I just hate her. She’s my and my mum’s enemy. She has hurt mum so much. She separated Ruhi from mum and wants to do same with me. You’re no one to me. I am not your son. Just leave. Raman is shocked to hear these words.
He tells Adi, so much hatred? Your mum slapped you because you were wrong. First time she did the right thing. Why do you hate Ishita so much? Adi says, you started again? Did you ever think about me? No one cares about me. I will keep doing this. What will you do? send me to jail? You can send me. I am not afraid of anyone. So many live without parents, I will also live. Raman is shocked. Adi walks away. Raman says, Shagun, what you have done with my son?
Precap: Simmi tells Bhalla family that Adi didn’t do anything. All is done by Param. He provoked Adi.
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