Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 27

Hi guys I m so sorry as I didn’t reply to ur comments on the other ff.My special apology to riya(dola)…i m so sorry yar…

Actually I want u to decide whom u want as sher’s first wife rani or aradhya??
I didn’t remember that I had mentioned rani in previous epis so I mentioned aradhya…plz tell me through ur comments….rani or aradhya(the recent girl)

Recap:emotional talks….sher smiles as he attends call


Shraddha is roaming here and there
Shraddha:what relax??u r sitting idle rather then worrying about sunehri…its ger wedding today
Sher:I know that’s why I m relaxed as its not gonna happen
Sher:u get ready to go there…dress nicely as today u have to ask for ur sister’s hand for ur devar
Shraddha:how confident he is
Sher:thnk u thnk u
Shraddha leaves to get ready while sher calls someone and asks him to be on time

They reach shraddha’s house.sunehri is crying as she is sitting in mandap.
They take pheras and as they r about to take last phera sher shouts to stop
Father:who the hell r u to stop my daughter’s marriage??
Mother:I wish I could stop
Father:u be quiet and u all get lost

Sher:ur bp will shoot ao plz remain silent…this man is not good…
Virat:not again…we r not in mood of listening ur nonsense…its better if u just get lost
Sher:u will get lost once I prove u guilty
Virat:oh really…prove then

Sher claps twice and adi enters with a girl
Virat is shocked to see the girl with whom he had spent night…and sher saw him
Sher:do u remember this girl?might be u dnt but I do…
Virat:no…i ….i dnt know
Girl goes and slaps him
Girl:how can u cheat me…we spent night together…u promised to marry me…how the hell can u marry someone else?
Another girl enters and she slaps him too and repeats the words.
Another girl comes and does the same
Total 7 girls come and he gets slapped and scolded 7 times…
All are shocked

Father:what the hell
Sher:I will explain…the day sunehri told me about virat’s unusual behaviour I doubted he is upto sth.then this marriage.and when we came to tell u about his cheap act of slapping sunehri adi went to his house for investigation and shocking ly he found a list on his inside of cupboard.

Adi:yes list…the list of week…after every week is a girl’s name and address with whom he had to spend night…one night with a different girl
Shraddha and all are disgusted
Father comes and slaps him hard

Virat:they r fooling u
Father:I was a fool to believe u…get lsit from here
Sunehri:wait…he has to take a return gift from me
Sunehri slaps him too….
Sunehri:its the return gift for the slap u gave me….i hate to keep in indebted…
Virat is arrested by police….

Father turns to sunehri and asks for forgiveness who requests to forgive sherdha as it wasn’t possible without them
Father hugs and accepts them…

Next epi: Another truth revealed at sunehri vikas marriage….

Do tell me ur opinion abt sher’s first wife…
Rani or aradahya(recent girl)???

Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 27


Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 27


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