Love After Marriage (Part 116)

Aishu is getting ready..arvi hugs her and say aishu.. She smiles and turns his side.. He keeps seeing her eyes..she holds his hands and say I know what you wanted to say.. He asks what? She says from today onwards we wont be so close like earlier till babies birth.. He asks how do you know? She kiss his forehead and say you’re my heartbeat.. He hugs her and say sorry.. Both get ready for marriage and leave.

At marriage venue..
Arshu comes there.. All family members are busy.. Then friends everyone are chatting.. Arvi gets busy with his friends.. Aishu meet her school friends.. Everyone are happy.. Arvi keeps checking aishu time to time.. He gives her juices or make her eat.. Her friends smiles seeing them.. After arvi goes..they all tease her that there love didn’t get reduced.. Aishu smiles.. Same happens with arvi.. He replies his Fri she is my can stop loving my life..that day I die will be day when I stop loving her.. They all say ohhh our arvi become writer ?? ..

Then at 4am..
Sai and ranju marriage starts.. After 3hrs.. It gets completed.. Then 1hr break.. Ankith and bindhu marriage starts.. It also takes 3 hrs.. Aishu gets bored and so she goes out… Arvi keep searching for her.. He see her standing her gate… She wakes out..suddenly a car comes and passes near her.. Arvi holds her..take her inside..she is in shock.. Arvi keep trying to make her smile or talk one word she doesn’t.. After 20min..she says Arvi.. He hugs her..she starts crying and say if anything had happened to babies.. He says don’t worry ill take care of them and you..
They go inside and get busy with everyone..arvi thinks who was there in that car.. Aishu was just saved..if anything happens to her then .. Then they both enjoy with friends..
Three months leap…

Precap: Aishu’s babies birth..

Hi friends.. This shree here.. Sorry pooja wont be able to complete this story. She asked me to write next parts, I’ll try my best. Pooja’s marriage is fixed so she is busy with it.. Kavya we read your 2shots of love after marriage. It was really beautiful.. If you want please continue writing this fiction 2nd season. Anyone wants to continue this season let me know ?

Love After Marriage (Part 116)


Love After Marriage (Part 116)


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