PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 64

PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 64

It has been a depressing news ! A really bad one indeed ! Life is a happy place, combined with some twists and turns here and there ! But it has to go on !

Our lovely “Anandi”, Pratyusha Bannerjee is no more ! But the media to me seems to be making it a simple news item. It disgusts me to know how they have been involving themselves into her demise for their own benefit being a news item ! Yes there has to be an investigation and the truth needs to come out but this is just not the way ! What her parents might be going through at this point of time, none of us can understand.

I would request everyone to pray for her soul to rest in peace and also to pray that the family gets some privacy to mourn over their loss ! We can’t feel their sorrow but we can at least try to understand and respect it !

RIP Pratyusha Bannerjee !


Recap: The jungle sequence. Niti missing the good old times spent with Parth and trying hard to maintain distance.

His hands resting on her waist, her hands on his shoulders and both of them looking into each others’ eyes.

Director: Yes that’s perfect ! And then Parth you would slowly try to let go of her hold and she will hold you back. Okay ?

Niti who was standing on the usual stool in front of Parth, rehearsing for the scene, looked at the director nodding her head in agreement and so did Parth. Both of them still in the same position. The director had been giving further instructions which she was trying to focus on but found herself only thinking about the man standing there with her holding her in his arms. Both of them had been looking at the director while he had been explaining on how to go about the scene further. Niti was definitely not focused on the scene. She had been constantly glancing sideways at him through the corner of her eye. Parth did not notice her gaze for quite some time but when she didn’t let go even after the director left, he realised she had been staring at him and assumed it had been quite some time now to her gaze on him.

They were done with the rehearsals and now had to wait for some more time for the shot to be ready. It was the night sequence in the jungle they had been shooting for. Niti was still holding on to his shoulders and looking at him, as if she hadn’t had even the slightest sight of him for years ! Parth had his face turned to the other side, his hands still on her waist. He was in a dilemma whether to look at her or not. It had been quite some time now and his cheeks had started reddening. He finally decided to let go of her hold without turning to look at her intending not to make it embarrassing for her. He had just started removing his hands from her waist when she suddenly spoke up slowly, “I love you !”. His eyes widened out of shock and his fingers around her waist started trembling in the air, slightly touching her waist making her feel ticklish. He was happy as well as confused. He wished someone could pinch him and wake him up of the beautifully impossible dream ! It took him quite some time to realise it was true and she had actually said it. His happiness was coupled with anxiety on how come she had admitted it ?

She immediately started feeling guilty of having spoken her heart out. She had been struggling quite hard all these days trying to avoid looking at him, talking to him or expressing her feelings in front of him. All those efforts had been flushed at that one statement she had made. The one statement had turned out too big for her to handle. As she realised it, she instantly let go of his hold and left.

They could not complete the scene that day as none of them could then give their best performance. Not even a 50 re-takes worked that day. And that was more than enough for the director to understand that he should pack up for the day.

Niti was standing near the railing in her balcony when Veebha called.

Veebha: Hey Niti ! What happened ?! I heard you couldn’t do the scene today ? What’s wrong with you ?

Niti: (irritated and angry) What’s wrong with you Veebha ? How could you ask me that question ? Hasn’t it ever happened with you before that you couldn’t do a scene at a particular point of time ? I didn’t expect this out of such a senior actor as you !

Veebha was taken aback at her words. For what she knew of her best friend, she was the sweetest girl ever who would never misbehave or hurt anyone intentionally. In fact she didn’t even remember any incident where she might have hurt someone unintentionally. That was just not Niti. And today, she hurt her best friend. But she knew it was not her but her frustration that was speaking. And today it was probably the second time in her entire life that she had hurt someone unintentionally. First was Parth because of her denial and ignorance and second was Veebha. And so she decided to handle the situation calmly.

Veebha: (calmly) Of course it has happened to me darling. It’s okay ! It’s no big deal ! I just wanted to know if you’re okay ! You can share your worries with me if you want.

Niti’s heart melt at that. She suddenly realised how sweet Veebha had been even though she had started shouting at her for no reason.

Niti: (calming down and speaking in a sad and depressed tone) I don’t know what’s happening Veebha ! I’m just so confused and messed up right now ! I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean to !

Veebha: It’s okay Niti. But what’s going on ?

Niti: I told him.

Veebha: What ?

Niti: That I love him !

Veebha: (confused) You love him ? (Suddenly excited) You love him ??

Niti: I don’t know ! I mean I know ! I mean…(slowly) Yes ! I do love him !

Veebha: Wow !!! That’s great Niti ! Finally you’ve accepted it !! It’s super great !

Niti: No it’s not ! I said it Veebha in front of him ! What would he be thinking of me now ? He might think I’m a crazy girl who first denies his proposal, ignores him and then says she loves him ?!

Veebha: So what ? I’m sure he must have danced with joy !

Niti: No Veebha ! He didn’t even look at me ! He didn’t say anything.

Veebha: So he must have been shocked obviously ! He will come around don’t worry.

Niti: No Veebha I don’t want him to come around. This is wrong !

Veebha: what’s wrong ?

Niti: I can’t be doing this ! It’ll ruin my career. Just this one thing has disturbed me so much I couldn’t do the scene today. And I’m sure I won’t be able to do it in the future as well. That’s it ! I’m quitting the show !

Veebha: Have you gone nuts ?! What are you thinking you stupid girl ? And how is that going to improve your career growth ?

Niti: I have a few offers lined up so I’ll take up something else that will take me away from this mess !

Veebha: And you’ll leave the show for itself ?! A show that gave you such heights of success and fame ?! Niti the show is at its peak ! Your one wrong decision would affect the entire show and each and every person associated with it !

Niti: But Veebha if I’m not able to perform the show would as it is lose ! It’s better they take up someone else and go ahead !

Veebha: It won’t ever be the same Niti ! The fans want you and nobody else ! Okay fine you wanna quite right ? Okay ! But promise me you won’t talk to the production house tomorrow itself.

Niti: Why ? I need to talk so that I can walk out as soon as possible.

Veebha: Please Niti ! Just one day ! Keep it aside for just one day and we’ll think about it then. Please !

Veebha knew there was just one person who could help her with Niti’s problems and that was Parth. Luckily Niti agreed to wait and Veebha got some time to discuss the issue with Parth.

The next day, while the manan scene had been going on, the whole gang was sitting in the vanity discussing Parth and Niti. Now that everybody was aware of their situation, they were all together to solve the problem. But they had been missing their gang leader Ayaz who was on a leave for a few days. Even after a lot of discussion they could not come up with a solution. A while later, everyone left for their scenes leaving the vanity empty. Krissan forgot her phone in the vanity and therefore came back to get it when she found Utkarsh’s phone lying there as well. She thought even he must have forgotten his phone there and therefore picked it up to carry it to him. She accidentally took one look at his screen and it had her picture on it as the wallpaper. She was shocked as well as confused. She had to recheck whether it was really Utkarsh’s phone, and to her surprise, it was ! She tried to open it and luckily it was without a password and so opened quickly. She checked the photo gallery that had lots and lots of pictures of herself from the sets when she was getting her make up done, when she was struggling with the script, when she was busy texting on her phone. She was stunned to find all her pictures in there. She hoped what it indicated must not be true !

Niti was sitting on a chair near the shot rehearsing her lines and Parth was standing at a distance talking to someone from the crew team. The jungle scene had been postponed for 2 days and they had then been shooting in the college itself. The earlier night was still revolving in their minds, and they were still not able to gather the spirit and face each other. Luckily they did not have many scenes that day where they had to be too close or look into each other’s eyes or else it would have been a wasted day again.

She was going through her script when she heard someone walk up to Parth and ask, “Parth ! Are you really quitting the show ? Why man ?”

Precap: Parth’s decision to quit the show, how would Niti take it ? Would she let him quit or hold on to him ? How would Krissan react at her pictures in Utkarsh’s phone ?

Tomorrow: Holi party at the Malhotra farmhouse. Manan date, drunk Manik and lots of fun.


It’s Monday again and it’s PaNi day ! So friends I have been considering your requests to change the track soon into a happy one but since I had a proper track in my mind I could not suddenly change it. So here’s a mixed update for you all. It’s not really happy, but it had PaNi spread all over it right ? Hope you all liked it that finally Niti has confessed ! But what do you think is gonna happen now ? Leave your views in the comments section.

Also, as the majority votes had been in favour of Utkarsh-Krissan, so I would be going ahead with that pair as well. Now for the minority, please don’t be disheartened. I will try and make the Uttu-Kriss pair as well enjoyable for you all. Hope you like it !

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️




PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 64


PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 64

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