SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 22 and 23

first of all thank you guys soo much for the comments. secondly I know I have been saying that rahuls mystery is going to be reveald soon and I am not lying…I already said it will be after their marriage…so now Sanskar is gonna get back to his work as he got swara ans you will know what typw of work hes does and y he killed Rahul…pllz don’t take me as a lair because the truth will be reveald soon…..pllz be patient…one more think again I have come with two episode so this one is a long one so enjoy…..

Sanskar’s POV:

I woke up earlier than usual; don’t want to scare her first thing in the morning. I am well aware of my situation here. She hates me and is scared of me. Well, I don’t care really whether she’s scared of me or not but I don’t want to be hated by her more than she already does.

I took a long bath and changed into my formal clothes. I have a meeting to attend and Shona needs some time alone for now. So I better leave her and besides, Ragini will be here soon.

Adjusting my tie while looking at her sleeping, I walked over to the bed and lightly brush my lips on hers before leaving. I guess this will be my daily routine from now on, pecking her lips before leaving. I am sure she would let me near her when she’s awake, and her sleeping is my chance of kissing her. But I also know that I won’t leave her without touching her.

I take out my mobile and call my personal assistant Anikit.

“good morning sir.”

“good morning, Anikit, I am going to the capital city tomorrow morning with Swara. It will be a long visit, do necessary preparation. Karan and Lakshya will be leaving soon too and Sarmad is back from field, assist him while we are out.”

“Yes Sir, anything else?”

“Yes, I want to see your face after the moh dokai at dinner tonight.” My business tone changes into friendly. I know it is hard for him to attend. He is a very shy boy and doesn’t like to be in crowded places.

I make my way to the kitchen where chef was preparing breakfast for Karan.

“Good morning, Bhai. You’re up early today.”

“Yes, something came up.” I said as he served me breakfast.

“Send a glass of fresh juice for Swara and call me if she doesn’t drink.”

Swara’s POV:

My eyes slowly open to an unfamiliar environment. I narrowed my eyes and scan the entire room, then realization hit me. I am in his room. I quickly look towards the other side of the bed and find it empty. I waited to hear something from the bathroom, wondering if he might be there but the room remain silent.

He is not here….

Relief washes over me on realization with a strange emotion at the same time… like ….disappointment? ……dejection?

No, it cannot be…..

I violently shook my head. I wasn’t expecting him to leave me alone, that’s it.

I quickly brush my teeth, took a bath and change into a simple gray and white dress with pink embroidery and duppatta and start waiting for Ragini, she told me yesterday that she will come. I was alone the whole day yesterday. Sometimes Natasha came to me to ask if I wanted something or wanted to talk but Ragini was nowhere to be found. She showed up before the ritual and then I saw her leaving and when I inquired where she was went, she avoided answering.

I have seen Karan yesterday, talking and laughing with others. Most guests from yesterday were men, and none of them is familiar to me. I had no one from my family on my so called wedding. I lean back on the couch and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. The room is full of his sent, the Cologne he use, the body wash, his shampoo. It’s like his existence lingers here even after he’d left.

My stomach grumbled from hunger and I bit my inner lip. For some reason, I never found the courage to walk out of the room on my own. So I patiently sit in the room and pray to god to send someone. Soon, my prayer got heard and I hear a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said loudly and a girl about my age came in holding a tray.

“Good morning, Bhabi. Where should I put this?” She stood in front of me, waiting to be told where to put the breakfast. I stood up and took the tray from her.

“Good morning, I’ll take it from here… and please don’t call me bhabi. It’s Swara.” I sat back on the couch and start eating.

“But I like calling you Bhabi. We always refer to you as Bhabi whenever we talk about you.” She says in one breath.

“We??? What do you mean by ‘we’?” I frowned.

“Everyone here calls you Swara Bhabi except for Lakshya bhai and Ragini bhabi.”

“Karan doesn’t call me bhabi.”

“He does, maybe not in front of you.”

I frown and focus back on breakfast.

“Why are you still standing? Have a seat.”

“No, actually I have to go soon.”

“If you have any work to do, then go and tell me the direction of the kitchen. I will put it back.”

“No, it’s not about that. It’s just that Sanskar Bhai told us to make sure you drink juice.” She says looking at the glass of fresh apple juice.

No way….I hate apple juice

“And what if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll have to tell him.”

“Are you going to report my every movement to him?” My frown deepened.

“No, no. It’s not like that. He just wanted to know whether you drink the juice or not.” She tried to explain his point.

“Then tell him I am not drinking it.” I lost my appetite.

“Bhabi, but…..”

“I drank tea just now. So can’t drink juice for a while. You can take it back to the kitchen and tell you’re ‘Bhai’.” I said in a harsh tone. It’s annoying. Do I have to eat and drink on his order. It’s my stomach I decide what to eat and drink not him..

“Don’t take out your anger on her.” We both jump on sudden interruption and turn to the entrance. Sanskar came in wearing a light coffee coloured shirt and jeans.
“Good morning Bhai.” She abruptly wished him. On the other hand, I turn my face to the other direction.

“Good morning, don’t you have college today?” my head snapped back to them, on hearing the word ‘college’.

“I was about to go, bhai.” She says, lowering her head a little.

“Go, now.” Her orders and the next moment she left the room, leaving both of us alone.

My gaze followed her until the door closed behind her, then it landed on Sanskar who was busy in checking me out. For some reason I felt self-conscious and nervous under his gaze. I really wanted to run away from him and hide myself somewhere, where those brown eyes can’t follow me.

“Why aren’t you drinking the juice?” He asks, still looking at me. His voice is low but held domination.

“I don’t like apple juice.” I said without looking at him.

“Then think of it as a medicine and drink it.” He throws his stuff on the bed and took off his shirt. I gasped and quickly turn around, closing my eyes. I waited for him to go into the bathroom but jumped in surprise when I felt a hand on my waist and warmth on my back. Before I could respond to this sudden contact, his arm has fully encircled my waist, crashing me against his chest and his other hand came in front of me, holding the glass of juice.

“Drink it.” He orders.

“Let go of me.” I tried to remove his arm, ignoring his order.

“Drink this and I will.”

“I told you I don’t like apple juice.”

“And I told you to think of it as medicine.”

“I won’t drink it.”

“Giving you two minutes to drink it or I’ll make you drink by my way.” He says, pulling me closer. He kissed my head and rested his head on my shoulder.
“F-fine. I’ll drink it but let me sit.” I gave up.

He unwrapped his arm and made me sit on the couch, handing over the glass.
I drank the whole glass in fifteen minutes and was barely able to push it down my throat. The whole time he sat next to me, wearing white tank top and jeans with a ghostly smile on his face. As I put the empty glass on the tray, he pulled me into a hug.

“Good girl.” He whispered in my ear and hold out his hand in front of me.

It was a bluish colour stone pendant. It may not be beautiful but it is unique and captivating.

“What is it?” I asked, still staring at the pendant.

“A Moonstone Pendant. Your wedding gift.”

“Your wedding gift will be the same Barbie doll which I broke on purpose and you cried for hours on it.”

Rahuls’s amused voice echoes in my head.

“I don’t want anything from you.” I spat and he turned me around to face him.

“Did you say something, love?” His tone changed into a dangerous one, as he hold my chin.

“You heard me.” I shoved his hand and instantly regretted it when I felt a tight tug on my hair, making me hiss in pain.

“You are still thinking about that man, aren’t you?” His voice held venom.

I gulped but didn’t say anything. I already made my point clear, so there is no need to answer his questions any further.

Show me your limits, Sanskar Maheshwari….. How far can you hold your anger???

I said to myself and close my eyes to hold back my tears from falling.

“Answer my question.” He demanded but I kept quiet with my eyes still closed, waiting for any sort of painful hit on pull. But instead, I received a gentle kiss just below my collar bone.
Sanskar’s POV:

She gasped, as my lips starts exploring her soft skin from her neck, to jaw line. I sneak my other hand on her lower back and pulled her closer to me. She is trembling, wiggling in my arms and I know she is crying but I don’t want to stop myself from feeling the touch of her soft skin….. not now. I have already waited a lot.. not anymore…

I am also aware that the thought of that man had already left her mind because all of her focus right now is on getting away from me. She dug her nails on my shoulders, making me hiss. I quickly change our position and lay her back onto the couch. Hovering over her, I leaned closer and continue my exploration as far as her clothing allows.

“Stop it!” She cried out loud.

I really want to ignore her cry for now but I couldn’t. As soon as those words left her mouth, I stopped. I had to….. If I didn’t, then there will be no stopping at all and she will never forgive me for that.

I peer down at her fragile form and the view that came in front of my eyes is intoxicating – Trembling soft lips, crimson face, the rise and fall of her chest because of unsteady breaths, and her shivering hands on me, creating distance. It makes me want her more…..and that was it…..it attracted me more….i started my activity of exploring her again…
I cupped her face with a hand and wiped her tears.

“S-stay away.” She cried.

“Sssh…! Don’t talk.” I breathed out, placing a kiss on her forehead and then the tip of her nose, both eye, cheeks and then I lean down to her lips ready to finally taste them but stopped in the middle upon hearing a knock on the door.

Darn it…devil person…whoever it is..!i cursed the person in my heart for interrupting my romance…

“Who’s there?” I asked, without taking my eyes off of her.

“Ragini.” I heard her voice.

Great timing!

I scoffed and got up. I pulled out a t-shirt from the wardrobe and walk into the bathroom.
Swara’s POV:

I didn’t find the strength to open the door for her or say ‘come in’. I just sit on the couch, hugging myself.

“Give us five minutes, Ragini.” Sanskar’s annoying voice made me jump a little but I didn’t look at him.

“Get up and wash your face.” I heard his voice but ignored it.

“I am talking to you.” He crouched down in front of me and I turn my face to the other side. But the next moment, he roughly held my face and turn me back to him.

“Stop crying. I haven’t done anything yet. You can save your tears for later when I actually do something. But for now, don’t ruin your face. You have you moh dekhai today and you have to look pretty ….for me.” He left my face and said, “come on, get up now. Or I’ll have to send Ragini back just like Lakshya did yesterday.”

“What….? Why?” I asked in confusion.

“You were being overly emotional yesterday and naturally it would affect Ragini and she would have been angry at him. So he did the simple thing and sent her back.” He said in a bore tone.

“It’s up to you now whether you want to see your friend or should I call Lakshya…? Oh, and we are leaving for the capital city tomorrow. This visit will take about a month or two…. So, what will you do?” He asks, waving his phone.

Anger started boiling in me but I choose to keep my mouth shut. I went to the bathroom and wash my face. My eyes were red and swollen from crying. I came back to the room and combed my hair, tied them in a braid. All the while, I felt his eyes on me. I was already having a hard time in controlling my anger and his continuous gaze is making it worse. I couldn’t take it anymore.

And soon I lost it.

“Why the hell are you staring at me? Haven’t you seen a girl before?” I practically yelled at him.

He was taken aback on my sudden outburst but soon a smirk creep up on his face. He slowly leaned back on the couch and answered,

“I’ve never seen my wife walking in my room like this before.”

“It’s rude to stare.”

“Fine! I don’t mind touching you.” He moves to get up. All of the earlier moments flashes back in my mind and I took several steps back.

“Or I should let it pass and enjoy your blushed face for now.” His smirk widened and he settles back to his position again.

Blushing??? ……am I really…..?

I abruptly turn to the mirror, receiving a low chuckle from behind. My eyes widened when I saw my face. It really is as red as a tomato. I unconsciously touch my cheeks.

Why am I blushing??? I shouldn’t be……

My thoughts were interrupted by his voice.

“Your body response to my thought and every touch…. It seems that it is aware of who you belong to. So quit deceiving yourself, love. You know there is no escaping from me.” It sounded like a threat and his piercing gaze make it clear as day.

I am stuck with him in a situation where he will be the winner at all cost and I will be the loose in everything like I have been until now.

There is indeed no escaping from him….! I had to agree with him.


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SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 22 and 23


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 22 and 23


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