enemies frm childhood (part-3)

Hey guys!!!!!!!! So im back with another epi.…plzzz give me your opinion of my story..…hope u all will enjoy this…..once again thanku 4 the support u ve been giving me….this epi will be focused on rads….it’ll show her relationship with all the family members and how much they love her…….today I am introducing 2 new characters. Ankush and Ritvik. Both of them are radhika’s cousins but they loves her as their own sister and rads too considers them as her own brothers …..rads is called by malooty by niel and rohit….
Heres the link to prev chapter: http://www.writtenepisodes.com/enemies-frm-childhood-part-2/

So the story takes the leap of 2 years…now baby rads grew up into a chid of 2 years old…………with her fark silky tresses which reach upto her shoulders and black eyes filled with curiosity,love and naughtiness she definitely looked like a baby angel. The blessings of the nature too was with her. Just like the Sun she too had a radiance of her own. Her smile lit up a smile on others lips too. Her words gave others hope. Her actions filled others life’s wih rainbow colours.
The clock in the living room struck 7 when radhus voice was heard in the living room. She was calling for her dear brother Niel. He knew what this call meant. He went to her bedroom to see radhu sitting on the bed with her eyes closed and hugging her teddy close her. He smiled and went to her and keeping her eyes closed he led her to the Pooja room. She opened her eyes to see the idol of lord Ganesh looking at her. She smiled and prayed: “ thankyou 4 letting me see this beautiful sun…..”
At Suns palace, Sun wiped his tears of joy saying: “ soo sweet of her..infact only she cares about me……”
Meanwhile Anjali is in a call. She was apeaking: “ It would be our pleasure to have them at our house…im sure a change of scene woud help her…Here radhu s there na she will make her happy…So at what time shall I expect them??? 9 ???ok we will b ready……”….
Don’t u want to know what rads was doing???????
She was in Ankush’s room. “ Radhu wants horse ride” she said by poking his back….
Ankush: “radhu……….

“ plzzz bhaiya????????” radhika requested by keeping a sad face and looking through her eyelids….once she does that it is difficult for any1 to refuse her…
“ ok one time…..” saying this ankush lifted her and placed her on his lap and gave her a horse ride. This is how hw does it. He moved hs feet up and down real fast by keeping the fingers on his feet rooted to the ground….( im not sure whether you ll understand….bt it is a nice feeling.my sis used to do this to me when I was little…)
After enjoying this to the core she thanked him and gave a peck on his cheeks. After that she silently crept into ritviks room and closed his eyes and left it at his free will to identify her.
Ritvik: ”Its my princess only….” Saying this he turned to face her and after giving a kiss on her cheeks said: “ what shall I do 4 my princess????”
Radhika: “ I want a piggy ride…’

Ritvik: ” upon my honour your majesty” and kneeled down b4 her and took her 4 a piggy ride to the living room. After giving him a hug she rushed off to dadaji’s lap. After settlin down she asked him when rohit would b coming and that she was missing hm badly. Before dadji could reply a voice boomed at the entrance “ I’m here malooty….” Radhu turned to find rohit smiling down at her. Seeing him she was overwhelmed with happiness and rushed off to meet him. Niel too joined her after a few secs bcoz he too had heard his voice and had come running to meet his bestie. Both of them shared a hug and turned to see radhu with pot face…..They laughed and rohit hugged her said: “ I too missed my cutie pie….”..She giggled and hugged him back….Niel: “ malooty when you got rohit didi u forget me???” Radhu smiled and hugged him and gave both of them kisses on their cheeks….Now both of their faces beamed with happiness as they both got radhus special gift…..Radhika gives both hug and kisses to only 3 person in a day…its kind of special n every1 looks forward to it……..

Precap: entry of two people.can you guess who they are??????????

Hey guys this week im going to my native place that’s y I gave a quick update….i hope I dint bore any of you…..if you feel my plot is dragging plzz do tell me……Dev, Ammu n dipika im sry that I din reply to all of you…..

enemies frm childhood (part-3)


enemies frm childhood (part-3)


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