Swaragini-Seven Shots (Episode 2)

Swaragini-Seven Shots (Episode 2)

Hi Guys!!!This is Roshni.I am back with another episode of this story.I was extremely overwhelmed with your comments.I made some friends like Anusha,Ani,Ammu and Shan.Thanks for commenting.And sorry for late update as I was a little busy.Sorry i know it’s a short update but i was in extreme sleep.Chalo bohat hi zyaada bakbak ho gayi.Let’s move to the story.

Recap:Kavita gets arrested;Laksh’s conditions and SwaragSan’s talk.

After SwaragSan’s talk got over,Panditji asked both the couples to sit for the marriage.Suddenly,Laksh stopped them.

Dp:What happened Laksh?
Laksh:My second condition is remaining to be told.
Ragini:Laksh,boliye naa jaldi.
Laksh:Wait,I am saying Ragini.

He holds her hand and takes her to the stage.
Laksh went down on his knees.

Ragini:Laksh,What are you doing this?Everyone is seeing us.
Laksh:No Ragini.Don’t stop me today.I am gonna say.
Ragini:Yes!Say Laksh.
Laksh:I had always thought of having a firing love story.But when i got to know that my alliance is fixed with you.I got upset.But i thought we can still have a firing love story.When i saw you for the first time.I got bit upset.But,slowly I fell in love with Swara.I wanted to marry Swara but you separated me and Swara and married me by blackmailing me.We got married.I couldn’t move on from Swara.We had many ups and down in our relationship and life.But,i never realised when i fell in love with you.And now i can’t live without you.You are my everything.Promise me you will never ever leave me.

Ragini was in extreme tears.

Ragini(while crying):Yes Laksh,I will never ever leave you.I promise.
Laksh:Thank you so much Ragini.Now time for second condition.Ragini,I want you to say I LOVE YOU to me in front of everyone.
Ragini:No Laksh!!! I can’t do this!!! Everyone is seeing us.
Laksh:Sat me Ragini!!! Otherwise I won’t marry you.
Ragini:Ok!!! I am ready to say.
Ragini:Laksh!!! I I I…I LOVE YOU Laksh.
Laksh:I can’t hear it.Say loudly.
Ragini (shouting):I LOVE YOU Laksh.
Laksh:Thank you so much Ragini.Now,I will marry you.Panditji start the mantras.We all are ready to marry.

RagLak and SwaSan sit for their marriages.
Panditji started the mantras.


Sanskaar:Swara!!!You are looking extremely beautiful,cute and innocent today.I have no words to explain your beauty.
Swara(while blushing):Sanskaar!!!Stop it.
Sanskaar:Swara,I can’t stop myself.
Swara:Stop it Sanskaar.

AP comes to them.

AP:What are you both talking?Concentrate on the marriage.
SwaSan together:Yes,Badimaa.

RagLak & SwaSan exchanged the garlands and SanLak filled Swaragini’s foreline with sindoor and made them wear the mangulsutra.

They finished their marriage and took everyone’sblessings.

Screen freezes on SwaSan & RagLak’s smiling faces.

Precap:Swaragini’s grah pravesh;Swasan & RagLak’s first night & Laksh’s shocking relevation.

Guyz,how was the episode…Please comment…I am hungry for your comments…And i will try to keep you all entertained…

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Swaragini-Seven Shots (Episode 2)


Swaragini-Seven Shots (Episode 2)

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