Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 9

Second chance life….
Episode 9: life needs some fun

Neil was not able to sleep. He tried to lie down and close his eyes. But he couldn’t. He was restless. He paced here to there and again the same in his hotel suite. Then lounged back on the couch but again stood up cursing nothing in particular. Why couldn’t he sleep. It was the same since the charity function. Stupid function. But he knew it was not the function at fault but a certain brown eyed brunette that had him so restless. The whole night went through his mind again and again. Her appology. Her tear filled eyes. Her voice. Everything. He was melting. But he didn’t want to. What if this was another drama. Another play directed by her father. But the disgust that he saw in sam’s eyes for vivek was true. No. He stopped his thoughts there. She was an actress, a good one at that. She could fool him. Like last time. But neil, again his heart pleaded with him, last time she may have had a plan but soon she fell for you. And was going to stick with him disregarding her father. No neil, his brain said, think smartly, don’t be led by emotions, you’ll only be hurt again.
He shook his head and went into the washroom. He poured cold water onto his face and looked in the mirror.

Neil: i will find out what you really are, samaira. Then only i will decide whether to let you into my life, my heart again.

Radhika blinked her eyes open. She looked around drowsily. She was so comfy. She got sight of the clock and blinked in shock. 7.00am. But she was never able to sleep much. Once she had her nightmare she will not be able to fall asleep again. Didn’t she had her nightmare last night? She tried to remember back. Yes, she was sure she had one. But then….. Her thoughts were interrupted by a groan and her comfy pillow started to move. Then she remembered last night. Nightmare. Sobbing. Arjun.
She slowly turned to look at him. She had her head on his chest and arm around him. He had one arm around her and one tucked under his head. He was watching her. Radhika got up from the bed and felt embarrassed. She had had her sob fest all over him. How humiliating. He must be thinking that she was a crybaby.

Radhika: um… how… i mean… you need not have stayed yesterday. I was fine.

Arjun: its okay. I had a good night’s sleep yesterday.

He winked at her.

Radhika: well you can leave now. I am okay.

But arjun ignored her and stretched yawning. He placed both his arms folded under his head.

Arjun: why leave when i am so comfy here? This bed is seriously good and i have such a beautiful view before me.

Radhika opened her mouth to retort but nothing came to her and closed her mouth.

Arjun: by the way… do you know that you talk in your sleep? Its cute. And thanks….. i didn’t know you had such high opinion of me.

Radhika now panicked: i do not talk in my sleep…… Do i?

Arjun smiled: yeah you do. But don’t worry whatever you said yesterday was good.

He got up from her bed and left after winking at her. He stopped at the doorway and turned around.

Arjun: and be ready by 8.30 am. We are going out.

Radhika: where?

Arjun shrugged: out. Just be ready.

Radhika: but why?

Arjun: cause….. your life needs some fun.

After he left she went into the washroom and looked into her reflection at the mirror.

Radhika: do i really talk in my sleep?

Sam knew what she was about to do was dangerous. But she didn’t have another choice. She was following her father’s car in a taxi. She had a doubt that vivek was going to meet with the person he talked to on phone yesterday. She has not informed neil or arjun as she was not sure of vivek’s intentions. When she had proof she will give it to neil. Her father parked his car near a closed godown. It was a factory complex that vivek was planning to buy. She knew this since she had been present there at the meeting. She got out of the taxi at some distance from vivek so as not to alert him to her presence.
She payed the driver and followed him. Sam had a scarf covering her face except her eyes. She had on a sunshade on her eyes. Sam saw a man wearing a black suit and a hat also enter the godown after her father. She stealthily went to peek in the window. The man was shaking hands with vivek. And then they got into a discussion. Sam strained in to hear their conversation.

Man: it is as if someone had tipped him off about our movements. He has made the dealings tough. We need to plan more. He is scrutinising everything.

Vivek: that neil mishra! No one would believe seeing his intelligence that he was adopted. He have the same brain for business that sharat had.

It took everything in her for sam to stop from gasping aloud. They were talking about neil and some business deal with him.

Man: but what concerns me more is how he got suspicious. Are you sure details from our end are not leaking.

Vivek: no one knows about this other than the both of us. So what about the girl. Are you-

Just then sam’s phone rang and all three froze hearing the ringtone. Sam immediately disconnected the call and ran away towards another building. She hid inside a garbage basket and held her breath hoping that she won’t be found. She heard footsteps passing the basket and held herself motionless for sometime. After sometime she heard vivek’s sound.

Vivek: whoever that was must have escaped. We should be more careful. That neil is smart. Don’t under estimate him. Lets leave now and i will inform you about the next meeting.

Then she heard their footsteps and gradually it faded away amd silence was restored. She must have hid in the basket for almost half an hour. On her way home she thought about what all happened and decided that it was time to arrange a meeting with neil and arjun.

Next: life needs some fun- part 2

Sorry guys…. i know this was a short update but i was busy. I will update redefined on thursday and scl on friday…..

Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 9


Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 9


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