Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 40

Thank u everyone for supporting nd plzzz do support me in my story line… enough of my bak bak back to my episode

The episode starts with twinkle waking up early in the morning doing the chores on the other hand kunj continues to flirt with the girls they both continue their life as it is not knowing the truth while on the other hand mahi nd uvi plans to unite twinj

Day before holi
Leela calls twinkle nd tells her to inform the sarna people to come to their house for holi twinkle nods nd takes the phone she dials the number it rings someone picks the call
Twinkle: hello aunty??
Kunj: im sorry ma went somewhere out who is this??
Twinkle: kunj??
Kunj: yeah who is this?
Twinkle: hey this is twinkle remember ur sisters husbands sister
Kunj: oh hey twinkle how r u??
Twinkle: yeah im fine what about u??
Kunj: im pretty much fine tell me how did u call??
Twinkle: umm actually maa told to inform everyone to attend the holi party in our house that is y i called
Kunj: oh its ok we will be there
Twinkle: yeah ummm ok thats great
Kunj: yeah see u then byee
Twinkle: yeah bye
After hanging the phone
Kunj self talk: ufff kunj one more girl after… of course she should be after all im kunj the great nd i should also give her attention because girls like attention
Kunj smiles in a flirty way

Next scene
Sarna family r sitting on the dining table nd having lunch
Kunj: maa wo twinkle called she told leela aunty asked us to come to their house for holi party
Usha makes an angry face nd is about to speak mahi speaks up
Mahi: wow we will surely go it has been days i havent see uvi
Kunj: ohoo di jiju ha
Mahi blushes nd hits kunj on shoulder
Mahi: what say maa??
Usha: what can i say i agree with u all but….
Kunj: but what maa??
Usha: actually i have to go somewhere i mean i have to meet one of my friend i wont come
Kunj: oh its fine maa we will go
Mahi: yeah its ok me nd kunj will go
Usha nods but is angry inside

Next scene
Twinkle is planting the tree rakesh comes from behind nd scares her
Twinkle: aahh rakesh very bad
Rakesh: hahaha dii ur face
Twinkle: idiot
Twinkle again starts planting the bacha party comes there
Deepika: dii come on we will play
Twinkle: arey deepika im busy now
Deepika: dii plzzzzz
Raju: arey dii she is pleading so much come naa
Twinkle: im working u all go
Twinkle turns the bacha party plans something they brings the water pipe nd puts it on twinkle… she gets fully wet nd screams the bacha party laughs nd enjoys it twinkle too gives in nd laughs she also take the revenge by putting water on the bacha party they enjoy it twinkle sings drama queen nd dances on it the bacha party enjoys it nd dances with her while deepika pours water on them just then some car comes there someone steps out who is none other kunj who looks at everyones condition nd smiles his eyes falls on twinkle who is dancing with everyone full wet some mud on her cheeks he is mesmerised by her beauty her hair moving with her every step he just keep looking at her twinkle spots him nd stops she is embarassed the bacha party too stops nd goes to kunj nd hugs him they drag him to the ground where twinkle is standing
Avni: bhaiyya when did u come??
Kunj: i… i just came now when everyone was dancing
twinkle looks on embarassed
Kunj: by the way y were u all dancing
Paro: we were dancing because dii
Twinkle: arey paro what dii come we will change nd then eat
Kunj: why r u stopping her speak paro
Twinkle: paro u r very good girl right dont speak u look good like that only i will give u lots of chocolate
Kunj: haawww look at this innocent face (holding paros face) do u think this face will accept ur lie
Twinkle: i… i… im not lying ok
Paro: im sorry dii
Paro narrates everything how twinkle was screaming nd how she started singing kunj laughs while bacha party joins them
Twinkle: paro aaj to tu mari (paro today u r dead)
Twinkle runs behind paro kunj smiles at twinkle paro hurridely goes nd stands behind kunj twinkle looks at this nd is stopping herself but she slips nd falls on kunj they both fall on the ground (sajna ve plays) they share an eyelock the bacha party smiles they both keep looking at each other for minutes twinkle breaks the eyelock nd stands up kunj too stands up both feeling awkward to break the awkwardness kunj speaks
Kunj: i know im handsome but plzz control urself
Twinkle: mr kunj stop dreaming atleast when its day time
Kunj: im not dreaming its the truth
Twinkle: prove it
Kunj: ok if any girl comes from there i will just wink at her she will come to me
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: so u r a big flirt
Kunj: thats called love sweetheart
Twinkle: yukkhh
Everyone stares at the main door just then a girl passes by wearing a red one piece with headphones nd wearing high heels she looks at kunj who winks the girl smiles nd moves her hand on kunjs face nd gives her number signing him to call her
Twinkle stands there with mouth open the bacha party smiles nd giggles kunj comes to twinkle nd closes her mouth nd goes in

Next scene
Kunj enters the taneja house leela nd uvi greets him twinkle comes there the bacha party too comes there leela is shocked to see them wet
Leela: what happened was it raining outside?
Avni: u ask dii about this
The bacha party leaves leaving twinkle behind leela stares at her for an answer
Twinkle: ma wo they all started pouring water on me so i also took revenge
Kunj: tututut what kind of girl is she aunty taking revenge from kids very bad
twinkle: did anyone as ur opinion
Leela: twinkle is this any way to talk with guests
Twinkle: maa guests r those who call nd come he is not a guest
Kunj shows her a serious face
Leela: enough twinkle go nd bring some food for him
twinkle: maybe he ate nd came
Kunj: no aunty im full
Leela: acha go twinkle change ur dress
Twinkle nods nd leaves

Next scene
Holi day
Twinkle is doing the preparation for holi party she climbs a ladder nd is hanging the cloth just then mahi nd kunj enters mahi hugs uvi nd uvi starts to talk with the baby by keeping his hand on mahis stomach kunjs eyes were finding someone dont know whos just then he looks at twinkle nd smiles who is working standing on the ladder her leg slips nd is about to fall kunj holds her in his arms uhi nd bacha party looks at this nd gets teary eyed
Mahi: kunj still cares for twinkle
Uvi nods
Twinj share an eyelock screen freezes

Precape: twinj becomes friends

Hope u all like it….!!!

Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 40


Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 40


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