Swasan: Fix You (Episode 30)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 30)

I’m sick but then I literally for death threats to reveal the dare. So I had to update :-)
Its stupid though. . .

~~The Dare and the Daring !!~~

Swara’s pov ~~

Only he knew what all evil ideas were running through his mind at the moment. Again and again, I cursed myself for choosing the dare.

Impatiently, I waited for Sanskar to speak up. The look on his face said it all — My strings were in his hands right now.

He raised his eyebrow, and bit his lip, turning his face to look at me. He sat on his knees, and smirked. I had no clue what this guy was going to come up with.

He cleared his throat and locked his beautiful orbs with mine.

“Kiss me…” He said.

And I, practically choked on those words. Kiss him? Okay, I would love to. But in front of all these people, who had already enough reasons to pull our legs? I couldn’t do that. No way. . .

“W-what?” I asked, nearly popping my eyes out of their sockets. He flashed a small smile and scooted over to me.

“I said, kiss me. That’s your dare, love. Don’t back off now.” He said. Meanwhile, the others looked at us with those c’mon-kiss-already looks.

I rolled my eyes.

“I will. But now now. Don’t you think, we should do it later?” I asked, more like whispered to Sanskar.

“Uh-huh. You have to do it now. Or else, be ready for the punishment, which will be much more worse.” He said.

Great. f**king great, Swara…

I took a look at everyone who were cheering now. They were literally encouraging me to go on. Except one person. . . .Kavita.

Not giving much thought to her, I groaned and threw my hands up im the air. I had to do it. But I knew, it was going to be embarrassing.

“Alright, alright!! I’ll do it.” I said. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them again. Sanskar sat right beside me.

I could feel my hands getting cold. I was nervous. I had never done this in front of people and made it more and more uncomfortable.

Sanskar’s expression changed as he noticed me playing with my fingers aimlessly. He looked concerned.

“Hey, its okay if you’re not comfortable with it. Nobody is going to force you…” He said. His tone, which was quite seductive a few minutes back, was now full of concern.

I looked down, eyes filling with tears. I had no clue about what was happening to me. I could feel Sanskar’s hand touch my shoulder, calming me down.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Its okay, we can always skip the dare, yeah?” He asked, rubbing my arm up and down.

But no. I didn’t want another dare. God knows what got over me, that I just lost control over myself.

I kissed him. . .

I kissed him in front of everyone. I guess, I didn’t care anymore. I didnt care about what people thought of me. I didn’t want to impress anyone. I just wanted to prove it to him, that yes, I do love him…alot. He kissed me back and I realized that I was going to lose control, if I let him go on. I pulled apart, as I knew, I couldn’t afford that. Every single one of the boys looked at us with their mouth hung wide open. I guess, none of them had seen this coming from someone like me.

“Whoa…you go baby! You did it!” Rohan said.

“Seriously, I did not see that one coming…” Abeer said. With all their comments, I was turning deep red like a tomato. Surprisingly, so was Sanskar.

One person, who stood out, was Kavita. Yes, I did notice her sitting a little outside the circle with a frown on her face. I wondered what must have had happened. Yet, I chose to ignore it.

Soon, everyone was back into the game. Engaged into their own conversations, Sanskar nudged me from the side and whispered in my ear.

“Not bad. Maybe we can continue this later.” He said and before I could react he was back into the game.

This guy was driving me crazy for sure. . . .

Sanskar’s pov ~~

This girl was driving me crazy for sure. . . .

She was unpredictable sometimes. Sweet, caring and never rude to anyone, whatsoever. Along with being polite, she also knew how to talk to a person directly. She never beat around the bush. That’s what I liked the most about her. She spread joy wherever she went.

That kiss was certainly unexpected from her. For a moment, even I thought, I hadn’t asked her it as a dare. But before I could take my words back, she had inhibited me by pressing her lips on mine.

It was magical. Everytime, we kissed, I felt like that. The way she blushed, made me adore her even more. But this time, to my surprise, it was me, who flushed pink. I could feel the heat rising up to my cheeks.

It was around 7:30 pm, when we finally headed back to the hotel. All this time, I couldn’t help but notice Swara. She was so free around us all now. She was herself. And I wondered…. Was I really successful in fixing her ?

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a little tap on my shoulder. It was Kavita. She stood right behind me, smiling.

“What are you looking at?” She asked. Uh crap. Caught.

“Nothing.” I said quickly. I hadn’t really spoken to Kavita since she had come. I didn’t want to. Specially, when I knew, what kind of a girl she was. But yet, for everyone’s sake, I chose to avoid her.

“Really? You think I can’t see? I have eyes, Sanskar…” She said.

“So do I.” I said. Unfortunately, she stood beside me as we looked ahead of us. I knew what she looked at. She knew what I looked at… Swara…

“She’s a great girl.” Kavita said. I was quite amused at her words. I mean, seriously, words of appreciation coming out of Kavita’s mouth…that too for another girl, was something very unusual.

But what she said next had shattered my thoughts into pieces.

“She maybe a really great girl, Sanskar. But accept it…she’s not better than me.” She said.

Here we go. And I had thought Kavita had changed.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Hmm. She’s good but not really your type.” She said.

I knew where this conversation was heading to, and I certainly did not want someone like Kavita to say rubbish about my girlfriend.

“And who are you to decide that?” I asked.

“Your ex-girlfriend. Believe it or not, Sanskar, what we had was love too. And to let you know, you loved me back then. So I know what kind of girl can take you. Certainly, Swara is not the one…” She said.

She said I loved her? Well maybe, I would’ve, if she hadn’t used me. I couldn’t stand her talking crap about Swara. What did she even think of herself?

“Listen to me, Kavita. You and I, are past. Swara is my present, and also my future. Unlike you, she is not going to use me for her benefit. She maybe simple but she’s honest. I love her, and you better keep this in your mind. It’ll be good for you, if you stay away from me and her.” I said.

I knew Kavita inside out. I knew what she was. And that day, I had promised myself, that I wouldn’t let her go anywhere near Swara. I walked away from there after warning her good. But yet, I couldn’t take my mind off her words. It left me annoyed and disturbed. . .

Next update : I don’t ‘WANT’ you here, Swara.

What’s wrong ? You’ll get to know in the next update. Keep reading !! And commenting. . .
And I hope you liked this episode.

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 30)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 30)

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