Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 1)

Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 1)

Hii darlings thank u for ur support nd sorry I was not able to reply to ur comments.nd about pairs u will come to know nd I know many of them known it nd dont bother about pairs enjoy the story .as u know the concept is same nd my presentation will be diff ok who r reading for first time guys this is concept of gundejari gallantiyindee

In bike shop
Manager:take this sir
Boy:no I want it in black colour
Person:common sanky whats the diff u want this bike only naa whats in colour nd its better than that
Sanky:noo dad I dont want the better one I want this one only
Ram:comman whats in colour
Sanky:its because I didnt selected it so I dont want it .I want only that things which I wil select.if other is better than this also I dont want it manager tell me when will black one come

Manager:if u order it we will bring but it takes time
Sanky:ok then bring it
Ram:k then today me nd ur mom will leave
Sanky:ok dad

Another place
Man:happy birthday darling
Girl:thank u dad nd she hugged,him
Man:ok rag what do u want as a,present
Rag:u as my father in next life also
Women:then wt about mee
Rag:mom dont be jelous u also
Sumi:ok then dayal bless her that she should get married soon
Rag:noo mom I will select the person soo no need to hurry up
Sumi:so how should be the person
Rag:nothing more he should love me with out seeing my face hd should love my inner beauty not outer
Dayal:I trust u nd ur selection .hope he comes soon

Swara nd laksh
Laksh:hi swara good morning
Swara:good morning is there any urgent work y u called me
Laksh:voo actually nothing just want to meet u
Swara:ohh then ok .k wt else
Laksh:nothingg k tell me what is ur opinion on love
Swara:what a waste question .nd that too mee
Laksh:plzz atleast tell for mee
Swara:ok it is waste of time .its the name for time pass nd enjoying plesures ok .y r u asking mee (in a doubting way)
Laksh:no no dont doubt mee actually my friend loves u nd he want me to help him
Swara:tell him that he is wasting his,time .nd he didnt have guts to say before mee how can any girl trust him .ok I should leave now bye
Laksh:are yar I was saved now(batiki poyanu lekapotee na pelli chasedi)

Hii.darlings these are the characters of our leads

Recap:sanky sees swarand is lost in her

Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 1)


Love from Heart – Swaragini (episode 1)

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