The pain that continues…(episode 10)

The pain that continues…(episode 10)

Hi guys thanks for all comments n here is another episode . hope u will enjoy ….lets start.

Aaradhya reaches home n goes to arjun .
Aaradhya :bhai I need ur small help .
Arjun : when ever u ask like this I will get mild heart attack cuz u r expert in landing me in mess finally .
Aaru : bhai I’m serious . I need one extra pass for mehtas party right now .
Arjun : but why ?
Aaru : I want to take dhruv along with me .
Arjun : oh for dhruv . fine for first my small help is really small . I will call Mr .Mehta .
Aaru : thanks bhai .
Arjun : on some conditions .
Aaru : wat ?
Arjun : u won’t tell me about fun at party cuz my heart breaks …
Aaru : u too come with us .
Arjun : no yaar. I have meeting with clients tonight .
Aaru : ok fine …
She gets ready for the party .Aaradhya wearing black short dress n small diamond studs with open hair(messy look) n looking awesome .

Aaradhya n her friends reaches party venue .
Mandy : finally I’m at my dream land .
Aaru : u mean stupid pool party .
Mandy : Aaru wats ur problem ? u like parties right .
Aaru : yes I do . but this kind of pool parties are something really out of my comfort zone . look at everyone .
Mandy : come lets join them .
Aaru : u guys go I wont get into the pool .
Mandy : then what for u here ?
Aaru : not for u . I came for dhruv . u guys go n enjoy .
Mandy : fine we will change our outfits n see how we enjoy .
Aaru : whatever ..

Dhruv , mandy n rithu goes to change their outfits . Aaradhya standing near pool n sees Aadit coming .
Aaru :u here …
Aadit : hello madam even I’m invited .
Aaru : yaa for this kind of things people like u r needed .
Aadit : thanks for the comment n hey nice dress……just dress .
Aaru : u….
Aadit : r awesome right . I know . n u know what pool parties are meant for enjoyment in pool .
Aaru : oh really then go n enjoy .
Aadit : I know why u not getting into pool …must be either scared of pool depth or hot boys in the pool .
Aaru : shut up n I’m not scared of anything .
Aadit : nice try Aaradhya maheshwari but as I said I’m smarter .
Aaru : I’m not scared ….i’m not scared of water depth(she comes near aadit he moves step back ) I’m not scared of those people(she come even closer he steps back a liitle almost near pool edge) n not even scared of u ( she comes even closer he steps back n falls in to pool)

Aaradhya starts laughing n sits near pool .
Aaru : poor pu**y got wet . very bad very bad …
N she starts laughing harder now aadit got angry n holds her hand n pulls her into the pool . Aaradhya who didn’t expect this won’t be able to start swimming soon after falling n Aadit holds her waist n made her stand on his feet . she holds his shirt tighter .
Aadit : oh poor pu**y! learn how to swim in emergency time .
Aaru : shut up I can swim much better than u n do have sense how could u pull someone so sudden .
Aadit : like I did now . n I think u must thank me now .
Aaru : never n ever .
Aadit : fine then …

He moves his feet n Aaradhya slips n holds him tighter again he catches her . now he realizes they are very close to eachother . he is feeling different for first time in his life .but he don’t understand what the feeling is ? while he thinking about his feeling Aaradhya busy in praising his work n now Aadit comes to sense n realize she is still in battle . he closes her mouth with his hand .
Aadit : can u stop ? don’t know wat u will eat? talks this much .
Aaru : I’m not talking to u infact I’m scolding u .
Guy : hey love birds I know u both excited for the party but these outfits not allowed in pool .
Both seriously looks at him .
Aadit n Aaradhya(shouts) : we know….
Guy : ok …seems love birds changed to angry birds …

He goes away both Aadit n Aaradhya goes to changing rooms n gets into swimming outfits . Aadit gets in to pool . later Aaradhya comes , her swim suit is much descent but still she looks really hot . she gets into pool .
Mandy : hey just few minutes before I heard that u won’t get into pool . wat happened buddy ? I know no one can stay away from pool party .
Aaradhya : If u think like that I won’t stop but if u ask me about the reason then I will say it’s just bcoz of bad time .
Mandy : hmm…( he looks some guy staring at Aaradhya ) Aaru don’t look that side suddenly .
Aaru : why?
Mandy : he is staring at u . turn slowly n give him lovely look for sure he will flat on u .
Aaradhya turns to the guy to see if he really staring at her n yes he is …
Aaradhya ( with anger tone) : wat?????

The guys goes from there .mandy hits his head .
Mandy : wat u did ?
Aaradhya : stop bothering about me n go n find if any girl is staring at u .
Mandy : fine chudel .
He goes away .
Aaradhya ( in mind) : where s rithu ?

She looking all around but didn’t found her . she sees someother guy approaching her .
Guy : hey beautiful ….
Aaru : excuse me?
Guy : why u alone ? I can give u company …
Aaru :which I didn’t even ask …
Guy : why so serious beautiful ?
Aaru : can u plz stop calling me liking that .
Guy: ofcourse when I get to know ur name …
Aaru :sorry I’m not interested in making talk with strangers .
Aaradhya about to go n the guy forwards his hand to hold Aaru’s hand but suddenly someone comes in b/w them its Aadit . Aadit holds his hand .
Aadit : hi I’m Aadit her friend n u looking smart n I guess there is no need to tell u wat u should do now .

The guy goes away . Aadit turns to Aaradhya who is staring at him with anger .
Aadit : wat ?????
Aaru : r u my friend ?
Aadit : I said to save u ….
Aaru : moster malhotra I can save myself . to escape from one idiot I don’t need another idiot help .
Aadit : above all I helped u n u calling me idiot . u r right ms aaradhya I’m idiot that’s why I helped u . wait I’ll make things ok .
Aadit goes inside water n pulls her feet so she falls n again comes to top .
Aadit : happy…
Aaru : u r really idiot …wat if I’m drowned .
Aadit : chill I’m testing ur swimming skills .
Aaru :oh really .

She throws water on his face with hands …n starts swimming away from him.
Aadit : Arrogant maheshwari….i’m not gonna leave u now .
He starts chasing her . while everyone enjoying in pool these two started their cat mouse chase . finally he catches her .
Aadit : now I’ll see who will help u this time .

He starts throwing water . now its Aaradhyas turn . they both are playing like kids …for first time Aaradhya had forgotten her discomfort in pool party . infact she is enjoying this time even though they are fighting but still at their comfort zones forgetting world around them .
Soon party ends .mandy dhruv n Aaradhya gathers but still rithu didn’t arrive.
Mandy : wheres rithu yaar ?
Aaru : I don’t know. I thought she informed u guys …
Dhruv : hey she is coming .
Aaru : where did u disappear with out informing us yaar ?
Rithu : no I didn’t went anywhere infact I’m searching u guys..
She looks tensed as if she is hiding something .
Aaru : fine . lets leave guys it’s getting late .
Aaradhya about to get into car n suddenly she hears someone calling her .
Sadhvi : Aaradhya …
Aaradhya :ahh siso…u calling me I’m I dreaming .
Sadhvi : actually I don’t want to ask u but …
Aaru : but u need my help right . awesome moment in my life . come on go ahead .
Sadhvi : my car tire punctured so u should n must drop me at home understand…
Aaru : hmm…not in request manner more to similar to threatening but still finally the great sadhvi maheshwari asking me help is a big deal …
Sadhvi : just stop it ….
She gets into car angrily Aaradhya smiles n gets into car they both leave for home .
Sadhvi : where were u in the party ? I didn’t saw u .
Aaru : that’s why party is pleasant for both of us . so u r looking for me ….
Sadhvi : why do I look for u ? I really wanted to stay away from u.
Aaru : but finally destiny punctured ur car n brought us together . crazy right .
Soon Both sisters reach home safely .

precap : camp for students …

The pain that continues…(episode 10)


The pain that continues…(episode 10)

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