swaragini..was this your love??? episode 7

hi everyone. I am silent reader. Guys as now many r liking my story. I am not a silent reader tko. Let me introduce myself to u.
I am from jaipur and my name is divya. Thanks for your support.

Episode begins with sanskar asking swara.
Sanskar: do u love me.
Swara looks at him.
Sanskar: answer swara.
Arnav comes there.
Arnav: dad. Where are you.
Swara: arnav beta your dad must be there only na.
Arnav: no mom. He is not there.
Swara: laksh.
Laksh was hearing all conversation between swasan and comes out.
Laksh: here i am ..
Swara: see your dad has came.
Arnav: dad lets sleep na.
Swara: good night..

Swalak goes to sleep with arnav… sanskar instead of going to his room , goes in garden. He is sitting . Laksh comes there.
Laksh: so… how r u bhai.
Sanskar: very fine… what about your life. How is everything going?
Laksh: everything is perfect bhai…
They remain quiet for a minute.
Laksh: bhai… do u still love swara…
Sanskar= laksh..
Laksh: bhai meri kasam.. tell the truth.
Sanskar: yes.
Laksh: so will u accept her in ur life again. ..
Sanskar: what r u saying…
Laksh: yes bhai… she loves u ..she loves u bhai…
Sanskar: and u.
Laksh: chill bhai… u dont worry about me.
Sanskar hugs him.
Sanskar: i love u bhai.
Laksh: yes.
Sanskar leaves and laksh cries…
Laksh: what is happening… why do always i need to sacrifice. First swara then ragini and now again swara. How will i live without arnav. How can i see him calling anyone papa. I know he is bhai’s son.. but for me he is more than my son… he is my life. I dont know what god has planned for me .. ……..
He cries…… after some time he goes to his room. He sees swarnav sleeping . He looks them with love. Sits there for some time .
Then He goes to sleep.

In morning….
Swasan are going with arnav. Arnav is ignoring laksh and just playing with sanskar. Swara didnt even talked to laksh. They r leaving
Swara: laksh bye….
Laksh: arnav …
Sanskar: bye bhai.arnav come on say bye to chachu..
Arnav: bye chachu… we will meet soon very soon..
They leave….
Laksh sits on floor and takesswalak and arnav photo in hand and cries…

Precap- not decided.

Thanks for your precious comments.

swaragini..was this your love??? episode 7


swaragini..was this your love??? episode 7


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