Thapki Pyaar ki -Eternal love story

First of all ,to all those people who think that thapki pyar ki is a love story ,Sorry you people are mistaken. Tpk was never a love story. Tpk from the very beginning, revolved around thapki and Vasu. It claimed to be an imspirational show..but i dont know from which angle it was an inspiring one ! Tpk is a SAAS -BAHU Drama …This is a fact , which cant be changed.

We fans are being fooled that it is a love story ! To those people who are expecting thahaan love track on the way, Please stop expecting ! I dont understanding why people like the female lead undergoing torture ! The makers are focussing on that type of audience to gain trps..Their prime aim to satisfy them by giving them a pool of heroins tears! Shame on the makers and shame on those people who enjoy these! At first , i thought that thahaan would turn out to be one of the best couples of tellyworld , But the makers killed the jodi. They destroyed the essence of the jodi with their rubbish script ! Manyasa have great chemistry and MAKERS HAVE DESTROYED THAHAAN JODI by not making use of this chemistry!

There is no other show which has crossed 250 episodes and still no love track yet!
You people might be wondering why no love track in this Show till now. The answer is BECAUSE THE SHOW DOES NOT HAVE A LOVE TRACK IN STORE !
The makers of this show thinks that a show can be made successful only with SAAS BAHU DRAMA . Shame on this thought..!! There are many shows which were succesful without this crap , Is pyar ko kya naam doon, Geet hui sabse parayi , Ek hazarom mein meri behna hei ,Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon..etc.

These shows gave pairs who created magic in tellyworld and they do have an inspiring story…even if it is not a love story!! The Makers of tpk.. please try to learn something something from these shows!! To those fans who are expecting these type of magical love story between Thahaan … REALLY SORRY , You are not going to get such a love Story!! But please dont be DISAPPOINTED .. You are surely gonna get a Thapki- Vasu love story ..They are real hero and heroine of Tpk ! A New jodi to our tellyworld.. You can call them
THASU / VAPKI ..its upto you guys!

Hope we get to see a good inspiring love story between Our “VAPKI” !! Only tpk can give us such an eternal love story ..

A word to all the Manishians.. “Please quit this Bullshit show …Make the trps fall..and make the show go off air ! Manish deserves a show much much much better than this crap!
Thanku for reading !
And yes SORRY too !

Thapki Pyaar ki -Eternal love story


Thapki Pyaar ki -Eternal love story


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