A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 41

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(Recap- Twinkle gets food poisoning and all confuse it with pregnancy… twinj cute moments)
So here is the episode 41

Scene 1(twinj’s room)
It’s morning… Birds are chirping and the atmosphere is pleasant… Twinj are sleeping.
Twinkle is seeing a bad dream and she is sweating… Suddenly twinkle scream.
“NOOOOOOOO” and gets up and realizes that it was a dream.
Kunj hears her and gets up worried.
Twinkle is still sweating and she holds her head as it’s paining.
Kunj who was sleeping on the couch as a punishment given by twinkle… Gets up and goes an sits besides twinkle… he holds her and makes her face towards him.
Twinkle quickly hugs him.

Kunj hugs her back.
Kunj: What happened Twinkle… Why are u sweating… Are u fine ???
Twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle: Kunj…kunj I was seeing a really bad dream….kunj I’m sure something bad is going to happen.
Kunj: Twinkle come on…it was just a dream…chill nothing bad is going to happen.
Twinkle holds kunj’s hand.
Twinkle: Kunj… Plzzz try and understand…I know it was a dream…but I’m having a strong intuition that something wrong is going to happen… Or it has happened.
Kunj cups her face.

Kunj: Twinkle… Don’t worry… Till I’m there I won’t let anything wrong happen wid u or wid our family.
Twinkle hugs him…he hugs her back sajnave plays.
Kunj tries breaking the hug…but twinkle holds him tight.
Twinkle: Kunj please stay like this for some more time… Tumhari baahon mai mujhe ek alag sa sukoon milta hai !!
Kunj smiles and hugs her.
Agar tum saath ho plays.
Finally after few minutes twinkle feels better and breaks the hug…both of them smile.
Twinkle gets up to go and get ready and kunj holds her hand….kunj too gets up and moves close to twinkle… Sajnave plays….he move close to her lips for a kiss… Twinkle doesn’t resist this time and closes her eyes…kunj moves even close but plants a gentle kiss on her forehead…twinkle opens her eyes and smiles looking at him…with loads of Luv in her eyes
Kunj: Twinkle… Ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna…I Luv u more than my life and so b4 coming to u…every problem will hav to face me first…and I won’t ever let it reach till u…even if I hav to pay my li…

B4 he cud continue twinkle keeps hand on his mouth and nods in no.
Twinkle: Please kunj…aisi baat fir kabhi mat kerna…”KUNJ HAI TO TWINKLE HAI KUNJ NAHI TO TWINKLE BHI NAHI”
they tightly hug each other.
Chaha hai tumko chahenge har dum…mar ke bhi dil se ye pyaar na hoga kam…plays in the background.

Both are in tears… They break the hug and wipe each others tears.
Kunj: Ohhhh meri Siyappa Queen… Tuu rotey huwey bilkul acchi nahi lagti…chal ja jaldi se ready ho ja.
Twinkle smiles and goes to the washroom.
Kunj smiles too.

Scene 2(Dining area)
All are having breakfast…
Bebe: Wooowww so many items… Anything special ????
Twinkle: Mahi Vo bebe actually… All this is mahi dii’s farmaaish (request)
All laugh and mahi blushes.
Usha: I can understand… Early days of pregnancy mai ye sab hota rehta hai.
Yuvi: Maa but agar ye aise khaayegi to delivery tak to ye football jaisi ho jayegi.
Kunj and yuvi laugh.

Bebe: Oyee khottey…you won’t understand… All this is bound to happen in this time… And don’t worry after delivery again ur wife will bcom hot as earlier.
Maya: Bebeeeee !!!!!
All laugh.
Mahi and yuvi feel awkward.
Suddenly the door bell rings.
Kunj: I’ll open.

Maya: No kunj u sit…I’m done…I’ll open.
Maya goes and opens the door.
She sees Anita and cherry and welcomes them.
Maya: So mummy ji u r back ….come in.
Anita: Yes my daughter I’m back …..but I’m back with a surprise for u all.
Maya gets shocked.
All come there listening to Anita’s voice.
Bebe: Anita… U r back… But Y are u standing outside come in.
Anita: Yess bebe I’m back but with a surprise.
All are shocked.
Anita: Cherry beta…bring her.

All are confused.
Cherry comes there with a girl holding hands.
Usha: Anita… Who is she… And why are they holding hands.
Anita: Hav patience usha…I’ll tell ull everything….she is my daughter-in-law…I mean Cherry’s wife Manasvi (played by pavitra puni seen in ye hai mohabbatein as Nidhi so I guess ull understood that it’s a negative character)
Bebe: What….u got cherry married and didn’t even inform us.
Anita: Sry bebe actually everything happened so fast that I just didn’t get time to inform ull….but usha, Maya, twinkle, mahi…ghar mai nayi bahu aai hai…grah pravesh ki taiyari kero.
Maya and twinkle go and get aarti ki thaali anc rice kalash.
Usha does aarti of the couple and places the rice kalash in front of manasvi.
Usha: Gently push the kalash with ur feet and come in…
Manasvi smiles and kicks the kalash so hard that it flies off and hits twinkle on her head.
Twinkle winces in pain.
All rush to her….kunj sees her forehead bleeding and becomes red in anger.
He is about to say something to manasvi but twinkle holds his hand….and signs him not to do so.
Kunj: But !!!

Twinkle again nods in no and kunj says ok….and goes to get ointment.
Bebe: What did u do manasvi puttar…u were asked to gently push the kalsh…why did u kick it so hard.
Manasvi: Sry bebe…actually vo bas galti se…
Usha: No problem… ull go in ur room…itni door se aaye ho na thak gaye hogey.
Manasvi smiles and moves towards her room with cherry….while Leaving she smirks and murmurs “ye to bas shuruwaat hai….aagey aagey dekho kya kya toot ta foot ta hai”
Twinkle and mahi see her smirking and look at each other with a tensed face.
Twinkle: Ohhhh so anita aunty has found a bahu just lIke her….we will hav to be extra conscious now…as there is 1 more devil in the game now.
The screen freezes on her tensed face.

PRECAP- Twinkle discusses about what she saw and about manasvi’s behaviour with kunj….but kunj remains silent.

Heyyy guys I really hope ull liked the Epi….plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments….luv u all….stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 41


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 41


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