Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 30) LAST EPISODE

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 30) LAST EPISODE

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – EPISODE 30

Episode 29

Recap: Radhika’s pregnancy confirmed

Ardhika is at cloud nine now after knowing about their parenthood. Ardhika’s parents are very very happy becoming grandparents. They all are started pampering radhika

to the core including Arjun. Radhika is tired of enjoying all these pampers and now she feels that she wants to run away from this. Since Radhika resigned her job, she couldn’t meet Sam, so they both spent most of their time in the phone and discuss about their household matters also. One day morning, Radhika wakes up so early and gets ready in a new saree and looks Arjun curiously, infact she is expecting something from him. But he not even look at her fae and gets ready to leave office. Radhika becomes upset seeing him going without telling her anything. She comes down and gets blessing from shailu and Kishore. They blessed her but when she is about to say the reason they ignored her and leaves to do their work. Radhika is like now crying but she makes a pout face and goes to her room. In the evening Shailu asks Radhika to accompany with her to the temple, but radhika refused saying she is tired but still Shailu forces her and gets her to the nearby temple. They both spent sometime nearly 1 hr in the temple. Radhika looks puzzled seeing her act but did not ask anything since she was angry on her. Then they both lead to home and shailu asks her to go and open the door in the meanwhile she takes her mobile and acts like talking to somebody. Radhika goes and open the door and finds no power and it is full of dark. She moves further steps and gets jerked off hearing so many screams saying, “HAPPY BDAY RADHIKAAAAAAAAAAA”. The light comes off and now she is able to see everyone. Her eyes starts from her parents to kishore to Nesam to Arjun and there it halts and looks him emotionally with tears in that eyes. Shailu comes from back and hugs her saying, “Many many more happy returns of the day my dear sweet Radhi”. She kisses her cheeks and blesses her. Soon everyone comes and hugs her and wishes for her bday.

Arjun stands at the back and looks at her lovingly, radhika also stares him and nods him to come to her.He smiles and moves towards her and hands her a beautiful
bouquet with full of redroses and says, “HAPPY BDAY MY DEAR”. Radhika gets the flowers from him and hugs him tightly and says, “THANK YOU”. He too hugs her tightly and asks sorry for making her worry from the morning. She smiles and kisses his cheeks saying “I can for this kind of surprises”.

Others looks at them impatiently and seperates them to cut the cake. Radhika makes Arjun also to hold the knife and they both cut the cake and she feeds the first piece to her love and he too feeds her. Everyone started giving the gifts and her eyes halts at only one person. He smiles at her and raises his eyebrows pointing to their room. She gets the note and nods as yes. Soon everyone moves little away from her and enjoys the party. Arjun slowly goes towards his room and signs Radhika also to come soon. Nesam noted this and teases her a lot and finally they send her to him. Radhika as soon as entered the room, Arjun closes the door and hugs her from back and says, “So how was the surprise? Do you think i can forget your bday?”

Radhika: Actually to tell the truth, i really thought that you forgot it.

Arjun: That’s what i want. I really want to surprise you and you know what, the day when i met you first and till now, only one person’s bday is in my diary (pointing his heart) and thats you.

Radhika turns to his side and says, “Enough of these senti dialogues now tell me where is my gift?”

Arjun pulls her nose and moves to wardrobe and takes a parcel and hands it to her. She gets happy and eagerly opens it and becomes shock seeing the gift. It is nothing but the Saree which she likes it when they did shopping for Nesam’s marriage. She can’t believe her eyes and gently touches the saree and looks at Arjun unbelievingly.

Arju leans on the wardrobe door and ties his hands across his chest and looks at her reactions smilingly. She goes and hugs him tightly and says, “I can’t believe this, but when did you get this and how come you know i liked this”.

Arjun: I know each and everything about you. I was there at the place where you saw and checks for the price in the shopkeeper. Leave all this and now go, wear it and show it to me.

Radhika rushes to washroom and wears it and comes out and stands infront of Arjun. Arjun just mesmerized seeing her and completely lost in her beauty. He cups her face and kisses in her forehead and says, ” I want you to be happy like this forever”. Radhika, “If you are with me then i don’t anything else to be happy”.

They both share a passionate hug and after sometime they goes down and joins in the party. Their life becomes so beautiful and their love increases on each and every day.

After 8 months, Radhika is now 9 months of pregnancy and admitted in the hospital since her delivery date is the very next day. Arjun cancells all his meeting and deals everything and he just wants to be with Radhika till her delivery. Nesam also comes to hospital and they all very happy finding Sam is 3 months of pregnant now.

Unfortunately, radhika gets the labor pain before the date itself and she is screaming in the pain. Arjun tries to calm her down but more than her he feels the pain. She holds his hands tightly and tells him not to leave her hand. Doctors takes her to the OT and stops arjun but radhika wants him to come inside. Then doctors also allowed him inside the OT since it becomes normal now having husband beside the wife. Radhika holds his hands tightly and winces in pain continously. Outside the OT, both of their parents worries hearing her scream and prays god silently. Nesam walks here and there and waiting for the new arrival.

Arjun rubs her forehead and continously supports her and pats her hands to make her strong. But though he did all this, even he himself is crying of not able to see her angel screaming in pain. Finally after a long struggle they heard a sweet voice which is of very new who is raising its voice to grab others attention. Yes radhika finally delivered the baby and becomes unconscious. Arjun sees her in peaceful sleep and gets emotional seeing his baby and kisses her forehead. Doctors show him the baby and tells it is a boy. Arjun becomes so happy and looks at the baby who is still crying of landing in a new world. Nurses get the baby for cleaning and after sometime they hands over the baby to him. He looks at the baby who blinks with his small eyes and holds it gently and kisses him. He takes the baby outside to show it to other and meanwhile, radhika is been shifted to normal room.

Everyone becomes so happy seeing the baby boy and goes to see radhika. Radhika gets conscious and gets the baby. She cries happily seeing the baby and hugs it lovingly. After few days she gets discharged from the hospital and moves to their home. Day passed, Months passed and years too passed.

Its been 3 years now. Ardhika named his son as “Arthik” (the name of Arthik has formed an independent, positive, and determined personality). Ardhika’s home is in full joyest mood of celebrating their one and only son Arthik’s 3rd birthday. Every body joins the party except 3 people. More than Ardhika, their son is waiting and looking at their door eagerly. Soon a bunch of smile comes to his face and he start runs to the door. There he hold the hands of a 2 yr girl baby who comes with her parents Nesam. Arthik in his cute voice calls her as,”Chanju Chanju… yeah Chanju came”. he starts clapping seeing her and jumping in excitement. Nesam takes Arthik in their hands and Ardhika takes Chanju..sorry sorry it is only for Arthik. The girl baby name is Sanju…Sanjana.Ardhika takes Sanju baby in their arms and now they all goes to cake cutting. Arjun helps Arthik in cutting the cake and the first piece he feeds it to Sanju. They all become happy seeing their lovely bond.

The elders are becoming so happy to see their children’s happy family and blesses them to be like this forever.

Arjun holds Radhika’s hands and kisses it and says, “Thank you for comeing ito my life Radhika. I wish you and our son to be happy like this forever”.

Radhika says, “If you are with me then i dont need anything else to be happy…you are my life…everything i want. I LOVE YOU ARJUN”.


They both share a tight hug and soon gets seperated hearing a cough sound. The photographer calls all the family members to be for a group photo. They all are now a happy family and their new generation also joins in their group now. They all give a nice group photo which will be the long lasting memory for them.

The enemity between them turns into a saga love now and they are competing each other in loving the other one. Arjun and Radhika doesn’t know that Fate gives them a wonderful gift in their life when they are at their childhood. Fate starts it games at their young age and continues playing till now by making them one though having so many hurdles in their way. They solved everything by trusting each other and lives a wonderful life forever.

ENEMITY ends here and only LOVE is gonna live with them – THE END !!!!

YESSSSSSSS…FINALLY i finished this FF. First of all i have to thank each and every one of you all for ur continous support and encouragement towards my FF..sorry it is not min.. it is our FF. This FF belongs to all of us. I am bit emotional now for ending this FF. Literally tears drops down from my eyes when i am writing this. I have to say that this FF is very very close to my heart and this only brings me the beautiful ladies as my friends. I have got lot of friends now just because of this FF.

I know i have not reply for most of your comments Now i want to say thank you to everyone who supports my ff.

I will start with Gauri, Bhabya, Rosie, Maandey, Naaga, Dipika, Vinitha, Kanika, Shree, Shreya, Swara, Dhara, Lavanya(i m missing your long long comments now), Rg, Roma(i never replied to her comments bt she always gives me a tight hug and loads of love after reading my FF), aastha, Kavina, Hayathi, Gayathri, Susi, Anwesha, Brin, Hope, Riki, Manju, Manha, deepthi, Cherry, Mishi, Abi, Anu, Zayn, Hitakshee, Feby, Jyo…i know i forgot so many names…pls forgive me if i left anyone.

To each and everyone and mainly the silent readers….A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALLLLLLLLLLLLL

My another FF is “MY IMPOSSIBLE LOVE”. Pls do read that and support me as always.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 30) LAST EPISODE


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 30) LAST EPISODE

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