A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 2)

A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 2)

Scene 1:

Episode starts with bulbul getting inside the class giving angry look to the guy…Kishore a friend of that guy comes and says “hey Purab !! What u r doing here our class room is in first floor yaar..yet searching the class ahaa…come”.Purab still seeing bulbul cant avoid his friend says” yeah…kishore just finding the class room (still seeing bulbul who is in pain )come lets go” after purab went bulbul see the place.she is still angry and irritated.she thinks “After made me hurt saying sorry just like that????…all my fault I made my first day horrific…i should have left from early..and who is irritated on herself closing her eyes and says When u will change bulbul?? She gets shocked hearing a voice “We can change bulbul …can you leave some space for me please??? said a girl smiling at bulbul…bulbul gets embarrassed that she talked out little loud and says “yeah sure!!” Giving hesitant smile and gives her space…guess whose that girl

Scene 2:

Pragya gets some thoughts and starts going out of her cabin and opens the door of a cabin which is next to hers and says “what happened to my PA today.still lot of work is in pending and u here seems enjoying in office time” the man gets shocked seeing pragya there starts stammering”no no madam ji (seeing pragya getting angry with his words says ) sorry sorry pragya dii just hungry..(hides the samosa behind ) and smiles childish on other pragyas angry look changes immediately and starts laughing and says “see your face Ronnie how scared you are and again starts laughing.Ronnie realises that he is sweating and manages that he was just acting.she finishes her laugh and says”ok ok just continue”and goes out.After closing the door she gets thinking something thing serious and says

“No matter what I have to finish this issue”

Scene 3:

Here our rock star is shown coming down from stage after finishing his concert.Seeing a lot if fans his painful face makes some smile in his lips and walks with his guard who is dying there in the crowd rescuing him.Abhi who kept his guitar in his shoulder walks seeing the crowd and thinks”No matter what I have to move on “and is getting more painful thoughts…he breathed heavy and waves his hand towards the fans.I too getting a feeling to find what it might be

A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 2)


A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 2)

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