Strangers with memories (Episode 3)

He came closer and said “ Hi, My name is Aniket”
Aditi was staring at him and before I could say anything she said “ So?? What do you want?”
He was looking at me and her and was stammering “I….. wanted… tooo..kkkknn…know your name”
Before Aditi could embarrass him again, I smiled and said, “Hi, my name is Deepthi and this is my friend Aditi”
He said Hi to both of us and said “ will meet you again and went out and sat at his place again”
I was blushing and all the other girls around me already started speaking about the fact that he came and spoke to me and were teasing me and all of a sudden a burst of laughter from the guys gang. We look that side and see that the guys were obviously teasing Aniket and he was blushing like a tomato! I just nodded my head and started speaking o Aditi.
Few days went by and I never spoke to Aniket except for exchanging glances and smiling,

It was our mechanical lab day and we were all given a metal plate and we had to file it. We had a lab of 3 hours and 1 hour passed by and I was still filing. Aniket was the first one to finish and I was shocked how soon he did and then few of the girls asked his helped, he told that the sir had told him not to help anyone. The girls were disappointed. I didn’t want to ask him as I know he would turn me down too. I held pride and was continuing and continuing. 2 hours passed by and then the sir monitoring us went out, while all girls looked to Ani for help, he came to me and said I will help you. All the other girls were shocked, and started murmuring. Ani didn’t even bother and started fling my metal piece so fast. He almost completed 90% of my work. I stopped him and told that I will do the remaining and it is okay! He smiled and said, I will help the other then. I nodded and said him thank you! He smiled back and said “ I like when a girl needs me to help her. You are quite independent. But I like the attention I get from a girl when she turns to me as a superhero” and walked off to help the other girls in need. He was really the super hero of the day, helping so many with his strong hands.

….I came back to the reality, All I had now was his photo and not him. The words echoed in my ears. How did it change in 3 years? Did the superhero had a flaw? Or did he change? What made him change? Was it me? Several questions pondered in my head. My eyes had swollen crying and I thanked god, my parents and Deepak was not in town. They never wanted to see me like this. I washed my face and wanted all this to be a dream. I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. While I was making my coffee, I remembered how much I am addicted to coffee now. I never liked coffee and I still remember the first day I had coffee. It took me back to the old days again…
Me and Aniket were friends now. Even though we never spoke to each other much. We were quite comfortable to speak to each other during the breaks. Aditi didn’t like him. She always felt that good guys don’t exist! Aniket was good looking and very smart. I recently got to know that he was a gold medallist in his 12th and the college had sponsored him to join. Aditi was sick and I was alone that day at lunch, I was eating alone and Aniket came with his sandwich and coffee and asked if he could sit with me. I told him an yes. He asked me why aditi didn’t come. I answered him that she is not keeping well.

He asked again ‘ So Deepthi, what do you like?”
I answered “ I like a lot of things, in what reference are you asking?”
He smiled and said again “ I mean your favorite or pass time drink?”
I told him “ I do drink milk! My mom doesn’t allow me to step out if I don’t finish my glass of milk”
He laughed and said “ You are still a kid!”
I was like “ Heyy, what do you mean”
He replied “ It is that you still drink milk like a child so. I love coffee and I cannot imagine a single day without coffee. I can go without a girlfriend but not without a coffee” and soon he corrected and said “ not that I have a girlfriend, I was just using a reference”
I blushed and gave a whatever kind of expression and said him “ I do not like coffee. I have not tasted it but I do not like the smell of it”
He was like “ whaaat!!? You don’t like coffee! Well, Deepthi, you need to come with me and I will introduce you to the world of coffee and I am sure you will like it. Will you come??”
I was a little hesitant but I didn’t want to turn him down. I replied “ Okay, as long as I share the bill”
He smiled “ Being independent eh?? So, you still do not regard me to be a superhero! Anyway, it’s a deal. I will introduce you to the rich flavour of coffee and I am sure you will love it”
We didn’t have 3 afternoon classes and Aniket asked me if we could go now. I told him a yes. He got his bike and he took me to a nice cage which also had a brewery. The smell of the roasted coffee bean was so nice and it spread the aroma to the surrounding. He ordered a cold coffee for me and he took a latte, his usual favorite.

I took the first sip and damn, it was delicious! I turned to Aniket and said “ This is tasty!”
He said “ See, I told you that you will like it!”
I smiled and he ordered a hot one as he wanted me to try it. He told he would bring the coffee for me. When he was coming with the coffee, it was like a greek god walking with coffee! It had beautiful heart on it and with sprinkled chocolate powder had D written. I was like awwww. I dint want to spoil the design. I looked up to him saying the same. He smiled and said “ It is my heart with you in it”

For a moment, I was shocked and didn’t know if I was imagining things or he really said it. I pretended not to hear what he said, I asked him “ Did you say anything?”
He blushed and said “ Aaaaaaaaa… nothing! Try the coffee!”
I smiled and was about to take the first sip. But he stopped me all of a sudden!

Strangers with memories (Episode 3)


Strangers with memories (Episode 3)


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