Santoshi Maa 2nd April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 2nd April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santoshi’s family ask Madhu about Santoshi. Madhu says I don’t know. Seshnath asks did you do anything with Santoshi and lying that she has run away. Daksha cries and asks did you kill her for dowry. Seshnath says I will file police complaint. Pratap scolds him on his status. Madhu says if you don’t leave, I will call police, I will blame you for theft and get you arrested. Daksha says I think there is something wrong here, we will leave. Pratap calls watchman to take them. Seshnath says I will come to take Santoshi. They leave. Madhu thinks to do something, matter is getting worse.

Agnidev tells Brahmadev that he did not any sign that there is Asur powers in devlok. Brahmadev says its worrying that Asur powers have crossed first step, we should be careful, inform all Devtas, so that that Asur powers don’t stay here. Agnidev greets him and leaves.

Prabha asks Madhvi did she tell Pulkit and Supriya not to do any drama here. Madhvi says yes, I told them and explained everyone, I got that partition rope removed, I told Supriya to get Pulkit. Ganga comes there with Santoshi and Sagar looks at her. He recalls his invitation. Jhanvi thinks Ganga came here too.

Niranjan stops Madhvi. Ganga says you wanted me to come in your reception, so I came. Sagar says you came to show you don’t care for me. Ganga says no, I came to congratulate you both, this gift is from my side. Sagar asks did you get this same sindoor box from which I filled your maang, are you in your senses. She says yes, this sindoor is just red color for me, I will give it to one who has right on this. Sagar stops her and says you won’t give this to Jhanvi, I will keep this box, this will make me realize that you made fun of my love, you used me and cheated me. Ganga says who cheated whom, its better not to discuss that, you are going to start your new life today. She leaves.

Santoshi stops Jhanvi and says I don’t know you, but relation made on selfishness does not give happiness. Kranti Maa’s goons arrive in the function. Kaka shows Santoshi’s pic to people and tries to find her. Santoshi asks Ganga is that true what Sagar said, did he fill sindoor in your maang. Ganga says yes, filling maang does not make a girl someone’s life. Santoshi says I can understand, but sindoor is suhagan’s jewelry. Ganga says I believed that for many years, I understood sindoor is a sorrow. Santoshi stops her. The goons think how to shoot Santoshi and see a chandelier. They think to show this murder as accident. Ganga says Sagar left supporting me in tough time, he held someone else’s hand. The man cuts the chandelier’s rope. Santoshi says I will go and drink water. She goes. Ganga stands under the chandelier. The man cuts the rope completely. The chandelier gets down. Sagar runs to save her and pulls her. Chandelier falls down. Everyone get shocked.

Everyone ask Ganga and Sagar are they fine. The goons catch Santoshi. Ganga looks for Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, see your state, no one will come to help you. Devi Santoshi can’t see anything. Santoshi Maa sees Santoshi happy. Gaumata asks what happened, you don’t look happy when Santoshi is happy. Santoshi Maa says seeing much happiness in Santoshi’s life is surprising me. Gaumata asks how, this sight is before our eyes. Santoshi runs away from the goons. Ganga and Pulkit try to find her. The man says its enough now, I will kill this girl. He shoots Santoshi. Ganga and Pulkit hear the gunshot.

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Santoshi Maa 2nd April 2016 –


Santoshi Maa 2nd April 2016 –

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