Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 3)

Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 3)

Hi friends I so happy with the response , I am in clouds 9 , and one more thing is that from tomorrow my school reopens and i am in grade 9th now so i need to work hard so i cant post daily , OK now enough of my bakwas and let’s start

The episode starts with twinkle’s phone rings and she goes , she takes few minutes and she comes back
Twinkle : so were where we
Uv: ya , twinki he is my bf kunj
Kunj : hi I am kunj kunj sarna

Twinkle :hi myself twinkle taneja
They shake hands , kunj was lost by her touch , she calls out his name and he comes to senses
Saanskar : guys it’s twinkle’s first day so we have to celebrate
Twinkle : no..no no guys that’s not needed others won’t feel comfortable
Swara : don’t worry twinkle we all are prefectly fine about it , we want to know about your opinion ?
Twinkle : if you all insist OK then
They all shout yay !!!

The college gets over and they all goes to their respective home and gets ready for the party tonight ,

Swaragini’s room

Swara : ragini , oops di what should I wear ???
Ragini: that’s the same question I have
Swara thinks and takes a pink and purple one piece and says prefect
Ragini : wow , you got a prefect one but what about me ??
Swara hands a dress it was a green one piece ,
Ragini: wow swara its awesome and gives a peck on her cheeks , both goes to get ready

Khushi’s room

Khushi : oh Devi maiya , what should I wear i am confused , then she picks two gowns and tells both are beautiful what to do ,

She takes a look at both and comes to a conclusion saying I will wear this blue gown ,
She goes to get ready

Twinkle’s room

Twinkle is thinking which dress she should wear , then she takes a black glittery one piece and says I will wear this one for sure , she smiles

Boys didn’t take that time , they took a Jeans and T-shirt and wore it

Boys reach the spot and is waiting for the girls and tellings look this girls always takes time but look we reached on time , suddenly a black bens stop and a girls start to come out

Swara comes out :- she is wearing a pink and purple one piece , with matching accessories and a pink pump heels ,

Ragini :- she is wearing a green one piece , and matching accessories and a dark green pump heels ,

Khushi :- she is wearing a blue gown , and with matching accessories and a blue pump heels ,

Kunj was diying to see twinkle At last she came out

Twinkle :- she is wearing a black glittery one piece , and with matching accessories and a white glittery pump heels ,

The boys were astonished to see the girls , but uv was not as his chinki has not come yet :)

They all go inside and have fun , they all have shots and girls and uv gets out of control and Dances on ladki beautiful from kapoor and sons and have fun , kunj manages to get twinkle come to sense as she only had little , he gives her lemonade and she gets a bit OK , they see all got the kick of shots and acts weird , twinkle tells kunj to go for a walk he agrees ,

They both starts to walk and and twinkle starts talking kunj gets mesmerized to see her talking when her hair is flying around her face , he sees her lovingly and suddenly twinkle stops and calls out kunj

Kunj : yes
Twinkle : kunj pani Puri
Kunj : do you like to have some ?
Twinkle : yes , I haven’t had it since long
Kunj : its OK let’s have , they have pani Puri and the some Pani Puri gets on kunj’s lips , twinkle tells him but he doesn’t get where it’s properly she removes it for him and they have a fun time.

Precap : twinkle starts to feel for kunj , kunj and twinkle stuck inside a room and they have a hug

Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 3)


Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 3)

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