tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 2)

hi frnds i’m karthika presenting u epi-2.

the episode starts with in abhi’ s office.abhi comes in and everyone wished him gud mrng.he found two employees seriously talking about abhi’s nature they said that sir doesn’t even know the word of love he’s arrogant and hitler.abhi heard it and moves forward towards them.the employees told sir… he stopped them and didn’t here their excuses and he fired them from their job.
IN ABHI’S CABIN:a knocking sound.it’s ronnie

(abhi’s PA personally very close to abhi).
ronnie asked abhi why did he fire the girls only because they told u arrogant.abhi told not at all they i don’t even want to here the word the love around me.he told is nothing than bull shit.here pragya telling to purab that love is everything in our life.here abhi saying love just makes everyone blind and here pragya telling love only gives us meaning of our life and makes life bright.pragya here says i’m in love with love.there abhi is saying i hate love.the screen freezes showing abhi and pragya partly.

tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 2)


tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar (episode 2)


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