Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 1

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The Curse ( Ek Paheli )

*Disclaimer – I wish if some director or producer is reading my ff and likes my concept ??…. And dear readers please don’t get afraid like Anushika ?? It’s just fiction…

Chapter 1.

The Freeking Birthday…


A girl wearing black strapless one piece enters a party wid a party eye mask. She hugs her friends n joins dancing. A guy named Sid comes to her.

Sid : Hi!
Girl : Hey Sid!
Sid : drink!?
Girl : Actually no!? Next time!
(Sid gives her soft drink n she drinks it. After few minutes she feels dizzy.)
Sid : u k!?
Girl: hmmm…. I’m feeling dizzy…. (She loses her balance n falls on him. He holds her n smiles evilly. He drags her away from the dance floor.)
Sid : this was wat I always wanted…..?
Girl: wat!? (Not on her senses. He removes her mask. Her eyes were very beautiful n even she! She was carved by angels…. The boy looks at her seductively. He comes near n holds her waist.)
Girl : Sid!? (He shuts her mouth wid his finger.)

Sid : Shh….!! ?
(He was about to kiss her when he gets dragged away from her n collides on wall. She hears hoarse whooshing sounds n opens her eyes wide. She was all scared seeing those scary shadows. She backs off. He doesn’t understand who pulled him but only she knew. He got up n caught her hand. When he caught her hand even his eyes got widened seeing red flame coming towards him. He gets burnt in the fire. She realises her hand n gets lil burn on hand. She saw him getting burnt by the flame lit by those shadows…. She ran away while he kept screaming for help. He heard a voice.)
Voice: Any human trying to come closer to her wud burn…..She belongs to the immortal one…..forever….

After half hour.

Sid was dead. His body was brutally burnt. His body was taken n Swara who was shocked n felt guilty for his death sat down. She saw his dead body n noticed a mark on his wrist. The mark was weird. She carefully gazed it.

Police : So Miss. Swara …..why did u kill him!?
Swara : (shocked) No sir!? I didn’t kill him!! Why wud I kill him!! ? I’m innocent trust me!!
Police : (Points the burn on her hand.) wats this then!? can u pls explain me…
Swara : I was there wid him….but I didn’t burn him! (She tried to explain him. Her mom n dad arrived.)
Swara : mom dad! Pls tell them na! I didn’t do anything! ? Rather he tried to kiss me forcefully n then those…..those shadows appeared n burned him…
Police : (laughs) shadows!? killed him!?
Mom : Sir….She is saying true…. wait… (She calls someone .) Hello….speak to Police…. (the police takes the phone n talks.)
Police: hello…

Dr. : hello I’m Dr. Bhanushali. Swara’s psycho therapist…
Police : psycho therapist!?? Is she….. (Swara looks at him.)
Dr. : No! She is my patient. Actually it’s since her childhood that some shadows r visible to her which r invisible to us….She can even hear their hoarse whooshing sounds. She might be telling truth. She has a pure heart like a kid…She can’t burn anyone alive! She is not a psycho!
Police : K…… (He hangs up. He looks at innocent face of Swara.)

After a month.

Conviction was passed and as per the conviction Swara was to complete her high school education in West Haven High School in Dehradun. West Haven had other ‘troubled’ kids also. Then she shifted to her dadu and dida’s residence.


11th September, 2015.

Swara looks herself in mirror.

Swara : Haw!!!!! ?? Dark circles !! Shoru this insomnia is causing ur beauty also ?? How mean this insomnia is…phew…. (She looks back in mirror and bursts out.) Stop it Shoru !!! Well happy birthday to you princess….

She goes in washroom and gets ready. She comes out and goes down for having breakfast. Her dadu n dida were sitting down on dinning table itself.

Dadu : happy birthday Shoru…
Dida : may God bless you dear. Happiest birthday baccha.
Swara : ok ok thanks guys !! Now shall I have my breakfast !?

They nod. 3 of them have their meal. Swara gets up.

Swara : Chal then I’ll go…its 11 !! I’ve to visit orphanage and then even my best friend Jesus!! So much to do na… phew!! Anyways bye…

She takes the keys of her cycle and goes out. She rides cycle to orphanage. She reaches the orphanage. Some kids run to her and hug and wish her. Sunita, the nanny comes.

Sunita : Arey Swara… happy birthday…
Swara : thanks Sunita!! How is chhotu !?
Sunita : he is sleeping.
Swara : ok nice…..

She notices a small girl sitting idle on window silĺ.

Swara: Sunita woh kon hain !? New or what !? I’ve never seen her….
Sunita : oh woh! She doesn’t speak anything. Seems like she is dumb n deaf… I saw her near graveyard sitting idle. I brought her here. She plays with none but cries seeing a damaged locket. She doesn’t wear the locket but also don’t allow anyone to touch it. She eats lil…. She is just 5 !!
Swara : ok I’ll see to her…. Till then take care of others. I’ll be back !

Swara goes to the girl.

Swara : hmmmm….. so I think someone doesn’t like to be part of my birthday and don’t even want to wish the birthday girl, huh !!? Ok no problem….

The girl turns. She was too pretty. She was wearing frock and hair were brown with a cute hairband. She was 5. She stares at Swara with horror. Swara was amused. Then the girl smiles and runs to her.

Girl : Mumma…….

She hugs Swara tightly. Swara feels a sudden current through her body. She shuts her eyes. She could see something. She sees a girl lifting a tod n turning her round and round. The toddler giggled.

Tod : stop na mumma…. Mumma please stop !!
Girl : Achha ok !! But u have to give me a kiss ok !?
Tod : ok !!

The tod kisses the girl on cheeks. Swara noticed a locket in the tod’s neck. Tears rolled down Swara’s eyes.

Girl : don’t cry…

Swara opens her eyes and notices the girl trying to stretch her leg so that her hand would reach Swara’s face to wipe her tears. Swara finds her behaviour sweet and sits on knees. The girl wipes her tears.

Swara : I won’t cry dear….

Suddenly it clicks her mind that the girl spoke.

Swara : Beta wats ur name !?
Girl : (fumbles) Crys… Kristene !!
Swara : Kristene !? It’s so nice and unique …
Kristene : Thanks… what is your name !?
Swara : Swara…. Achha listen why did you called me mumma !?
Kristene : (fumbles) Um… Um…. I miss my mumma…..
Swara : hmm ok ! So let’s cut the cake !?
Kristene : it’s ur birthday !? Happy Birthday !!

Kristene kisses her cheeks. Both go near cake. All kids were there. They sing song and Swara cuts cake. They celebrate the birthday and shower love and gifts on Swara. Kristene comes to Swara.

Kristene : Swara…!?
Swara : ha say Kristene..
Kristene : I’m sorry I don’t have anything to gift you….
Swara : so what !? I liked the peck and ur hug ! It’s like a gift !!
Kristene : (thinks) wait !! I’ve one thing !! but hope you would love it ……
Swara : of course !!

Kristene opens her fist. There was a locket. Swara was stunned looking at the locket. It was platinum and bit damaged. Kristene makes Swara wear the locket.

Swara : it’s wonderful…..
Kristene : is it !? You know what this locket shines when there is true love…. whenever it would shine conclude that your love is nearby…
Swara : hmm… It’s magical !? I liked it !! Wait….. would you accompany me to church !?
Kristene : Yes …
Swara : wait I’ll inform Sunita and leave. You wait near my cycle I’ll come…
Kristene : ok….

Swara informs Sunita and comes.

Swara : let’s go !!

Kristene back and holds Swara’s waist tight. She rides to church. They get down and go inside. Swara and Kristene go to Priest for taking blessings.

Swara : father I’m Swara and she is Kristene……

Swara notices the priest sweating and staring Kristene horror. She notices Kristene looking at priest with widened eyes. The priest gulps and nods.

Swara : father what happened !? Kristene !?
Kristene : nothing….
Father : Nothing child … But remember one thing follow your heart always…

He leaves from there. Swara finds it weird and both leave. While walking Kristene turns back and smiles evilly and winks. Swara drops Kristene orphanage and leaves for home back. While riding she again falls down due to harsh winds. She tries to get up but falls again. She hears some voice. Her heart beats fast. She gets up and walks towards woods. She herself was unable to understand why she went to woods… She stopped. Sat down on knee.

Swara : God !! Why am I here !? Am I gone mad….

Her heart beats fast. She wipes off the dust beneath her and from surrounding. She gets shocked.

Swara : it’s same place where I had seen ice… Why did destiny brought me here back !? What does my heart wants !? And if father said to follow my heart I think I need to follow my heart….

While dusting she keeps palm on ice still. She gets shocked learning that her locket was shining. She remembers that Kristene had told her that it shines where there is true love. She turns to see whether someone is there or not. She sees no one. She realises that the ice starts melting. She sees her still palm beneath another palm separated by ice. She keeps looking and the locket keeps shining brighter. The ice suddenly cracks. Swara gets scared. She sat still with horror. And the ice broke. She fell inside. She was able to see all water and feel cold water and hear water…. water and water on all sides. She can’t swim !! She starts struggling for oxygen. She suddenly feels some grip around her waist from back. She felt goosebumps. The boy holds her arm tightly. She looks at her arm. She becomes hell shocked. As soon as she touches his arm she gets current like she got when Kristene cuddled her. She shut her eyes in pain and saw something.

A boy was hugging a girl from back.
Boy : so you won’t give me my gift !?
Girl : Yes. U don’t deserve it…
Boy : so Lucifier does, huh !??
The girl turns and hugs him tightly.
Girl : please don’t take his name…
Boy : okay dear !

Swara comes to her senses. Her locket still shined. She notices that the tattoo which was once incomplete was complete !!

** Actually she had a tattoo on her arm since birth. It was beautiful but weird as well. It had letters ‘ den ‘ The tattoo seemed incomplete. The tattoo was on her left arm.

And she was shocked because the tattoo was complete with his arm !! His arm had same type design with letters ‘ Crys ‘. And when her and his tattoo came close the tattoo was complete !! She could read the name as ‘ Crysden ‘ !!! She realised that the tattoo had name Crysden !! She was now hell confused. The boy comes in front. He holds her palms and fingers (like in cover pic) She feels goosebumps. She could not see his face. He lifts her up with hands. Her head was now out and she breathed in oxygen. But she was all confused. She still holded his palms tight.

Recap – High School mein Entry. Sanskaar’s entry.

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* Tu hi hain Aashiqui.
* Moh moh ke dhaage.
* Thousand years.
* Sanam re.

Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 1


Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 1


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