Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 1)

Hey guys
I wanted to start a new ff but idk if you guys will like the concept so I’ll do a brief summary then post the actual story later. I got inspired by another fan fiction btw

Twinkle – Best friends with Kunj during college. She is married to Kunj however she loves Yuvi

Kunj – Crazily in love with her. Will do anything for her happiness even if it means he has to sacrifice his love

Yuvi – he loves twinkle however he is very selfish and only thinks about himself. He doesn’t like Kunj because of past issues.

Kajol – She loves Kunj however no one knows about it. She is mentally ill and considers him as hers and hers only

Leela – a loving mother of twinkle. She doesn’t know about Yuvi and twinkle’s past

Usha – Mother of Kunj. Doesn’t like twinkle and tries to get rid of her

Cherry – Brother of Kunj. Is funny ad most of the time the ‘comedian’ of the Sarna family

It has been 5 days since the marriage of Twinkle and Kunj. Twinkle has told Kunj that she loves yuvi and Kunj is upset however for her happiness he pretends like it’s fine

Please tell me how you think of it :)

Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 1)


Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 1)


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