Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 1)

Thk u a lot ur precious comments i am on cloud 9 aft reading it & a wide smile came over my face unknowingly thks for wishing me guys let ur wishes com true

haan guys
bubul will be here aft some epi & there is no tanu&aliya here k coming to the story a big house is shown it resembles a palace in that house a room is shown which contains all the stuffs coloured pink as it was early mor 4am therd was a com sil suddenly an alarm sound broke the silence and a girl woke up hearing it,it was none other than our pragya she got up from her bed &goes to freshnup but when she came out she notices all her 4bhai’s standing there holding a cup,p:whats this bhai?,r:coffee 4u choti[they used to call her choti]s:i brought horlics,p:me boost,rv;and i brought tea for our sweet choti,r:come on choti drk what u want but i know u will drk coffee,all the trio in chorus: bhai it’s not fare &speaking like this they started to fight & pragya gets irked seeing them fighting &shouts,p:stop it what u guys r doing here in this mor?

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 1)


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 1)


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