kaala teeka : an unusual story (Intro)

hi guys this is my first fan fiction . I am saasha and this will be a different kind of fan fiction. i hope u guyz like it
episode 1

Introduction of characters
Nysha – a sweet caring and loving girl
Gauri – a good looking girl and a obedient daughter to her father
Vishwaveer – a loving father and a man who believes in superstitions
Manjiri – a sweet mother who looks after nysha and gauri very well
Madhuri – a good sister of manjiri jha
Neelkand – an innocent boy and the brother of nysha and gauri

Kalyani – a sweet step mother of neelu
Yug – a short tempered boy and a college studying student
Chulbul – mother of yug
Sharmila – kind sister of yug who takes everything positive
Leela – an evil grandmother of yug and sharmila who blindly believes that men are superior

PRECAP: a girl is seen singing bhajan jal rahi hai rah ka ban kar diya. A boy scolding a servant.

i didn’t include yug’s father ,if needed i’ll do it later.
hope u guys like it.don’t forget to comment

kaala teeka : an unusual story (Intro)


kaala teeka : an unusual story (Intro)


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