enemies frm childhood (part-2)

enemies frm childhood (part-2)

Hey guys thanks to all of you for your unconditional support…..i never expected my story would get such support…….had it not been for ypu guys I woul not have realized my talents….okim going to stop blabbering…today im introducing t2 new characters to the story…1 is Prerna(niels mom) and the other is Abhay(rads dad)….

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coming back to our story…….
Everyone had been looking forward to this day. Today their princess was coming into into their lifes to fill it with rainbow colors…..Anjali was ready with an aarthi plate in her hand. As soon as dadaji (anjali’s husband ) along with Abhay, Prerna (she had gone to help mala) mala and baby came her face lit up with happiness. Even the children were jumping with happiness. Soon the mother and child were welcomed home by appling tikaon their forehead. No sooner baby rads was kept on the crib than her cousins surrounded her and kept looking at her cute face…she was sucking her thumb..Rohit spoke out:” oh! She is a baby angelonly wings lacking…..” (Sry guys this sentence is not mine but R.K Narayan’s.hope you wont mind). Suddenly rads opened her eyes to see 18 pair of eyes looking at her…slowly her marred expression changed and she smiled at the lot…seeing this niel”: dadima you wont believe it..but our baby is smiling at us…she looks very cute when she smiles…” saying this niel bent down to give a small peck on her cheeks…well its after effect was that she started crying. To a white faced Niel, Mala told that she(baby rads) was crying because all other bhais did not give her kiss……..(cute isn’t it??)

The preparations for the namkaran were in its full swing. Wherever you looked all you could see were busy men running about with the preparations. It certainly was a bee hive of activity….. Everyone were doing their their best to make the event memorisable….Anjali certainly was very tensed and to add to her miseries the housekeeper and the lady who used to look after the kids were on leave. Since the family members were busy with the preparations no was there to keep the children in control…but it soothed her that the eldest 7 had gone to a summer camp and would return only a day before the ceremony….but the real naughty ones ie our niel and rohit were at home.They could not go to the sumer camp as they were not of age…but these 2 were more than enough to drive everyone crazy…..they all got in the middle of some work and henceforth delayed it…sometimes they would hide the knives in the kichen and when the backs of those at kichen wre turned….lets us what mischief they up to today…….it was around 2pm……after a days long work Anjali had decided to rest for a while before resuming it….she sat down on an arm chair and turned on the recorder to listen to some silent music..but to her horror what came out was “let’s nacho”…a flabbergasted Anjali ran behind the giggling pair to punish them before they took the help of dadaji…..”let it be Anjali…after all they are kida na???”……………………………………

(The rituals of the namkaran is done as it is in kerala. According to the tradition a girl child is named after 28 nights of baby’s delivery.I have done my level best to include all the rituals….please forgive me if everything is not complete…..)
Finally the day dawned. Yes today our princess was going to be named. A blindfolded Mala and our princess was brought to the hall.They opened their eyes to a beautiful sight. It was bound to be as every one had made sure that not one stone was left unturned. It was decorated with flowers in pink and white. Baby pink curtains with lighting on it now adorned the windows. A cream coloured mattress was neately laid on the floor. On its front end, 2 nilavilakku were kept at some distance from each otherand also sweets on plates near it. A beautiful crib was placed near it. Tiny babbie and a teddy hing from its roof. Soon everyone settled down and guests started pouring in. They blessed the child and gave gifts to her..The most awaited guests yes the Mehras came in finally. Little Arjun too had come. After giving gift to the baby he settled down with his friends nie land rohit. As soon as he sat down he whispered to them:” She is just as you both described..sooo cute…”.

Soon the rituals started. The sacred fire was lighted and Pandit ji started to chant sacred hymns to invoke the Gods in the heaven to bless the child. Dadaji performed Nool Kettu by tieing a Black string on rads wrist. Anjali whispered the name Radhika three times in her ear, with the other ear closed with a betel leaf. In Kerala, a black thread and gold chain called an aranjanam are tied around the baby’s waist on the 28th day. In certain parts of the state, it is performed on the 27th if it is a baby boy. Next radhus eyes were lined with mayye or kanmashi (Kohl)and a black spot was placed on one cheek to ward off the evil eyes. Finally a mixture of ghee (melted and clarified butter) and honey was given to radhika as a base for her various foods in the future.

Precap: I have not decided.

Guys how was it….im sure I have not done justice to the rituals….infact I have never seen a namkaran function as im not following Hinduism.i wrote this referring to internet and a video I saw………plzzzz give ur valuble suggesions n plzz say ur opinion about the story taking a leap of 2 years…

enemies frm childhood (part-2)


enemies frm childhood (part-2)

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