is this love? (ISHVEER) one shot

Hi guys I am a silent reader but thought to write a ff actually it’s a one shot and here there is the story about a one sided love….so let’s start…..

A girl was scribbling something in her notes suddenly a lady shouts on her that what was she doing instead of listening the class the girl replied that she was drawing heart shapes every one started laughing she felt embarrassing but one smile made her smile that was his childhood friend ranveer vaghela(rv) and the girl was our ishani. Ishu was school topper but during class she sleeps and she is madly in love with rv. Rv also is genius and like her as a friend. Rv always uses her like a tissue paper but ishu used to forgive him as he was her love. I’ve in quiz competition ishani defeated rv so Rv didn’t talk top her got one week and this one week ess hell for her. Rv never respected her but one guy was who respected her he was Rv’s elder bro shikhar. He actually loves her. Our genius ishu was getting first rank and Rv grew more jealous. Finally ishani proposed Rv and Rv accepted it there was three reasons:-
1. Ishani was very beautiful whole college was crazy on her.(even Rv was crazy on her beauty)
2. Ishaani was very rich.
3. Ishani can easily be fooled by Rv.

So he accepted but one day rv came home fully drunk he shouted on he papa got giving the property to shikhar instead of him due to which shikhar slapped him and he(Rv) left his home but ishu was there for him in every worst situation soon Rv became business tycoon and ishu was famous doctor(cardiologist) soon Rv and ishu got married without Rv parents presence. But first 2 months Rv was good but soon he started to manhandled her but ishu used to forgive him once he asked ishu bro sharman to name one of the company on his name(Rv) but sharman was damn shocked so was ishani sharman said no and isulted Rv. Note Rv was angry he left ishu to her house but ishu pleaded him not to leave her , her family was about to attack Rv when ishu shouted on them and pleaded them to name the company on Rv name Rv was happy and he hugged her but ishu fainted so Rv called doctor and doctor said she was pregnant Rv was happy. But still he use to manhandle her Rv family accepted Rv and called them to their home happy and shikhar was unable to see ishu in pain. One ishu birthday every thing changed Rv have ishu the worst gift divorce paper ishu was shocked but now she was totally weak she signed the paper and ran to her room actually Rv was having affair with a model hritika zaveri. Ishu tried to commit suicide but was saved by shikhar at Nick time and was admitted to hospital. After one month a man it’s shown driving the car he was fully drunk the man was Rv he was cheated by ritika he wanted to plead ishu and he realized his love for her but he met with an accident he was in icu and he was safe now he was in normal ward next day ishu came to hospital for daily check up and she met Rv, note Rv pleaded her but after bearing do much of torcher and betrayal she was now rough and she insulted Rv and left him sobbing their but suddenly she had Labour pain(guys none months are over don’t get confused this one month when rv left her she was 8months pregnant last month shikhar took care of her)

operation was done she delivered a baby girl Rv was happy but falguni told him to stay away from ishu and Rv was fainted due to guilt and later he was in icu ishu came to know about it after 2hrs Rv was dead and ishu was crying like hell her parents told her to marry shikhar for her baby and went from there ishu took a paper and pen and wrote a letter to shikhar to marry her sister ishita as she loves him but never expressed it and they can take care of their daughter and name her as ranisha (ranveer+ishani) and requested them to take care of Rv and ishu’s ansh. Writing this she took a blade and cutted her wrist and she was also dead soon shikhar and ishita married and took care of ranisha.

Guys this is not known as happy ending neither ishani hot love not ranveer. Neither shikhar got love not ishita. Ishu was madly in love with Rv but he tortured her when he realized it was too late.

Love should be there but madly in love leads to wrong route.
Sorry for such a story but If you like do comment and sorry if I hurt someone.

is this love? (ISHVEER) one shot


is this love? (ISHVEER) one shot


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