Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 11)

At present:
Suddenly he awake from deep sleep room Landline ringing, its 6.30 am he has to be ready for shoot, he rubbed his eyes and attend the call with a steeply tone.
“Hello sanskar you woke up ,see what’s the time now”.Neha is in call.
“Give me 15 min I will be there”.
“Oky reach reception at 7 am”.
Entire crew is waiting for him, he is the associate director,actually didn’t much interested in direction as his passion is photography, But neha insisted him to assist her.Thier magazine is also partner of a famous channel. So they cover programs for channel as well as magazine.Its journey with a young TV actress to explore her fav tour destination.Its a heavy shoot from morning,After noon they r all exhausted and take a break.
Suddenly he remeber he didn’t call swara yesterday.His phone is also switched off and forget to take it from hotel.He tried to call from Deepu’s phone his cameraman but her phone is bcy.Then he thought to call uttara.
Uttara: “Hello who’s this..?”.
Sanskar: “uttara , this is me Sanskar.Actually swara called me yesterday,I could’nt get time to call her back and also my phone is switch off.Tell mom and swara that I reached here safely possible to return after 1 week , it may be possible to extend 2 or 3 days.”
Uttara: “Voo Bhai bhabhi is not here..she went to her mom’s house.I will inform her.”
Uttara: “Ohh she reached home, that’s good..good ..will call u later Neha is calling k bye”.
He cut the call immediately with a shiver as his breath is out ..unknowingly his eyes filled.he himself said “I know she will go..she is right from her side, but in this selfish mind a small hope developed at a very corner of my heart..but..stupid Sanskar what u going to expect.. U r very very bad.Stop thinking about her .plz plz..divert divert your mind yaar..these years you r doing the same thing na, then why not this time can do it”.From his mind other said “I feel pity on you Sanskar. At first he defeated you with his decision, then after that she.Cheers for your failures.hahaha”.
His wedding day come to his mind.Everyone is engaged in preparations. It decided to be simple wedding as per swara’s health condition, after that we planned to give a grand reception.These days he did his maximum to bring them close by avoiding them and make himself bcy.When Laksh said that she is only comfortable with me.its like someone stabbed on my heart.Its started bleeding when I felt that am a wall between I ? yes Bz these years in b/w me and her there is no 3 rd person entered and why didnt i realized there should be a space for someone also….
Marriage day at resort 1 hr before. I entered laksh room with his Pagadi.He didn’t get ready.His dress is still there on bed .
Sanskar: “What Laksh u didn’t get ready “.He immediately lock the door.
“Bhai I want to say something.. I can’t marry swara”.He said it in one breath.
It was like someone hitted on my head.

“Lucky, r u joking.But this is not the rite time ,now get ready fast.”
“No bhai am serious, I can’t marry her”. He said it in a firm voice. His eyes is looking sharp.when he become serious about anything, he looks like dat.
“Lucky what u saying I didn’t understand, u don’t want to marry her , one hour left for ur marriage. Now only u realised this”.
“I really don’t know how to convince u.., these days really hard for me to take a proper decision. Finally I reached a point we couldn’t be live happily”.
I saw a file on his hand.
“What is this” I grabbed from him.
Seeing the reports I really get shocked”.
Is this the reason you stepping out from this marriage Lucky”.
“Not only for this , there r many other reasons.You may find me as selfish person.But u know bhai am a business man, in my journey i should face many up and downs,Every time am bcy with in life and office.I want a peaceful life,have already many tension in my work I can’t carry so much tensions in my family life also.I don’t want to mess up my family life”.
“So ..?”
“Yes am leaving from this marriage.I want to tell this to swara”.
Sanskar:”Laksh u r not going do anything like. that..stay on there only.Don’t u love her Lucky..?Are u the same Lucky I always admire and feel proud .Who offered his Life to a rape victim. Now what I will tell her?.Every time I make belive her to trust u and give her new hope. Now you r going to breaks her trust.”
“Life is not all about sacrifice .I belive if we want to, do it from whole heartedly otherwise it has no value”.
Yes I care about her thatz why I am leaving ,I don’t want any adjustments in my life sorry bhai”.
“But Lucky”.
“Don’t think to emotional blackmailing me”.

“No, Lucky i think you r in a confused state may be, at first let be this marriage happen, after that we will discuss ,don’t do any decision in a hurry.Its all about someone life matter.”
Lucky:”What u saying ,for me marriage is happened only in a life time ,not for many and I hate Divorce and all”.
I didn’t say any thing totally blank.
“bhai am going”. He left the room.
Reports r in my shivering hand. I dialled Dr.Raman
“yes tell me Sanskar”.
“Doctor I read swara report she can’t conceive “.
“Ha Unfortunately side effects of that drug injected is permanent , due to this there is less chance of pregnancy. ”
“But doctor..”. mean while someone knocked the door , he hide the reports. It was swara she is in bridal attire.I feel whole world is shaking around me.
“San I want to see you before entering in to mandap, I know I can’t tell u thanks u r my bestie words r not enough for me..”
She take his palms in her hand,placed it in between her eyes. My hands r wetting.she smiled in tears and turned back once again before going into mandap.I can see new hope glittering in her face.Now everyone will ask about groom, I was numb, called thrice Laksh but he didn’t pick up and I messaged him.
“Am going to marry swara”.
At that time I don’t want her to give a shock by Laksh left her for this reason.i cant see her in devastated .she may be hate me Bz of this marriage, but I can cover the exact reason. But am a fool forget one thing she is my best friend , she can read me even from my eyebrows movement. At that nite she reacted calmly, but I know how much she is shattered and paining inside.Sometimes in life everything not gonna happen straightly ,it gives unexpected twists.
“Hey Sanskar you r here”
His thoughts r intrupted by a loud voice.Deepu is there. “Your wife called me “.He give his phone to me.I didn’t call her just messaged.
Deepu:”Neha you r very bad, why u separate newly wed see his state”.
Neha: ” so what to do, sir married in heriotic style na..I already schedule this shoot.and Sanskar we lost one of our editor sangeetha she resigned yesterday.”
Deepu burst out in laugh.”Neha I think we should immediately conduct a job fair for girls only.God knows now who is going to resign next.”
“Myself got a shock, there is no surprise ” neha muttered.Deepu gives naugty look that he understood what she muttered.
But Sanskar is not aware of what happening around, he is in another world.Neha winks Deepu to leave alone him for sometime.
1 week left they announced pack up.
Sanskar:”Neha I want go somewhere, so you all going back to Kolkata na”
Neha:”K sanskar tc. By d way how is your wound now, is it paining “.
Sanskar: No ,now its starts to heal.”.He got a minor accident in b/w shoot, injured hand and chest.
He left to Raupuri….

Hi guys.. Am out of the town for attending a marriage function, may be I couldn’t reply u all I will try.. Really overwhelmed by your comments .thanks for the support and encouragement friends..and my silent readers u all.Happy weekend.May be vini will upload her fiction today enjoy…

Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 11)


Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 11)


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