Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 8

Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 8

Second chance life….
Episode 8: a new bond forming

Torture. Pure torture. That is what this is. Radhika was on her way to her monthly appointment with her therapist. A therapist. For her to overcome the mental trauma. At first she denied when her doctor and neil suggested it. She agreed atlast when neil said that these sessions were nothing more than councelling. Radhika agreed to this half heartedly. Oh it had proved useful, she ammended grudgingly. She was just not a fan of openly admitting her emotions in front of a stranger like this. But after some sessions she understood that being open with a stranger was easier. Strangers never judged.
But today arjun tagged along with her. For her protection. She allowed him to come along only after he promised that he will wait for her outside the consulting room. Now they were both on the way to see dr. Stephens. Arjun was driving, his full concentration on the road. She couldn’t help but stare at him discreetly. After all he was very handsome, in a dark brooding way. As if sensing her scrutiny he turned to look at her and caught her staring. She was embarrassed and turned to look down at her lap.

Arjun: you can stare at me if only you allow me the same.

Radhika snapped her head up to look at him and glared when saw his wide flirty smile. He was impossible. Now he flirted with her freely, even neil didn’t seem yo mind much. Of course arjun’s comment made her blush but she regained her fiery glare.

Arjun sighed. That glare, that was a fortress. A fortress she had build around her. A shield. Those glares made sure that no one entered her heart or life again. She protected her loved ones inside those heavily protected heart too. He knew what she was trying to do. She didn’t want to be hurt again so she was being closed off to anyone that tried to become close with her or love her. He was trying his best to melt away those walls around her. Trying to bring out the girl that he saw in that photo in his case file. He was trying once again to widen those lips with that beautiful smile and to fill her eyes with happiness. And he won and lost everyday. Always he will break down some of that wall and the next day it will again be build up more strongly. But he was also determined. He won’t give up. He will bring her back.

Arjun: after all it will be a fair trade. You know you can stare at me and i could return the courtesy.

Radhika: no thanks. I was not even looking at you. You are nothing special. And you are not god’s gift to women like you believe yourself to be.

And the words too. Her sharp words, he knew was to cement together that wall to herself. So most of the times he ignored it.

Arjun: no i am not god’s goft to women. I am god’s gift to only one women. You.

Radhika laughed hearing his cheesy line.

Radhika: oh arjun, you are loosing your edge. That was so lame. The worst pickup line ever.

Arjun laughed with her.

Arjun: yeah i admit that was lame. But cut me some slack i am driving. My concentration is not fully on you. Later i will woo you with my best pickup lines that you will fall to your knees begging me to marry you.

Radhika: oh please…… as if that would ever happen. Any way i will be begging you to stop making my ears bleed with your cheesy words.

Arjun: whatever…. we will see.

Radhika: yeah we will.

Sam was tensed. She didn’t knew how to get the information that she wanted. She had an option. Sam could sneak in her father’s study and search for anything suspicious. But if she would be found the consequences would be very dangerous and painful. Her fathers’s wrath. She had faced it only once. But that one experience had scared her for life and from then onwards she wanted to escape from this cold unfeeling family house. But this was for neil. That changed everything. She could face lifelong scars for the happiness of neil. Even though they were not in a relation now, he would always have her heart. So she decided to execute her only choice.

Sam tiptoed to her father’s study. She heard his sound from inside and decided to comeback later. She turned to go but was stopped by hearing his conversation.

Vivek: what? How could this happen? I had planned everything but at the last moment how can you make a mistake like this? We had a deal. You get the girl and i get the mishra’s wealth.

There was a pause in the conversation. Sam looked in the room through the keyhole. She could see her father pacing in front of the door. He was frustrated, she could tell this from his body language. He was continuously running his hand through his greying hair. The limp in his left leg was much more pronounced now. He was listening to his phone, whoever he was speaking with was irritating him.

Vivek: i want to through the plan once more and this time we eliminate all the possible fallout. We could meet at-”

Sam was not able to hear whatelse was said as manya came rushing towards the room. Sam was able to hide behind a pillar before manya saw her.

Sam wanted to stop manya from going inside. Their father was in a dangerous mood. He was unpredictable. But sam could not do anything without giving away her mission.

Sam, from behind the pillar heard vivek’s shout.

Vivek: stupid girl!! Don’t you know to knock before entering?

Sam listened painfully and helplessly as vivek shouted at manya. After sometime manya came out. When she saw sam, her pained scared face became neutral. Sam knew manya was always hurt hearing vivek’s behaviour so she found solacevin money. She became the spoilt princess who shopped till she dropped and who viewed others social status before anything. Manya went from their quietly. Sam wanted to hear vivek’s conversation but manya’s interruption put a stop to it.

Sam was sure the girl he was talking about was radhika but who was on the other end of the line? And what were they planning? She had to find the answers.

Arjun was walking towards his room. It was next to radhika’s. After coming back from therapy she was quiet. He knew that going to therapy and recounting about her old life was painful for her. He just hoped that everything became alright for her. He stopped before her door for an instant. He wanted to go in and check her but what right did he have. She had neil for that. But neil was away on business for somedays. But that didn’t give arjun right to check on her. He sighed and turned to go to his room. What he heard next made his blood go cold and on instinct he rushed into her room.

He saw radhika lying on her bed but she was screaming. Nothing seemed amiss as he looked around her room. He rushed to her side as she jerked awake. She looked at him through her tear filled eyes and started sobbing fiercely. Arjun’s heart missed a beat painfully seeing her like this. He understood something must be bothering her or that she had seen a nightmare. He knew about thosr, neil had told him. Neil also told sometimes it got out of hand and neil had to stay with her, soothing her, for her to go back to sleep. Arjun wordlessly sat on her bed and leaned back and patted his chest. She didn’t need further invitation as she tucked her head below his chin and laid down on the bed hugging him around his waist tightly. He placed one arm around her and stroked her long hair with his other hand. After sometime her sobs stopped and she slept peacefully in his arms. He also slept well holding her, soothing her. Both of them got the best sleep of their life that night.

Saral was drunk and stumbled into his room. His spacious room. He looked around drowsily. All he could see was her. Big brown eyes. Those eyes stared back at him. A nasty smile came on his lips. Every inch of his room’s wall had her picture pasted to it. From their childhood to now. She was an obsession for him. A voilent obsession. He will do anything to get her. Radhika mishra.
He stumbled on to his bed. He won’t appologise to anyone for drinking this much everyday. It was his right. After all he was son of vivek khanna. He had limitless money, what better way to spend it. Helaid down and one last word was uttered huskily before falling asleep. “RADHIKA”

Next episode: life needs some fun.

Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 8


Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 8

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