SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 20

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 20

soooooooooooooo soorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy guys I know you must be angry on me for not posting rgulalry but what to do I am busy with my assignments and projects….you all might knw how college life is sooo plzz try to understand….sooory if this part is not good actuallu I did it in hurry soo…soory I forgot to give the links in previous chapter so here they are…


Natasha’s POV:

“I don’t know Nat’s, and I don’t want to know. What I want is her.” He almost yell. “I already have given her the time I can, but not anymore…. I don’t care if she is ready or not. I don’t care if she never accepts me as her husband. All I care is she stays beside me….. Close to me. So, I can see her wherever I went, I can hear her voice how much I want, I can reach her and hold her in my arms whenever I want.” He has a deep frown on his forehead and his breath is labored. Trying so hard to control his emotions. I never saw him like that.

“This is madness Sanskar. It’s not love, it’s selfishness.” I tried to calm him.

“Then let me be selfish Nats, just for once…. let me be ….. it’s for the best not only for me but for my people too… you know what I do, right?….Is it wise to throw hundreds of lives in hell, just because my girl is not ready to marry me?” He paused for a moment.

“And Nats, it’s best… especially for Shona.” He dropped his head on sofa back, dejectedly.

He closed his eyes and I turned away my face looking outside the window.

I never understand men, perhaps because of bitter past experiences I had. But I came to trust Sanskar, he always proved himself different from the men I used to know. That’s why I allowed myself to open up to him….. and he became the friend I never had…. and Karan become the reason of my life, I raised him like my child.

The bond that Sanskar, Karan and I share is hard to understand. We may not be blood related but we are related by our past. Which is probably the strongest bond that any of us had.

The Sanskar I knew is way different from who I am with now. This person is not my friend, he is Swara’s lover. I sighed and got up.

“Sanskar, I am leaving your clothes are here. Get ready and come down soon.” With that I left his room, I have to meet shona. I was unaware of the situation when we met in boutique that day. But I noticed the way his eyes follows her every movement. That poor girl really needs someone right now.

I may not fell in love and refuse to get marry but I can tell that the love of a man for a woman is demanding and lustful and there are times this lust lead them to be offenders.

I don’t want Sanskar to end up being an offender to the woman he love. It will only break him more. He finally found one reason to live; I don’t want him to lose it.

I went to swara room to see if she’s ready or not…and to my surprise she was…ready in the beautiful dress I especially designed for…..but something was missing…something really precious….her smile….she was all dull and pale…with continuous tears running down her pink cheeks….i can understand how she feels…I have been through the same pain….i know how its feel when your forced by men and you can’t do anything but do as they say….

I went near her and asked her to come along as its almost the time for the rituals….



‘‘are you ready…come lets go down…sanskar must be waiting….’’

‘‘yeah lets go..’’

‘‘are you okay’’i asked her as I saw her shivering figure…

‘‘what do you think…’’

I didn’t know aht to say after that bcuz I knew she was not okay..and I knew she wanted to stop the wedding bu she was helpless…I was helpless…we went down satirs where sanskar was waiting near the mandap…I made swara sit next to him…and left…

Sanskar’s POV:

I got ready in less than 5 minutes and almost run downstairs…afterall I am getting what I wanted….today shona I going to be completely MINE…only mine…god I have been waiting for this day sine ages…and finally the day has…nat’s said I am being selfish…yes I am being selfish….and I don’t care…I want swara at anycost…I want to hold her delicate form in my arms..i want to taste those pink lips of hers…I just want her around me all the time…..and I don’t care if I am being selfish…she is was MINE….she is MINE….and will always be MINE…

I was eagerly waiting for her to come down…I don’t know whats taking her so long…god…I cant control myself…I just want to see how she looks in her wedding dress…and the finally my eye landed on her….Natasha was helping her with her dress…she looked damn beautiful in her red dress. She was wearing too much make up and heavy jewelry which irritated me a lot…she must be feeling tire carrying soo much weight…plus her dress heavy as well…my gaze was full on her while she was descending the stairs…finally she came and sat next to me….i could see she was shivering….and silent tears running down my cheeks….we sat down and the pandit started the rituals….

‘‘why you are shivering. It’s your wedding day…you should be happy’’I said with little smirk and I was definitely not expecting an answer from her…but instead she looked at me with her wet and pleading eye…I guess she still thinks I would stop the weeding…NO WAY…but the red dress is irritating me a lot right now…it is reminding me of her wedding with that bustards Rahul

Swara POV:

I was not understanding anything..i was completely out of my senses….i didn’t know what was happening and what I was doing….just following what the pundit said….i looked around only to find Ragini, Natasha smiling at me and a few maids and the rest was all the black eagle members….there was about 5 to 6 females the rest were all men…As we stood for the pheres I could my feel my body still shivering from fear…my legs were not supporting me anymore…I somehow manage to go around 3 time but the my legs gave up I was about to fall down when Sanskar held me tight by my wait….i tried to get away from his grip….but he tighten it more…and started his questions…like seriously

‘‘what happened…are you okey’’

‘‘yeah I am fine…leave me..’’’ I tried to jerk my hand from his grip but it was useless

‘‘Are you mad how can I let you go’’ and with that he picked me in his arms in bridal style and told the pundit to carry on with the mantra (I guess its called)…how embarrassing…everyone eyes were on us and I just closed my eye not wanting to see anyone. This man can do anything to destroy my life…and we complete the pheres with me being in his arms…I opened my eye when the pundit said the pheres are over and looked up just t fin him gazing at me a playful smirk on his face….why is this idiot…monster always staring at me..

He put me down in my seat and sat next to…I could feel his face near mine and when I turned he was an inch away from me…what the hell..

‘‘enjoyed the pheres…I must say I did…but you were too heavy’’I gave him a deadly glare while he was just smiling…

He then put the sindor on my forehead and mangalsutra around my neck I closed my eye in pain…and he whispered ‘‘YOU ARE ONLY MINE AND WILL AlWAYS BE’’ those word were like a thousand stabs of knife to my heart…I would rather die than by his…the wedding got completed and I saw Ragini and laskya leaving without visiting me…Natasha cam near me and too me for dinner after sometime…

(sorry guys I don’t know anything about indian wedding….soo…)

Natasha’s POV:

After the rituals and dinner I led Swara to Sanskar’s room and she came along like a puppet. I helped her with her heavy red dress and made her sit on bed. I was so happy while designing it and was excited to see how she looks in her dress. But all my excitement died after watching her lifeless eyes, she didn’t utter a single word from her mouth. Just few tears dropped from her eyes.

oh god Help them both

I kissed her head and went out from room. I need to talk to Sanskar.
Swara’s POV:

The room is decorated with red fresh roses and their strong smell making me cringe.

But this is how a newly wedded couple’s bedroom should be, right? I am also a newly wedded bride ….. bride of a monster….bride of a killer.

I slowly massage my temples, my headache got worse than before.

I slowly move back and lean against the back of bed, closing my eyes.

I don’t know when I fall asleep and was awake by loud glass breaking noise. Startled by it, my eyes jerked open and found angry looking Sanskar. The dressing table mirror was broken into several pieces and his fist is bleeding badly.

“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL WEARING THIS DRESS?” he shouted, making me jump from fear.

“GO AND CHANGE IT.” He shouts again.

I abruptly got up from bed and run towards the bathroom, but in this process I tripped over my dress and fell. I feel myself lifting up but my mind wasn’t registering it. When I came back to my senses, I found myself standing, with one of Sanskar’s arm wrapped around my waist.

I gasped and quickly stepped away from him and before he do or says something I ran inside the bathroom not looking back. I Shut the door behind me and leaned against it. My body is shivering from fear, my heart is beating painfully fast and my headache is killing me….

I want to go home….. Papas please come and take me home…..i don’t want to stay with him in his room…I don’t want to be touched by him…

precpa: don’t know

I know some people asked for swasan romance…their romance is gonna start now after their marriage…willinly Sanskar romance..but anyways
hope you enjoyed it..
thank you

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 20


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 20

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