Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 20)

Cabir:wat happened aliya?” he shaked her with his shoulder..
Aliya:bhai is no more..”she said in a shocking tone..tears are brimming frm her eyes…her whole body is shivering…
WHAT…”everyone (xcept manan who r not there) said in unison..they all r also equally shocked…mukti saw aliya’s state and instantly hugged her..
Alia:I’m fine”she said after breaking the hug and wiped her tears..
Abhi:but..all did it happen?
Alia:I don’t know…may b..he paid for his deeds”she said in a stern voice..luking downwards..
Evry1 knows that she is hiding her matter what type of person he is,he was her only brthr…she is badly hurt..but not showing she knows the fact what damage he has done to her family(FAB-5)
Dhruv:aliya..”he lukd inn her eyes and saw the grief in it…she gave a weak smile to him..
Cabir:hm… don’t tell this to manik nd nandu..”he said while lukng at othrs and evry1 nodded their heads in approval..later all sit in car and left the place..throughout the drive she is silent and so r the others..dhruv is sitting beside her on last seat..side hugged her..she put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes..tears were falling down frm her eyes..
Bhai..y did u leave me nd go?I know I was ashamed to b ur sister but I always luvd u..When I came to know that u left me forever,the land beneath me slipped away..because of u…just bcoz of u..i cant even mourn on ur death..Y bhai? Y?”she sobbed badly in dhruv’s arm but made sure her weeps nevr come out of her mouth..

Manik and nandu still in their own world..entered inside the house together..holding each other’s a pure bliss..just when they r abt to put their leg inside..nandu’s eyes r filled wth tears..2 years back..they all entered in the house 2gthr..but didn’t leave together…all memories of their golden tym flashes in front of her eyes..she left manik’s hand and went inside..checking each nd evry corner of the house..although it is not their house in real manner but they have lot of memories with it
Nandu:mani…”she turned around,stopped abruptly..she found him staring at her wth utmost luv in his eyes..that stare was too deep which send shivers to her whole body..he opened his arms and gestured her to come..and she without wasting even a sec ran towards him and engulfed in his arms
Nandu:Im still in spell mani..that the dream I had dreamt day nd night b4 1 nd half year is finally in ur arms..the place where I belong to..”she hugged him more tightly and said all this wth closed eyes..
Mani:”and I lived in this dreams..all 2 years..its lyk after 2 able to breath..u always say na..that u live in my soul..but I realised u r my soul..wihtout u Im nothing more than a lifeless body”
After the hug,they sat on the couch of living area..but still in each other’s arms..not leaving each other even fr a sec.Just then when both r lost in their world..every1 entered inside and they found the most beautiful scenario of the universe..a small smile crept on their faces..evn aliya..they prayed silently to save them frm evry evil eye..
Ahu:May I tell u the truth bhabi..First tym after 2 years,I really feel im back in my home..”she said hugging Ashwath while he hugged and kissed her on the forehead
Cabir:v cant take the smile back frm their faces..manik is smiling after ages..v got our chota sa family back..v don’t discuss anything abt hrshad..”he said while looking at manan and others..they all assured him that they wont..
Cabir(speaking loudly) to manan:
Guys…Can V come inside..r do v have to wait..?”he said lightening the situation..with his broad smile..this makes our manan to come out of their trance..
Nandu:cabir…tum kabhi nahi sudhroge nah..u will nevr change ryt?”she stood and smiled broadly..after seeing that smile on her face,cabir ran to her..hugged her tightly and said”I don’t even wanna change..nandu..v lost evrythng..when u left..pls don’t leave us nd go..”he still hugged her..tears fell down frm his eyes..she is also teary..she broke the hug,wiped his tears and said”promise me that u will never change,thn only ill never leave”she said cutely
Cabir:I promise..”all smile now and manbir hugged tightly..
Navya:aaj..i got my family back..”she said coming frwrd to hug all of them along with abhi….xcluding manik who is holding nandu’s hand,smiling broadly..nandu is the root of family..vthout her evrythng is in pieces and when she is back..evrythng is in its right place
Soon all settled down..nandu sensed sumthing is bothering aliya and asked her looking staright into her eyes..whereas evry1 xchngd glances
Cabir:nahi nandu..nothing..its just ki today mrng our lives r too messy…and now they r too these few hours a lot took place nd its hard to accept nd digest”nandu also agreed vth him and said”u r ryt…until strday I was so away frm all of u and now am this MONSTER’S arms..”
But there r lot of questions vch r to b answered..
Mukti:but choti…v all saw ur accident ..that u died..”she paused thinking abt the dark nyt..vch snatched everything frm them..
cabir also held mukti’s hand and said”mukti is ryt..although v r very happy abt ur arrival..but wat v saw..v cant deny it too..u were right in front of us”flashes of that dreadful nyt played in front of him

Voice from back:
IT’S NOT NANDINI..ITS AKANKSHA..AKANKSHA KAPOOR..SORRY AKANKSHA SINHA…” she said in a sobbing voice….all looked back and there is the same lady(Aishwarya kapoor) who saved manik..evryone stood up seeing her..she came near them
Cabir:what r u telling?how is it possible ..?in confusion
Nandu:aunty..i mean totally ryt..SHE WAS AKANKSHA….”she said in grief..while others r shocked by this revelation…
Mani:that means..i wasn’t wrong…the time I touched her..i didn’t felt all these 6 mnths I was struggling wth this thought only…”he said while looking downwards still holding nandu’s hand evry1 get to know the reason of manik’s silence frm that nyt to those 6 mnths..when he nevr talked to any1..while nandini’s eyes are moist..Soon they all settled down…
Mukti:lekin how did all this happen..aur aunty how did u get u know that was akanksha..akanksha sinha?”she said while luking towards nandu and then shifted her gaze to the lady..
Lady:WAIT..i will tell u..Until strday night I don’t know that she is nandini…Actually as u know akanksha is my brthr’s daughter…and 6 mnths I met nandu in an accident..who actually resembles nandini….so I was shocked as my brthr’s daughter is missing from 1 nd half year after her u.s deal nd really felt happy and explains entire nandini’s transformation story to akanksha..when she tells about the unconscious nandini and panic attack and all..all shouted WHAT..manik is totally terrified..he hugged nandini tightly fine now..look at me ..ur love has cured me..”she cupped his face and kissed his forehead
Aish:but I never know that I’ll get to know that she is nandini..not akanksha until this mrng

Lady is driving her car..thinking about aknksha ..her panic attacks..she in chudidhar 6 mnths ago..she always uttering mani..mani…
LADY:How will I able to find out that person named ill make akshu well again..pls me a way..”she is in deep thoughts when her car suddenly stops with a jolt.She get down the car..opened the bonnet..heavy smoke came out of it..
Lady deciphered engine is heated and starts looking around for some water nd help..she found a mansion nearby..She knocked the door and a boy opened it..
Boy:ji…wat u want..”he asked the lady
Aish:actually my car troubled me..i need some water..if u can help
Boy:oh..ya sure..pls come inside and invited the lady inside..and went to fetch water
Lady was standing in the living area..when suddenly her eyes fell on the pic which was placed nearby the table..she was shocked to the core after seeing that pic..she moved towards it,picked it up and found it is her akanksha’s pic
Boy from back:ummm..she is my wife..”he exclaimed

Lady turned around with a questioning look:she is ur wife?
Boy took the photo frm her hand and touched the photo very lovingly and said”actually she is not my wife..she is my life…”he said with a broad smile and tearful eyes
Lady looks into his eyes…but boy continuously looks at that pic ,then she asks “where is she?”
Boy:she is no more..She left this world two years ago…v both loved each other from our college days..nd even secretly married each other as her father is a big business man..v thought of revealing it to her parents after she comes from U.sS which nevr happened..”he said wth tears in his eyes..the love for his eyes is clearly in his eyes..even a blind person can feel it
Aish:What’s her name??”she put a hand on his shoulder
Boy:akanksha sinha..sorry akanksha kapoor and myself ARJUN SINHA..”he said wiping his tears and gave a broad smile to her

Arjun:waise…u r not from C.B.I ryt..u r asking many ques…”he smiled..she also smiled but she is shattered learning this
Aish:nahi..actually”but b4 she could complete..her phone started ringing and it is from her home..she answered the call nd servant told her akshu fainted..she hung up the call and asked arjun to drop her to her’s very urgent..but she didn’t tell him anything abt she herself was confused..if akshu had married arjun..y she always calls mani..who is this mani..many questions ringing in her mind…and tears brimming knowing that the girl may not b their akshu
Akshu(nandu) is on the bed..unconscious..nd servants xplain the entire scene to she is hell more confused..she sat beside the bed and gently caressed the girl’s head..the grl woke up shouting manik…”she is sitting on bed..her whole body sweating badly..started enchanting his name again nd again..aishu made her calmnow nandu doesn’t remember all te 6 mnths incidents after seeing manik in t.v and listening to his voice
Aishu:beta relax…everything is fyn
Nandu:main..yaha… im here..waise hu r u..?”she asked looking the unfamiliar surroundings
Aishu:6 months b4,u fell in front of my car…don’t u remember and she tried to make nandu remember
Now nandu recalled everything about those dreadful 1 nd half years…that 6 mnths she spent in kapoor mansion.nandu held aishu ‘s hand and said”pls..I wanna go home…I want go near manik..he is waiting for me..he will b too worried for me..pls aunty..take me home…take me to my manik…pls..he thinks that I’m no more..but I’m alive..alive..he needs me..pls..i have to go..”she pleaded while crying badly
Aishu held her hand and said”Accha baba..shant ho ja..i’ll take u there..but frst u take rest..”
Nandu broke the hug nd said:”nahi..I’m prfctly alryt..i need to go now..pls…”she pleaded
Aishu:O.k ..ill bring him here now itself..”girl smiled to the fullest
Nandu:u ll bring my manik manik..”she asked babyishly
Aishu smiled at her gesture nd said”hann..but tell me ur name frst..’asking so aishu felt a bit sad to know that she is not their akshu..
Nandu:NANDINI…MANIK KA NANDINI..”she said looking towards the bracelet in her hands..
Aishu:o.k nandini..U take rest..I’ll bring manik..”and she was about to leave.then nandini thanked her saying” u r giving my life back..”tHEn lady replied “ u r lyk my daughter,so u will tell thanks to ur mom ?”and smiled a bit but crashed from inside knowing that akshu died and this girl is not their akshu
She was thinking how to trace this manik..meanwhile servant came nd said her”ma’m I think..aksh mam is talking about the famous FAB-5 lead vocalist MANIK MALHOTRA”..She is shocked and asked him where these people live,gt to know the address and reached there
Abhi:s”he opened the door
Aishu:Is manik here?she asked
Abhi:s..but please go as he is not home..”he thought the lady as one of the fans..he tried to shut the door but the lady said its about NANDINI..please let me meet him

He opened the door and asked “WHAT ABOUT do u know my baby doll?”
Evry1 also gathered there and asked abhi ,then abhi said “this lady wants to meet manik..its abt nandini”
Aishu:UR NANDINI IS ALIVE”this gave all of them a thunder shock..only 1 question running in their minds..what r they listening true..
Aliya:but how is it..”but aishu cut her in middle nd said”this is the truth..she is with manik..she needs him..”.Evry1 r in deep shock..abhi called manik and asked his whereabouts and all reach there
Aishu:This is how I came to know about AKSHU AND NANDINI..
Cabir:that means..the pic vch we saw in arjun’s house is akanksha’s not nandini’s..but b4 v react on it..u came there..”he said loking at aishu..
Aishu:ryt?that pic is akanksha’s..that’s y when I came there..saw u staring at it..i thought u wll think it as nandini..tht’s y I said I will tell u the truth regarding the pic..”
Cabir looking downwards:but that day..y is akanksha coming towards manik..nd y she called manik in her last breath..
Nandu:I will tell the answer to this”evry1 looked at her
Nandu:that night..i met akanksha in the shopping mall..just collided wth her..i nevr knew that our 1st encounter will b the last day of her lyf..”she said in tears..manik hugged her tightly..she continued”v both r equally shocked to see each other..then I thought I’ll surprise u..that’s y I planned with akanksha..that she will pretend lyk nandini and come b4 u..and after that I will come nd tell the truth..”she mved towards manik and said”do u remember manik..when u called me..I said that I’ll show u nnd tell u something anxiously?..that was akanksha..sab meri fault hai..i shouldn’t have planned this..she ..she died in place of me..she lost her life bcoz of me…she died..she..”she cried badly in manik’s arm and manik consoled her unable to see her lyk that
Nandu breaking the hug”and when that accident happened..I was there..I was about to come nd save her..akanksha called ur name bcoz she wanted to infrm u that im absolutely fyn..and she is not me..she is akanksha..but b4 that itself she left her last breath..i was so shocked witnessing all that …I fainted there itself…behind the trees..

For ppl who think how arjun knows tis…actually arjun is returning from u.s along wth his frnds to meet his akshu and in the midway he saw the accident of akanksha..he is so shocked and ws out of senses….lost the car control..nd he hit the car wth a tree beside him,,was admitted in hospi,was in coma for 3 months and after that his frnds said him that his AKANKSHA DIED. He returned U.S after that and came Shimla only 5 mnths b4 for business purpose.
Now the whole truth of the nyt is in front of them..nandu and manik still holding their hands…Lady is sobbing and nearly fell to the ground knowing wat actually happened to akanksha
Ahana:bhabhi..but where were u…y didn’t u come back to us…Only from 6 mnths u r wth kapoors.
Now nandu remembered every sec she was b4 6 mnths for a span of 1nd half years after that..she reminisced them..she started shivering..sweating badly..everybody got tensed after seeing her condition..some screams strtd ringing in her ears..she closed her ears wth both the hands..manik is trying to make her out of the thoughts..but all in vain..suddenly she felt dizzy and fainted in his arms..manik is now more worried and gently patted her face..picked her up and made her rest on the bed.. the doc fast..”he said rubbing nandu’s hands
Abhi:relax manik..let me check her frst…Im also a doc..let me remind u..”Finally,manik agreed and abhi said”manik..i think…sumthing is bothering her…u pls..stay by her side..she needs uu..she just fainted in shock..”he said looking manik..even in sub-conscious state she is uttering manik’s name..
They all left the room leaving them both..After sometime she woke up while he is still caressing her.
He asked “u r o.k ryt?”,to which she replied”I made u all panick again ryt?”she looked into his eyes which has fear of loosing her again..
Manik:v wil survive this me..i’ll not let anyone harm u..i promise..not this tym…don’t take all pain to urself…how much I have part in ur joy,I have the same in ur pain give me also some pain..let me share it..”both again hgged tightly..she slept with his constant rubbing on her back..he made her rest,kissed her forehead and said”I swear nandu..the prson rspnsible fr this destruction..i wont leave him”

Manik came outside..all came towards him
Cabir:she is fyn ryt manik?
Manik:hmm..she is sleeping..
Navya:for all of us..all of us were there to support..but v don’t know..wat all she had gone through vthout us..”manik is worried after listenng this..
Abhi:v don’t even know where was she?how ws she? And all”bt b4 he could complete they heard a voice and they turned towards it..
THIS voice made all of them shocked to the hell..evryone are speechless.Screen frees on that horrified faces.
Hola,ppl..Well thanks for the amazing response in the last update..This update is specially dedicated to Chelsea,sunisha and lisa who comments on almost all the updates..Sorry the update as I know is not upto the mark…Next update will b awesome..I hope all ur doubts r cleared..If not feel free to comment ur ques and it will b clarified..tell how is the update..?iss se jyaada update I cant give yaar..and any guesses whose voice it is?Y nandini was in mental asylum for 1nd half year?and bcoz of him?any guesses?We will see who ll b near to the story line and tomorrow’s update will b dedicated to the person who is close to the plot..So,finally Guys ,luv u all equally and it’s a real privilege that u r all lyking this ff..Thank u guys..u give the boost to write the ff.Once again thank u..luv u all…Ignore typos..nd sorry fr any chnge in style of writing..


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 20)


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 20)


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