SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 11

SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 11

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Swara falls down with a thud. Her eyes are swollen as she was crying since a long time. Rahul comes & consoles her.
Rahul- (crying) swara just stop crying. U know na I hate tears?? Nothing will happen to Riya. U know na, how strong she is?? She is my Choti Shona. She is exactly ur duplicate. She is brave & strong nothing will happen ok??? Now stop crying.. if she sees that u have tears in ur eyes then she will break down. U want her to break?? No na??? so stop crying.
Rahul too hugs Swara who was crying, he couldn’t stop her. He hugged her tight & consoled her. Whereas Sanky was really upset watching them close. Sanky’s eyes are filled with tears. He leaves from there unable to bear more! Laksh on noticing Sanky crying comes & consoles him.
Laksh- Bhai!! I think u should stop thinking about her bhai! Its high tym. See she is someones wife now, she is happy. Moreover she has a daughter too. Bhai I think u should move on with Ragini. She is perfect for u………….( he is again cut off by Sanky)
Sanky- plz stop it Lucky I need sometym to think about that…. I really…. He moves out without uttering a word. Whereas Ragini has heard the whole conversation. She wants to ask Sanky but keeps quiet.
Ragini- So he is the same sanky di used to love?? I will ask him if he still loves her. But not know its not the correct tym. Now di needs me more than him!
She leaves.
AP ^& Shomi comes & consoles SwaRahul.
AP- beta didn’t u know about her condition??
Shomi- ( angry ) ha! Swara how can u be so careless. U r her mother na?? then why did u avoid her when she needed u the most?? She is suffering & u both don’t even know??
Rahul- actually! Ma Riya was in a boarding school… she was away from us. Therefore we never come to know may be….. swara lets ask sister Maria she may be knowing.
Swara ( wiping her tears) Ya rahul… we forgot abot her. She must be knowing we might get some help from her. Yeah! Call her rght now.
Rahul calls Sister Maria.
Sister- ya! Mr. Singhania speak? Is riya alrght??
Rahul- Sister we need ur help!
Sister- ya! Plz speak may be I can help u out?
Rahul- sister! Did u know about Riya’s condition? She was okay rght?? When she was at school?? Actually we are tensed. She has blood cancer…..
Sister- Yes Mr. Singhania we knew about her condition. But she informed you all didn’t she?? She used to call u all. She never let me talk to you all. She used to say that she will tell u all herself. I receiving no message or no medical help called u but she said that u all talked to doctor but doctor said that he couldn’t help coz it was her last stage. So we too didn’t take any initiative.

Rahul- But from when she was suffering?? When did u come to know?
Sister- Almost 3 months ago….
He hanged down the phone & finally broke down… seeing him broken Swara rushed to him…
Swara- What did she say???? Speak up Rahul plz
Rahul- Swara she knew it she didn’t tell us!! She came to know 3 months ago itself but didn’t tell us!!
Swara- (crying bitterly….) my child she has suffered so much but she still didn’t say it to me…. My child she suffered so muchhhh…… Rahul plz do something or I will not be able to forgive myself….. ask doctor to do whatevers possible.
Swara couldn’t speak further. She was crying her heart out… ragini came & consoled her.
Ragini- Di don’t cry. If u cry like this who’s gonna cheer her up? Who’s gonna look after her? ( turning towards Rahul ) Jiju but why did u keep her in boarding? She must have stayed at home itself na?
Rahul- no Ragini our rivals are always after Swara! I can protect her! She has bodyguards too! But u know na Riya she doesn’t lisen to anyone so we send her to boarding & meantime no one knows that we have a child.
Shomi- Beta we all r leaving. SwaRahul nodded & left.

Nurse- Mr. & Mrs. Singhania ur called in by Doctor.
Rahul- Yeah! We r coming! Swara come! He takes Swara & leaves to cabin.

Doc.- PLz take ur seat.
SwaRahul takes their seat. Swara- Doctor can’t we save or child…….
Doc.- Yeah! We can but it has only 20% chances &….
Swara- we will do whatever u want. Plz doctor plz save my child. She is everything for me plz doctor.
Doctor- Ok if u insist. We need to do bone marrow transplant.
Swara- so take my bone marrow.
Doctor- We can’t we need the bone marrow of her siblings. Mark my words only her siblings that too from same parent.
Swara & Rahul r shocked.
Rahul- But she is our only daughter.
Doctr- Then Mrs. Singhania u need to get pregnant as soon as possible. Its good if u get pregnant within 2 weeks. If it happens so we can start our operation. Ok u can leave now.
Swara gets teary eyed. She couldn’t even walk. Rahul holds her & leads her to the chair nearby to the cabin.
Rahul- see swara what happened I asked u to tell the truth to Sanskar but u refused. May be God too wants u both to be together.
Swara meets her eyes with his & walks out lifelessly. She walks off the street. She was a lifeless body she goes on walking without knowing her destination. Rahul runs behind her to stop but she doesn’t.

@ 9pm
Maheshwari’s & Gadodia’s were gathered together to discuss about the marriage being postponed due to Riya’s health. Suddenly, Swara enters like a lifeless body. All are shocked to see her in that state all her clothes are shabby! No more tears are flowing … her tears have dried.
Sanky looks at her shocked. His tears starts to flow seeing his love in that state. Shomi comes infront of her.
Shomi- swara whats this?? Why??………
Swara pulls Shomi away & walks towards Sanky.
Sanky (cups swara’s face) – Swara whats this? Why r u??
Swara- u told me na u’ll accept my punishment??
Sanky- ha Swara I’ll accept any punishment of urs… I’ll surely! I’ll accept any punishment but why r u asking about it now?????
Swara – coz I need ur favour!! Only u can …..
Sanky- What? Can i???
Swara- I need Riya to be cured. I had none except her in these 4yrs.she was the coz why I was alive. She is every thing for me Sanky plz save her.
She cried down & fell on his feet.
Sanky- if u’ll speak swara then I’ll help na? speak up Swara I’ll help u….
Swara- Riya riya needs bone marrow transplant….. she needs it within 2 weeks & only her siblings can transplant her.
Sanky gets suspicious. Sanky- But how can I help her??
Swara- Sanky Sanky!!! Sanky coz ……coz.. she’s our daughter Sanky. Rahul had only given her his name. u were true I never married him. She is ur daughter.. Pls save her pls.
All r shocked heaing Swara’s confession. Rahul makes Swara stand. SAnky cries. He didn’t even utter a word. Swara holds Sanky’s hand.
Swara- I know I was wrong but I m sorry…….. sanky pls save Riya pls….
Sanky jerks her hands off & slaps her hard. Everyone looks at him shocked.
Sanky- Swara from past 4 yrs till today I hate myself I hate myself fr cheating u! I thought I m cheap but wah! Swara ur above me… u separated me from my own daughter how dare u…
He slaps her again & again. Rahul & others stop him. Swara gets up.
Swara- Sanky I beg u pls pls save my Riya.
Sanky- stop it swara she is my daughter too! And pls u don’t need to beg me I m definitely gonna help her. She’s my daughter. But I have a condition.
Swara-(wiping her tears ) sanky I’ll I’ll … do whatever u say….
Sanky- after Riya gets cured she’ll stay wid me!!! FOREVER…
Swara looks on shocked. She simply nodes YES…..

Precap- swasan shocked

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SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 11


SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 11

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