meaning of love (swaragini) episode 18

meaning of love (swaragini) episode 18

Hii darlings back with one more update.decided next concept gundejaari gallanta iyyindi .what say guys

Mehandi cermony for pragya
All gathered at dayal house
Laksh nd sanky were planing to convence their loves
Laksh :now what to doo yarr how should I convence her

Sanky:iam busy in solving my problem how can I help u

They were fighting and here enters swara with a halfsaree lucky was lost

Sanky:yar ur love has came where is my love yar nd u know what ur darling will melt easily but mine no chance melt kya reverse she will boil mee
Laksh:by eying him to stop it says u r joking naa u know she loves every one (he eyed because again rag was standing at back of sanky)
Sanky:lovee yes ofcourse she loves all except mee u know what these girls naa always treats their husbands nd boy friends like hutch dog where ever they go we should follow them .actually I think they knowingly fight so thst we will follow them they want our attention (laksh tries to stop him by signaling him by noding head)
Sanky continuoes what what happened to u why r u standing like statue nd he turned back nd was shocked to see rag

Sanky:are tell her to go yar lucky.nd tell her to not to give her entry these many times (inni sarlu entry lu evvodani cheppara barinchlekapotunam)He closed his eyes

Rag went from there angryly
Sanky:y u didnt told mee yar
Lucky:I signalled u but u didnt listened,mee

Sanky:k u go to swara I will go to rag

Laksh:swara listen to me once yar
Swara:noo I will not .
Laksh dragged her to a corner nd said common yar swara u will not forgive mee
Laksh comes more close nd said now also
Swara:plzz let mee goo
Laksh ok nd he is about to go she holds his hand nd said will u leave mee
Laksh hugged her nd said never
Swara :I will change for ur but,dont leave me ever nd she was stopped by laksh he placed his hand on her lips nd said dont ever dare to change I love u as u r .nd u r not a fault u r a wonder I will enjoy that .he was about to say some thing but was stopped by a kiss .they have a passinate kiss
Rag san:
Rag was happy indide because sanky is loving her as how can she be angry on him as we know she is very kind hearted she is just teasing him

Rag is applying mehandi
Rag saw hear and there nd wrote s on her hand and seeing this nd smyling herself

Voice:shall I search my name in ur hand

Rag:jerked nd saw it was sanky
Rag:y will I write urname
Sanky:dont lie I saw u writing my name
Rag:I didnr wrote if u want see
Sanky:searched for half an hour nd was not able to search
Rag:soo u got it naa ur name is not there soo I will leave now .
Sanky:not soo easily nd he draged her and showed her s .what do u say now

Episode ends with smyling face of sanky and confused face of rag

Recap:hmmm may be the last one

Hi.guys the name of next ff will be love from heart wt say guys .urs darling pavani

meaning of love (swaragini) episode 18


meaning of love (swaragini) episode 18

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