Meri Saasu Maa 1st April 2016 –

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Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa does the evaluation with the bahus of the family, complimenting pari, and then pointing out her fault too. Ahe then compliments the work of the bahus too. they are overjoyed. Maasa says that the best was the decoration and the colours, and hence pari thrived well in it. Babita asks what about the red chilli in the red colour. Maasa says that when the mistake has been done, punishment shall be there, and the bahu responsible for this mistake, shall be disqualified. they are overjoyed. they as her who is the winner now. maasa describes who a perfect homely wife is, and all of these define what pari did for th occaasion of holi, while all smile in anticipation of their name being called out, while pari stands tensedly. They are shocked when she finally names pari as the winner, who is equally shocked while others are aghast. Babita points out that she is disqualified. Maasa says that she said the culprit is out not pari, as she didnt do it. She then gives a proper clarification as to how it isnt possile that pari did it and finally, dadi had found them mixing red chilli powder in colours made by holi. They are outraged at having been caught guilty. She tells them that now its time for the guilty to be punished. She then calls pari, while all others are petrified and scared. she moves to maasa, and smiles adoringly. Maasa then gives her the keys of the house, as a mark of her victory. Sattu comes in and sees this, while the other bahus, are mortified. They both smile overwhelmingly at each other, while maasa tells pari that from this day, with patience, courage, determination and composure, she has to keep the house properly managed. pari is overwhelmed, and says that she is extremely happy, knowing that she is the reason of her happiness. she smiles through her tears, and says that she is honoured to be deserving of this oppurtunity, but she cant take it, and asks her to take them back. maasa says that she has earned it, then why she wants to return it. Pari says that she doesnt feel they are at all responsible enough, like her, to manage the house, and that there is still lots to be learnt, but promises that one day she shall learn it all, and then take these keys. she tells maasa that with her, the family, and this house is, and if she isnt, nothing is. sattu hears adoringly. Pari says that this house needs a mother, and noone from them, can take her place, and hence noone deserves them more than maasa herself. She gives them back, while maasa is plesantly surprised. with daadi’s consent, she takes the keys. sattu says that they just need their support. Maasa asks the eldest bahu. She too complies in. Maasa says that she had promised she would fulfill one wish of the winner, and asks pari what she wants. pari says that she just wats that she be permitted to go to college. All are shocked to hear this. maasa asks if she did all this, so that she could go to college. pari vehemently denies, and says that she is misunderstanding her, but maasa fumes, and tauntingly claps her, saying that she felt tht pari wanted to prove to be the best bahu, but she was merely being shrewd. She taunts on her intelligence. Pari is distraught and says that she never meant anything like that. The eldest one asks her to swear then on her dead mother, if she wanted the responsibility. Pari says that she neednt swear on her mother to tell the truth. Sattu asks for the truth.

Scene 2:
Location: Bar
Maasa’s husband meets a guy, who questions on him spending money, for such a petty affair. He asks the guy to stick to his work, and not meddle around, or give unnecessary advise. The guy leaves. He says that one lakh is nothing compared to his motive, and that now pari and daadi wont succeed at any cost.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari says that the truth is she never wanted to take the keys. She says that she didnt do it to get to college. When sattu asks why she did it then. she says that she wanted to win over maasa’s heart, as since she has been here, she has only hurt her, and she wanted to just please her, and earn a position in her heart, and she knows tht this was the perfect platform for her to be able to do so. Pari gets overwhelmed with emotions, and says that she merely wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher that she had gotten from her father, but this family is her reality now, and she is very happy with this reality of her life. Sattu asks what if she has to choose between one of them. All wait in nticiption for her response, while pari eyes them in shock.

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Meri Saasu Maa 1st April 2016 –


Meri Saasu Maa 1st April 2016 –


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