Shastri Sisters 17th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Alka crying as Bua ji asks her to leave. Vrinda says but Jiji… Hari stops her and asks Santo to get her luggage. Rohan looks on and cries. Vrinda too feels bad and cries. Santo brings Alka’s bag. Alka bends to take blessings, and Bua ji moves back. Even Hari does not bless her. Vrinda blesses her and wipes her tears. Bua ji looks on. Alka takes her bag and starts leaving. Rohan cries. Anushka and Shastri ji come and stop Alka. Anushka says her struggle is over, our struggle is also over now. Astha says you sisters come after each other. Bua ji said Alka has go to if there is no evidence. Shastri ji says my daughter wants to tell something, let her say.
Anushka says I came to respect Bua ji’s words, fine Alka does not have evidence and she has to leave this house, but what if there is evidence. Astha is shocked. Everyone look on. Alka asks what is she saying, does she have prove. Anushka says yes, when you called me and told about video….. The FB shows Anushka telling Alka not to give phone to anyone till she shows everyone, and she wants to see. Alka says I m trying to send it. She says its not getting sent, its failing. Anushka says when you tried last time, maybe you forgot to check, it got sent to me. She says Lord wanted this that truth comes out infront of everyone.
She shows the video to everyone where Alka says Rohan is everything for her the day he married her, and slaps Rajeev. Bua ji is shocked. Astha gets tensed. She says do you think Alka loves Rajeev, if so, you can make her leave the house, and if not then…… Bua ji says Astha why did you not show recording to everyone. Astha lies and says I did not had this idea. Anushka says you can check it again, the video is sent by Astha’s phone. Bua ji scolds Astha. She asks why did she make her question on Alka’s character. Hari says Jiji. Bua ji shouts shut up and gets angry.
Shastri Sisters 17th November 2014 Written Update
She says till I complete, no one will say anything here. She says Astha did this as she wanted Alka to leave this house, now I will punish you the same, leave this house. Hari asks what is she saying. Bua ji looks at him angrily and says you have grown up, but still younger than me. She asks Astha to leave now, and even her husband does not say anything. He says you are right Bua ji, she should get punished. Asthha starts crying.
She falls in Bua ji’s feet and apologizes to her. Alka’s heart melts and she asks Bua ji to forgive Astha, as she wanted to prove herself innocent, not to get Astha punished. Bua ji is stunned. She says Astha has given you so much pain, and you have forgiven her so easily. Alka says I want a united family, I got respect in your eyes, and love from everyone, what else do I need. Shastri ji feels proud of Alka. She says I have a husband who trusts me without any evidence, I got everything. She folds hand and asks Bua ji to forgive Astha. Bua ji holds her face and says I m very happy, I will say some words which I did not say anyone, I m worry. She blesses Alka and goes to Shastri ji.
She says you are a great man and did good upbringing, Rohan is lucky to get a wife like Alka. Rohan smiles. Bua ji says now Alka will be here as your favor to us. He hugs Alka. Bua ji says I respect Alka, so I will permit Astha to stay here on her saying, go and apologize to Alka. She says everyone who has hurt Alka should apologize, be it anyone. Astha apologizes to her. Alka hugs Anushka and they leave. They all leave Astha alone. Astha cries and wipes her tears. She looks at Santo and says be happy Alka, you’re your life, but today you have made me cry in my house, and pledges to take revenge from Alka.
Rajat and Anushka have a talk. She says if Devyaani comes to know this, it will be bad, promise me you won’t tell her anything. He says I promise and holds her hand. Nikki and Devyaani looks on and Nikki fills Devyaani’s ears.
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